Friday, 4 January 2013

Karen smashhhhh

The title of this blog has been picked by my lovely fiancee as we have just finished watching The Incredible Hulk and both find it fun to say Hulk smash way too's appropriate because I aim to smash those scales next week too!

Firstly a bit of a shout out to my good friend Karen who I need to work out a decent nickname for other than the other Karen or twin Karen. I hope you feel better tomorrow sweetie and thanks  for the mikado tip you will find them appearing soon ;).

I am feeling quite chuffed with myself as yet again I stuck to plan all day even though today I felt pretty rubbish. It's been hard getting back into the routine of work after nearly 6 weeks off and my sleep pattern is still not back to normal. Next week will be a full week so it will be interesting to see just how much of a zombie I am on Friday.

Breakfast was something slightly different but not really due to the fact I had no dorset fruit muesli until the shopping came :( this was a very sad event for me as I love this cereal. In the end I decided to have porridge with yoghurt and blueberries

You can spot the coffee day starting too and I had my big bottle of water on the go. The porridge was good but today seemed to be a hungry day as by 10 oclock I was peckish again.

I forgot to take a picture until I was halfway through my grapes so I had a lot more than this and of course coffee. We have a good system at work with hot drinks so I get regular coffee and my workmates are happy to make mine with my measured milk.

I was hungry again by lunchtime and had made some pasta up last night. It was yummy and garlicky which I liked. It had mushrooms and courgettes in it plus some frozen mixed veg, passatta and quorn ham.

More coffee trust me I needed it today. The pasta was good and actually filled me up until I finished work. I went for extra superfree with an apple too.

I headed home at 4 and took Doug out for a walk he always makes me laugh as he doesn't walk he just struts everywhere! I had already planned to have a nice bubble bath and have a read of my book for a bit before I contemplated dinner. 

Dinner was completely amazeballs!!

For those who don't know the wide eyed dog is Doug. We had a Linda McCartney mozerella burger which you all must try. They are 4 syns each and the most gorgeous burgers, I had mine in my wholemeal bap (HEB) and had three slices of low low burger cheese (HEA) with onions and mushrooms. I made the sw chips with the BBQ frylight which I should use a bit more often.

Whilst we watched the movie I made a movie snack inspired by Mitchy...not sure if that nickname will work haha

I had 6 milk chocolate and 6 hazelnut Mikado for 6 syns and they last me ages. I haven't had mikado for a bit and when I last tried them I didn't like them much as I had tried Pocky which is far superior but these were gorgeous and went down well.

It's now danger zone time as it's the weekend and this is when I fall down but I have planned my meals and got Rich on standby to help me out. I am determined to get back to a 3 stone loss next week!