Thursday, 31 January 2013

Torture and non scale victories

Today has been a day of extreme torture honestly it was as if someone wanted to challenge me today! First there was the cheese and then there was the doughnuts.... luscious chocolate doughnuts...shout out to miss Jennifer Newman who kept telling me NO. Also shout out to Richie for continually keeping on the straight and narrow yet again. 

Honestly try sitting by these all afternoon and smelling the chocolate wafting over your desk

I had a major non scale victory I had to get some new work trousers today and I have gone down 3 dress sizes since I started slimming world...and if I am honest the size 26 I was wearing were tight. It was a major non scale victory to walk into New Look and buy clothes in there! I had a lot of fun shopping today treating myself to a few bits including a gorgeous purple owl hat and this little cutie
I couldn't resist him cute little Pugsly! 

I also got these amazing cushions modelled by the lovely Doug.

Can you guess I love pugs haha .

On to the food of the day, I had some of my favourite Dorset fruit muesli this morning with some fruit I picked up from Tesco

The fruit pot had kiwi, pomegranate and grapes in, Ive not had pomegranate before and Im not sure I will rush out to try it again

I am definitely enjoying kiwi fruit though so I will be picking some more of the of them when we go shopping tomorrow.

Lunch involved a date with my lovely Jen which will also be known as cheesegate and pointy objects time. 

Our local pub with a nice roaring fire. I went for good old jacket potato, baked beans and cheese. I asked for the cheese on the side so I could monitor how much was on my potato

There was a huge amount of cheese left which I wanted but Jen told me NO and took it away from me...I adore cheese so it was hard to only have this small amount. It was during a telling me to be good session Jen found out I have a weird eye phobia where my eyes hurt if someone points anything at them. We spent lunch having a good chat and planning out night out next week. There will be a lot of dancing for us as we are going to a local club which plays some good rock/metal music!

Dinner was a simple but lazy affair due to getting home a bit later than normal but it was very satisfying.

Linda McCartney rosemary and red onion sausages, a fried egg done over easy by the lovely rich, mushrooms and hello kitty spaghetti with some spinach chucked  and sw chips. I have definitely got the sw chips down to a fine art now. I had the bread as my second B plus 1 syn. 

I had to follow this up with a sweet treat and we found Mikado daim tonight so I had some of those whilst enjoying The Big Reunion and remembering how much I loved Five. I am so glad tomorrow is Friday Ive got a fun weekend planned and have Monday off. 

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