Thursday, 9 May 2013

Ducking reports and epic noms

Today was the most fun I have ever had at work......


What I am about to complain about and the cause of my stress may be familiar to some of you if you work in an office environment. Once a month we have to send a huge report to our client showing them all the management information. Now from day one I have been told by my buddy to ensure the MI is right because if not I will regret was a day when I realised how right he was. Now I do want to add a caveat here my MI was perfect but the team have had some people leave and we had to ensure theres was up to day....cue a day of updating files filling in reports and general wishing MI would die a huge death very painfully. The main issue was the information not being easy to find. Last night we had to work later than normal and we spent most of the day on the report...thankfully it seems to be right....I hope...I was working away on the reports from 8.30 until 2 without a break including missing my lunch. I was not amused and by the end of it my head was banging. Thankfully the day is over and I managed to stay on plan despite the lack of energy when I got home

On to the food of the day

Rice pudding with banana and mixed berries and a yogurt stirred in. It was gorgeous and very filling. I did get peckish mid morning though

I didn't have an actual lunch break today so ate whilst I was working

Pasta salad with quorn ham, it was tasty but needed more salady stuff I followed it up with some more fruit

Once me and Rich got home and got into our comfy clothes (aka pj's) we got to work on dinner and it was a good team effort

We made quorn fillet kiev's (Rich had chicken) we measured out 75g of garlic and herb philli (HEB on green) and Rich added some to both of the fillets and formed like a sandwich, we then coated them in egg and breadcrumbs (second HEB). In the breadcrumbs I added garlic and onion powder. It was gorgeous! I had some of my HEB of philli left over so I added this to my mushroom, onion and courgette mix. It was one of the best meals we have had recently and I was so happy with how it turned out.

I am still doing the 777 challenge so I used up my 7 syns on this little haul

For some reason its a bit sideways...not sure why or how to fix it so sorry its so hard to see. I had my second HEA of milk warmed up and had a chocolate straw along with a mikado and a shape pudding (5.5 syns). I am liking the puddings at the moment they are very tasty. 

So that's another day down and thankfully tomorrow its Friday so I am going to watch for the love of dogs and relax with the boys for a bit longer then head to bed. I will leave you with this as I know some people like him ;)

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