Thursday, 30 May 2013

Nobody sane has broccoli days

The title of my blog today is brought to you courtesy of an exert of Fall of Night by Rachel Caine which is part of one of my favourite book series. This made me chuckle a lot and think about slimming world. How often do we crave the bad stuff instead of the good we ever go I really fancy a piece of broccoli? I do sometimes when I've had a bad few days really just fancy the freshness of salad or vegetables or fruit...maybe I am a little mad ;)

Today hasn't been the fabbist of days mood wise but instead of being all moapy I am going to focus on the good things like this

My new tshirt that I couldn't resist buying because its so cute! In addition I need to share with your some funny Doug pictures

He desperately wanted what was in our hands!

Food wise well the Mitchy superglue worked really well, breakfast was good old dorset fruit

Lunch was a bit of a mixed bag of stuff I brought into work (cous cous quiche) and goodies from the shop

Dinner was cooked for me tonight by my lovely Rich

It was really tasty especially as I didn't have to cook it!

I whiled away the evening planning stuff we are going to get from Ikea tomorrow and chatting to Mitchy on email. I had some snacks whilst writing the blog and chatting as I'm multi task proficient

The whole lot was 10 syns and so yummy, I was talking to Mitchy and I am going to try superfree with syns this week.

And on that note I have another date with Dean Winchester so I will be heading of to bed in a bit night night all xoxo

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Post weigh in blog

Just a quicky tonight as I am tired from a long day at work. I have been to weigh in tonight and faced the scales expecting a gain. I put on 1.5lbs tonight which in the grand scheme of things is not huge. I have still lost 3 stone 8lbs and that's nothing to be sniffed at.

I have looked at the graph on the main slimming world page and I seem to have gone up and down the same amount of lbs the last month or so. Obviously things have not been great recently so it's time to sort myself out and stayed glued to the bus. Luckily I have my determined head on plus Mitchy told me that if I fall of the wagon baby unicorns may die and I cannot have that on my conscience can I!

I will see you all tomorrow with a proper blog, thanks for reading xoxo

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Being Human

Tonight's title is inspired by my viewing of Being Human USA I loved the British version well until Mitchell died and the show in my opinion well a bit pants. The bonus with the US version is the lovely Sam Witwar who was Davis/Doomsday in Smallville. What this show has reminded me in its strange and slightly supernatural way is that we are all human. Humans were not meant to be perfect 100% of the time if we were we would be completely dull. We make mistakes, we slip and when it comes to slimming world sometimes we accidentally forget to put the handbrake off and crash the bus. Now we can sit and cry about it (which I did) or we can call Green Flag or The AA and ask them to come and rescue us. 

Initially I did sit and cry and felt like I had failed. But then I called up my rescue service and they came quickly. They helped me get back on the bus and make sure I stayed put on it...taking one meal at a time one day at a time!

Unfortunately the end of the long weekend occurred this morning when the evil alarm screeched at me and told me I had to get up. It wasn't the best of days but random chats with Mitchy and Charlotte got me through it thanks girls xx 

I also decided when we got home from work and walked Doug that the rain had soaked me enough so bubble bath was in order. It was a chance to have some me time with my book..

or so I thought....

Doug decided after 10 minutes that I'd be in there long enough and he threw some strops...he is a little diva sometimes! I did try ignoring the strops for a bit but in the end he won. Now he is snuggled up having a snooze.

Food wise it's be a good day I started with my favourite breakfast Dorset Fruit muesli with lots of fruit and weight watchers dessert yogurt

I had planned to go into town at lunch to do some chores so I had a snack around 11.30 so I wouldn't be tempted to stray

The bear yogo's are yummy and you can have 4 rolls as a heb so I had one packet as part of my snack (each pack contains 2 rolls).

When I was in town I decided to pick up a bit more fruit as we had not had our fruit delivery today so once I got back from town I had my lunch with some added fruit.

Cous Cous quiche which was my second hea and the other half of my heb for the second bear yoyo packet.

Dinner tonight was a bit of an experiment, I had marinated the quorn fillets yesterday in the jerk seasoning and then cooked off some orzo whilst this was cooking. I also cooked up a pan of chopped tomatoes, tomato puree and kidney beans along with some mushrooms onions and courgettes. It worked well and I had not tried orzo without cheese before but will again as it was really tasty.

Whilst I have been writing my blog and chatting to people I had my syns for the evening today having 10 (allowing half for the quorn covering)

So I am happy with how today went and Mitchy has promised to superglue me to the bus with the threat of the death of baby unicorns if I fall :( I cannot fall of the wagon and see the sparkles die can I.

Night night all xoxo

Monday, 27 May 2013

The blog after the last one

I saw this posted by a friend earlier and it is appropriate after my last blog. Firstly I want to say a massive thank you to each and everyone of you that has commented, messaged, texted me today. It has meant a hell of a lot to me.

I also want to say to anyone out there struggling you are not alone, you have people there for you the most important thing is to be honest and admit your struggling and ask for help no matter how hard it is x I have certainly discovered how unalone (its a word honest) I am today. I have fantastic friends and Rich to lean on and the wider SW community. 

I am pleased that I have managed a good day on plan and had my 15 allocated syns. Normally I force myself to stick at 10 but I have decided for the time being to not impose the 10 limit on myself or attempt 777 but instead I will have 15 if I feel I want them. It is easier to deal with one issue at a time and limiting syns to 10 is not going to be good for me right now.

I decided today that I was going to watch my favourite films to make me feel happy which worked really well

I also amused myself by drinking my cranberry juice out of my skull glass very stereotypical hehe

On to the food pictures

Breakfast was magic waffles and fruit and it was really nice and fresh tasting if that makes sense

Lunch was cous cous quiche and salad with a tbsp of onion garlic and chive dip (2.5 syns). I love cous cous quiche but the dip was a bit lame as it didn't really work well. Next time I'll either put the dip on the side or just stick with salad dressing.

Dinner was a gorgeous roast which including cauliflower cheese (2.5 syns for the extra 12.5g of cheese) and roast onion gravy (1.5)

A little while ago I had a mousse (3.5) and mikado (5) taking me to 15 syns for the day

I feel quite proud of myself for today as it was tough but I took one meal at a time. I have also prepped the main part of dinner for tomorrow night so I won't fall into the danger zone of not being prepared.

Night night all and thanks again for all your support xoxo


This is quite a hard blog to write as I am going to try and confess to you all what is going on. as you can see from the picture above I had a completely off plan session. I had three beers too (unusual for me as I rarely drink). I was on plan all day until the afternoon when the little devil on my shoulder won out.

I'd like to say that this is a one off but this has become a common occurrence recently. Yes I have lost weight three weeks on the trot but with the exception of one of those weeks I have not managed an entire week on plan. 

I have gone back into old habits...secret eating when no one knows something I haven't admitted to my closet friends or Rich. I do not know why I am doing this either. It coincided with me taking my new job which I am miserable in but I cannot use that as an excuse.  I manage two meals on plan then a wave of tiredness/CBA's and I push the self destruct button and get the junk food. We don't even have it in the house instead I go out and buy it. It would have taken me less time and effort to go and cook something but the devil takes over. It is an addiction and something that some of you will understand. The need for the bad food overwhelms you and when your weak you cannot say no. My depression also rears its ugly head and before I know it I am wrecking another week. I know I need a break too so my Mitchycation cannot come soon enough!

I can say to you all I won't let this happen again I will draw a line but deep down I know that I will. I am human I am open to failures. I know I need to do this though and I have come too far to although myself to go back to where I was. So I'm calling out for help from you all. More than ever I need my support network and they are unmoving in their support. It's like a big hug from them all. I am going to take their advice and take one meal at a time one day at a time. Weigh in this week won't be pretty I'm sure but I need to face the scales and go back to being on the purple bus as a regular person.

So that's it from me for now....I will be back later to fill you in on the day xoxo

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Missing days and the long weekend

Sorry I've been a bit MIA for the past few days, it was my intention to blog last night but I was too tired by the time I had finished watching a movie. No real reason for not blogging I have just not been feeling 100% but to make up with it I will do a blog for yesterday and then blog again later.

A rarity has occurred on this bank holiday weekend and the sun is in the sky. I'm not a huge fan of the sun and being hot as it can be really uncomfortable when your larger so I haven't been out basking in it. Plus I am known as the Vampire when it comes to the sun ;) I did however go out with Doug on a longer than normal walk which we both enjoyed

The rest of the day was very lazy, after this week at work I felt the need to do nothing all weekend so I spent most of it either reading or catching up on TV. The only other notable event was going to the library to take back some slightly overdue books and getting landed with a £120 fine....needless to say I am querying that!

Food wise I didn't have a bad day
Mushroom and courgette omelette which he of cheese

Orzo mixed with half tub of low low and mushrooms, onions and courgettes my current favourite vegetables incase you had not noticed ;)

I followed this up with fruit and yogurt

For dinner I made a lasagne with quorn mince, lots of veggies and topped it with a mix of quark, cottage cheese and an egg

In the glass is tesco light cranberry juice which is free and actually pretty nice. 

For pudding I had an asda chocolate mousse which is only 3.5 syns and very yummy

Afterwards I decided to try the yogurt and option sweets everyone had been raving about, they were nice like this mousses but next time I will freeze them for longer. They are just a yogurt and an options mixed together and put into the freezer in moulds. I froze mine for 45 minutes and they were quite soft as you can see...presentation score 0 me thinks

Thats yesterday done and dusted so I will speak to you all later x

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

I thought of a really good title....then lost it

Bit of a quick blog tonight as not long got home from group and I am a tired little goth girl tonight. The good news is I lost another lb tonight taking my total to 3 stone 9 1/2lbs since I joined in January 2012. I have also just realised that makes it 3 weeks on a trot that I have lost which is good as I went through a bit of a yoyo period again. I now need 4 1/2 lbs to my four stone award so that's my focus over the next few weeks.

I picked up the new magazine tonight so I am going to have a read through that this week and see if I can pick up any new tips and tweak the recipes to fit into the green plan.

Food wise I have had another good day on plan and still on the abandoning treat night mission which is working really well. I don't feel like I am missing out on anything and I hope this mindset continues. On top of that I don't wake up Thursday morning feeling bloated and sick. 

I will start with breakfast which whilst it was the normal Dorset fruit the added berries were a bit disappointing as they were  bit on the sour side. 

The mid morning munchies attacked so I reached for the fruit and had a yummy nana...much better than yesterdays as it is riper 

After the freezing temperatures in work yesterday I was smart today and opted for soup to ensure that hypothermia didn't set in...okay that's an exaggeration but it was really cold.

I also had my plum tomatoes to snack on which made a nice change from more fruit though I did nom my apple which was tasty. 

I pretty much had 20 minutes when I got back from picking Rich up so I got dinner prepped and left him instructions on when to put it on and. You will notice the lack of superfree tonight but I just couldn't be bothered with it. I was inspired by the lovely WLB's blog and decided to have the quorn southern chicken burgers. The whole meal was syn heavy as it cost me 8 but it was a nice meal plus an A and B.

I went up to 13 syns today which is a rarity for me but I did fancy a chocolate pudding afterwards

So all in all a good day, going to make a few changes this week to see if it boosts my losses and shock horror one may be cutting down on the cheese but as a B choice and experimenting with the other healthy extras. I have also restarted my graze boxes as fancied a bit of a change.

So thats it for tonight and for his fans I will leave you another Doug shaped treat. This picture was taken on Christmas day

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Do I need a change

As some regular readers may have realised I have not been a happy bunny work wise recently. Today was another one of those days and I ended up texting Charlotte telling her I wanted to faceplant junk food but I didn't. I guess the realisation that I want to be healthy more that and being able to talk it through with a good friend. At the end of the day though the job pays the bills and for now I am going to keep working hard and try not to let things get to me too much ;)

So what else today, oh I came to the sad realisation that a dress I really like now looks stupid on me because its too baggy now. My wardrobe has drastically changed over the last few months out have gone the sweatpants (unless desperate or lazy and need to go out to the local shop) and in has come skirts, dresses and shorts and cute tops. Well as cute as my clothes can be. It's amazing how things change. My fitness levels have shot up too, the walk to work no longer bothers me and walking Doug no longer feels like its a strain on my body. It makes me wonder why when I feel this good do I mess up sometimes...I guess we are all human. Luckily for me this week my human side made me feel a bit unwell all weekend so it won't be coming out gain soon.

On to my food of the day...breakfast is....wait for it.....

Yep dorset fruit muesli with berries and yogurt. 

I did get the mid morning munchies and luckily the food supply in the kitchen helped

The banana was slightly under ripe which I don't like as I prefer them very ripe.

Our office was freezing today so I was regretting my lunch choice as fancied something warm but I stuck to plan and didn't wander out to get anything warmer that may have been naughty and had my salad

The 'meat' is quorn turkey and stuffing slices which are free and very tasty. There is a pile of salad and I had my apple afterwards. I also had a mug of green tea to warm myself up. 

The afternoon actually passed quite quickly as I was busy. Thankfully Rich finished at 5 today after swapping his shift so he could be home in time for the new xbox launch event. I had decided to make some sort of pasta bake for dinner but realised someone had eaten all our cheese (okay it was probably me) so I headed out to the shops to grab some more. On my wander around the supermarket I spotted the quorn hotdogs which I had heard good things about and decided to add them to the pasta bake. 

I topped it with two healthy extra's of cheese and added lots of courgettes, mushrooms and onions. It was really tasty and kept me busy whilst we watched the Arrow finale *sob* that show needs to hurry back! I had a bit of a mishap when I was cooking and covered myself in tomato puree. I'm not even sure how I managed it but the nozzle ended up facing at me....I am a douche sometimes.

I haven't done a great deal more this evening except keeping Mitchy company at work and eating pudding

The muller chocolate desserts are well worth the 5 syns 

I will be heading off to bed soon but I will leave you with this (especially for Lesley)

Who knows why he is sideways stupid blogger 

Night night xoxo