Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Do I need a change

As some regular readers may have realised I have not been a happy bunny work wise recently. Today was another one of those days and I ended up texting Charlotte telling her I wanted to faceplant junk food but I didn't. I guess the realisation that I want to be healthy more that and being able to talk it through with a good friend. At the end of the day though the job pays the bills and for now I am going to keep working hard and try not to let things get to me too much ;)

So what else today, oh I came to the sad realisation that a dress I really like now looks stupid on me because its too baggy now. My wardrobe has drastically changed over the last few months out have gone the sweatpants (unless desperate or lazy and need to go out to the local shop) and in has come skirts, dresses and shorts and cute tops. Well as cute as my clothes can be. It's amazing how things change. My fitness levels have shot up too, the walk to work no longer bothers me and walking Doug no longer feels like its a strain on my body. It makes me wonder why when I feel this good do I mess up sometimes...I guess we are all human. Luckily for me this week my human side made me feel a bit unwell all weekend so it won't be coming out gain soon.

On to my food of the day...breakfast is....wait for it.....

Yep dorset fruit muesli with berries and yogurt. 

I did get the mid morning munchies and luckily the food supply in the kitchen helped

The banana was slightly under ripe which I don't like as I prefer them very ripe.

Our office was freezing today so I was regretting my lunch choice as fancied something warm but I stuck to plan and didn't wander out to get anything warmer that may have been naughty and had my salad

The 'meat' is quorn turkey and stuffing slices which are free and very tasty. There is a pile of salad and I had my apple afterwards. I also had a mug of green tea to warm myself up. 

The afternoon actually passed quite quickly as I was busy. Thankfully Rich finished at 5 today after swapping his shift so he could be home in time for the new xbox launch event. I had decided to make some sort of pasta bake for dinner but realised someone had eaten all our cheese (okay it was probably me) so I headed out to the shops to grab some more. On my wander around the supermarket I spotted the quorn hotdogs which I had heard good things about and decided to add them to the pasta bake. 

I topped it with two healthy extra's of cheese and added lots of courgettes, mushrooms and onions. It was really tasty and kept me busy whilst we watched the Arrow finale *sob* that show needs to hurry back! I had a bit of a mishap when I was cooking and covered myself in tomato puree. I'm not even sure how I managed it but the nozzle ended up facing at me....I am a douche sometimes.

I haven't done a great deal more this evening except keeping Mitchy company at work and eating pudding...one pudding

The muller chocolate desserts are well worth the 5 syns 

I will be heading off to bed soon but I will leave you with this (especially for Lesley)

Who knows why he is sideways stupid blogger 

Night night xoxo


  1. Work is one of my biggest sources of boredom eating and it took a long time to get out of that habit. Thankfully though my work is so easy it's hardly ever a source of stress these days.

    My philosophy now is that work takes enough of my time and energy as it is, I'm not letting it make me gain weight too. Until I win the lottery, then I'm going to hire a Slimming World chef to cook for me full time :) x

    1. haha I like that idea of a sw chef! Boredom isn't a problem at the moment its just nastyness which gets me down but it will work out fine xx