Sunday, 19 May 2013

Double dose of me

Okay so after my catchup blog earlier I can now tell. In reality I haven't done a great deal today except sit on the sofa grumble that I felt crappy (thankyou naughty pizza) and then spent 90 minutes plus extra time pulling my hair out over the football. Thankfully I now feel less crappy and my boys won meaning we secured 4th spot and champions league football. I dedicated today to TV catchup and comic book reading. I am now up to date on the awesome show Revenge and have watched the finale of The Following and read some rather awesome comics (cue picture of my superman pj's and the Injustice comic)

Rich kept himself busy today playing Knights of the old republic 2 and Doug was his able assistant.

I also set myself a bit of a challenge, Sunday nights are a bit of a downfall for me and when Rich wanders of for a shower the hunger demon sets in and I want to inhale everything. Tonight when he went off upstairs I got my lunch and breakfast ready for work tomorrow (boo) and then got my snack ready and put it on the side. I said to myself I wasn't going to eat it until Rich came back down. The snack is currently still sitting there as I got busy doing my blog.

Food wise today I have been on plan which is good and was needed after a dodgy tummy. Breakfast was simple and quick

Two low fat quorn sausages, mushroom and courgettes and yummy Hello Kitty spaghetti shapes. It went down well.

I decided to make another low syn cake after the success of last weekend and it turned out as well the only change this time was I grated a freddo on top instead of buttons. I left it in the kitchen and later on in the day I noticed an addition from Rich. 

This definitely made me smile a lot bless him x

For lunch I fancied cheesy pasta (okay I fancy cheesy pasta most days) so I cooked some orzo and whilst this was cooking I fried some mushrooms and courgettes and onions. Once it was all cooked I stirred in some low low and the veg. 

I love orzo it's so quick to cook and works well with the low low. Once this was consumed and in preparation for the football (which at this point was nearly an hour away) I decided to have a sweet treat

Three O Clock loomed and the nerves kicked in, I love Arsenal but they have a habit of messing up when its in their hands so many texts/tweets and fb comments were shared in the build up. I managed to make it through the game without going gray though at one point I must have made an odd noise as Doug woke up from his sleep and came over to me to check I was okay. Maybe next season he needs his own little Arsenal kit.

During half time I prepped dinner so Rich could cook it once the game was finished and he did a good job

The burger is three linda mccartney rosemary and red onion sausages defrosted then made into a burger shape. In the middle was a babybel which melted well. I had more courgettes, mushrooms and onions (I love these veg) and 2 tbsp of tomato sauce for 1 syn. 

After this we had a bit of our cake which tasted great and cost me 4 syns which isn't bad for yummy cake.

I still have a B left so decided to split it for my snack and add an extra syn to cover the unequal bit of cheese.

I am now going to enjoy this and catch up on the life in Albert Square

Night night all xoxo

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