Monday, 29 April 2013


I am not sure where to start or what to write tonight. I decided I should get myself back blogging and see if it helps my mood right now. I've not been having the best of times and been feeling unlike myself for a bit now. I won't bore you all with the in's and out's of whats going on but I have been very lucky in the past week to have my lovely Rich who has been putting a smile on my face and my lovely friends Jen, Suzy, Mitchy and Charlotte who have been doing their best to pull me out of this place. Special mention too to WLB who gave me some wonderful advice and the other lovely people in my life who are there no matter what.

It's times like this when the support you get from people is invaluable and I count myself as a very lucky girl right now. Unfortunately the plan has gone to the pits this week but I am trying to pull myself back on again. As much as I don't want to deal with the gain on Wednesday I need to go to group see the results and draw the line under the bad week. It's going to be very hard though but in reality I need to get back into the swing of things.

I probably won't blog again until Wednesday but big thanks to those who have messaged me and ask if I am okay it's been lovely knowing people care.

And just as a treat here is Doug being cute

Thursday, 25 April 2013

She's a loser.....

No blog from me last night mainly because I was knackered and feeling unwell. My stupid arm/hand is being stupid again so I was in full on grouch mode. I did go to weigh in last night though and whilst I didn't stay to group I did hang around for a bit to chat to some friends which was lovely. There are some amazing ladies in my group who keep me motivated and cheery x next week is going to be a good week for us ladies xx

The good news is I lost this week even with the blip. I managed 2.5lbs off which (now I've done the right maths) means I am 3.5lbs away from my 4 stone award. I'd love that next week though do have lunch out tomorrow and we are going to the cinema Saturday and get free nachos in our particular seats (just to clarify they are on the actual seats a man/woman gives them to us when they lead us to our seats incase anyone had visions of us sitting on nachos). It will be a flexible snack/meal and thats the beauty of slimming world.

On to today it's not been a bad day. There are a few things I'm not happy about at the moment but I've moaned enough about them to my lovely Rich and Jen. It is nearly the weekend though so how can I stay unhappy for long? 

Breakfast was a bit of the usual but I do love it

40g of Dorset simply fruity (the only one that is 40g the rest are 35g) with some yogurt and berries. I had some time before work to read my book too which is always good. If you like vampire books then I'd really recommend the Morganville vampires series its amazing.

The morning passed relatively quickly which was good as I had the major nom attacks today. I settled down to some soup and fruit (though not together)

The soup is celery and really tasty and full of superfree. 

Now this week we have a major budget issue too much month left before payday ;) so I am being a bit more creative with our food and also trying to make things last a bit longer. Last night in a fit of productivity I chucked some quorn mince, kidney beans, lentils, passata chopped tomatoes onions mushrooms and garlic into our slow cooker ready to pop on this morning. This meant I came home to dinner virtually ready. I hadn't had my second A and B so I opted for an Aldi sub roll (HEB plus 1.5 syns) and added some cheese to it. This worked well with the bolagnaise stuff.

We even have enough left for he weekend, I think it will go well as a cottage pie. 

I did fancy something sweet afterwards and as I have decided to do some more 777 days I stuck to the 7 syns and had some mikado and a WW dessert yogurt. 

So thats Thursday wrapped up and I am going to end the blog here as need to go and prep my breakfast for tomorrow and Doug is demanding some attention and cuddles

 Night night all xoxo

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

We scream, We shout

We are the fallen angels....(wonder if anyone reading will know the band and song)

Or in my case we are bad bloggers and bus sitter oners. No blog last night from me as I had a major case of the can'tbearsedtodoanythingsogoingtoeattakeawayinstead ism's. Yes I decided last night to fall of the bus and have takeaway. I have been on plan all week and was on plan up until I got home last night and then it went to pot. I hate Monday's I always feel more tired than normal and was feeling just generally blah so my motivation to cook what I had planned exitted stage left. Now the important lesson here is whether you stay at the bus stop or you get back on the next bus coming fast up behind (or in the case of many of my friends who have to endure our lovely bus service the next three). Whether this will effect my good week and the scales tomorrow I'll find out but I'm glued to the bus again. Tonight was a tough one though as I am even more tired but Rich has assisted me with dinner an it's a favourite so it's plain awesome and tasty.

Anyway enough ramble onto how my food day turned out

Breakfast was back to an old fave dorset fruit muesli with berries and a yogurt. If you haven't tried this cereal yet I urge you to do so!

I got the mid morning munchies today (okay I tend to get these most days at the moment)

As you can see there is coffee in the equation, I do like my a cup of coffee...or 10! 

Lunch came around nice and quick and I decided to try out the celery soup a lot of people have raved about

It's really simple to make, its a pack of celery, one potato one onion and veg stock. I bunged it into my soup maker and I have to admit it's not too bad. The only addition next time is I think it needs more seasoning and garlic. I had this with a salad which you can see in the background. I tend to eat a fair amount for lunch so once this was nommed I decided on some fruit and taking advantage of the fruit at work I decided to branch out and have a pear which is a fruit I've not had for way too long. Not sure why either as they are great

So as I said earlier in the blog I was having a issue with motivation tonight but me and Rich knocked up some cheesy pasta which was gorgeous

I added mushrooms, courgettes and onions along with a whole tub of low low. I added the sausages too and I love the Linda McCartney sausages they are so nice major stock up on them needed.

I finished this off with a bit of a sweet treat in the shape of 7 syns worth of mikado and a WW dessert yogurt. Despite my slight blip I am hoping for a loss tomorrow night

I will end the blog here with one final treat for his fans

Night night all xoxo

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sofa glue Sunday with a smidgen of productivity

Firstly thanks to my lovely Mitchy for assisting me with the blog title tonight! Sometimes my brain cannot think of anything original. It has lapsed into no brain function Sunday night mode sooner than it should!

I have had a semi productive day today...well when I say day I mean hour! I decided to do a bit of batch cooking so I have stuff in the freezer thats easy to grab. I had a helpful assistant during this process

He was waiting patiently incase I dropped anything he had to assist in picking up. He didn't however approve of the dancing and music choices

Yes I am a contradiction goth girl metal head who listens to cheesy pop music but hey its fun and I love it!

Sundays are my struggle day for some reason I find the urge to gorge for no reason about 8 o'clock but today I have managed to stay in control and stick on the 777 challenge. 

Other than my spurt of productivity I haven't done much except work through the sky + box and have a bubble bath. Unfortunately the first bath was an epic fail as our boiler was playing up so Rich had to reset it. The second attempt was much better though I did have that weird feeling sick and faint moment after my bath. I think I had it way too hot. I had to have a lie down on the bed after to stop myself feeling worse and Dr Doug came to check on me and assist with my recovery in his own special way. 

I have also had a fun day chatting with Mitchy and making plans for July. I can't wait to meet her and wlb its going to be such fun x

Food wise I tried a few new things today that had varying degrees of success

Two linda mccartney rosemary and red onion sausages with mushrooms and low low cheese slices. The roll is from aldi and once I took some bread out was 70g so one syn for the whole lot of awesomeness.

For lunch I decided to try some pakoras but I think next time I need to add more curry powder and make them more shaped.

They kinda broke apart but were tasty I also made a mint yogurt which was simple and just made from mint and fat free natural yogurt. The pakoras are simple to make. You boil and mash two large potatoes. Whilst they are cooking mix 3/4 tbsp of yogurt with an egg and curry powder. I also added onions, courgettes and mushrooms. Once the mash was ready I mixed them all together and put into a silicone tray. I cooked them for 30 minutes at 200.

Dinner was another new recipe and whilst in the main it was asty the potatoes weren't cooked enough. 

We had cowboy pie which is a pack of batchelors curry rice made as directed and then mixed in with baked beans and three eggs. You bake it with sliced potatoes on top for 20 minutes then add cheese and cook for another 20 minutes at 200. The rice mix was tasty though and very filling. Its a cheap meal to make which right now is key. I will definitely try it again but will add sausages next time and probably pre cook the potatoes.

For pudding I had two warmed pink and whites with 2 mikado and this hit the right sweet tooth.

Back to work tomorrow so I have had another spurt of productivity and got everything prepped ready to take in. Tomorrow means another day closer to weigh in and I'm looking forward to seeing how 777 pans out on the scales.

Night night all xoxo

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Full on laze mode

For some reason despite doing very little today I am knackered! This could be a result of being woken up far too early too. The most active thing I've done today was go food shopping which wasn't as traumatic as last week's experience though I did join a till that had a chatter on it. Lovely lady but I just wanted to do my shopping and get home not discuss the merits of what I had brought. Haha I sound like a right grumpuss today don't I. Honestly I'm not that grumpy ;)

Rich got up pretty early this morning and was excited as he was waiting for the Postman to bring his new game. It came just before lunchtime and from the glances I've had it looks awesome and he seems to be enjoying it. He went for the special addition so we have a new item in our house now

Isn't it awesome! It now has pride of place by the TV. 

I continued with the 777 challenge today and had another successful day on plan. I am polishing my halo this week. I also had different things instead of my normal lazy weekend food.

Breakfast was originally going to be an omelette but I changed my mind before I got cooking and had savoury pancakes stuffed with mushrooms, onions and peppers

I also mixed in my HE of cheese and it was gorgeous. The pancakes had garlic powder and mixed herbs in them.

I fancied cauliflower pizza for lunch and ended up making enough for lunch one day next week which is always good.

It's really simple to make you grate the cauli (or chuck it into a food processor) then mix in an egg and half he of cheese. You flatten the base into the dish and bake for about 20 minutes till its set. You then add your toppings and put it back in. I actually used two HE's on this one as I planned to save some.

I had a productive afternoon of watching soccer saturday and finishing up my book before setting about filling in paperwork and sorting forms out that I had neglected. Now I just need to remember to post them. Rich continued gaming and Doug relaxed

Earlier on in the day I had seen a recipe for syn free taco shells and had originally planned to give them a go but lazyitus kicked and I decided to use my syns on the old el paso ones at 3.5 each and they were worth it. 

I will definitely be splashing out on them again. They did mean my syns were spent so I opted for a syn free pudding.

The syn free pancakes are fantastic and I added some berries and yogurt because i do like my superfree at the moment.

I have spent most of the evening watching a Studio Ghibli film and chatting to Mitchy. Our chats always make me smile as we can be very random and this is just an insight into the world of us

It is kinda an extreme kind of awesome that you can use stickers on facebook messenger now and so we had to play with them!

And on that note I will end the blog here as I think bed is going to be dragging me upstairs soon. Night night all xoxo

Friday, 19 April 2013

Feeling the Friday love

I do love Friday's, the start of the weekend and the chance to spend some quality time with my two boys. It's a bit of a sunny day too so we had our back door open to let the lovely fresh air in...unfortunately we also had a visit from the neighbours cat. She is a cutey but she is not a huge fan of poor Doug. The following image is the stalemate between them in our garden

Doug never tends to win these battles poor thing!

Apart from this not much has happened today, I had a relatively busy day at work getting more cases each day and learning more stuff. I prefer being busy at work. I also had the company of Mitchy at the end of email which always makes the day go better. As normal our chats were varied and interesting with plans afoot for July.

Food wise I continued with the challenge today of 7 glasses of water, 7 s or ss food and 7 syns. I actually lost count of the water after the 8th or 9th pint. Breakfast was another change for me...I am getting good at mixing up my breakfast even if it has only been the last two days.

Porridge mixed in with yogurt and kiwi fruit. I soak the porridge overnight to make it go all puffy. It actually did a good job of keeping me relatively full during the morning but I did get the munchies just before midday and had my banana.

Lunch I had a portion of Mitchystrone soup and fruit

The soup is great and filling and packed full of superfree. I need to make more of it soon as my batches are running low.

The afternoon flew by and when I got home I was tired so lazy dinner was called for and it had to be cheesy pasta. Unfortunately I had failed to check how much pasta we had in so whilst Rich had real pasta I had pasta n sauce with extra veggies. I stirred in half a tub of low low and then put some grated cheese on top and baked until it was extra nommy

Me and Rich settled down to watch the Sarah Millican live dvd 

whilst Doug killed another toy....

Thats me done for the evening I may head of to bed soon with my book...I'm so metal!!

Night night all xoxo

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Challenge set.....and accepted

So this morning I was still feeling a bit down in the dumps about the scales last night and had been over analyzing my week. In the end I didn't reach much of a conclusion but I got a text from Charlotte setting me a challenge. The challenge was the 777 challenge, 7 syns, 7 glasses of water and 7 s or ss food. I accepted the challenge once we clarified it a bit more and thought I'd find it easy. I must admit so far so good, I drink a lot of water anyway (at least 4 litres per day) and have a lot of fruit and veg but it has made me think about what I was eating during the day.

I actually had a relatively busy day at work today learning more stuff on the system and generally getting my head around how things work. I also met up with two old friends today and it was nice seeing them as it had been far too long! It was also lovely to be complimented on my weight loss I never get tired of it and it was the boost I needed today. 

Whilst discussing positive stuff Rich tempted me with a takeaway curry tonight but I was a little angel and said I was going to cook my own dinner. *Beams with pride*.

Now onto the food and I hope you are all sitting down because what you are about to see will shock you to the core

I actually had a different breakfast! I had 35g of all bran chocolate crunch with kiwi and a yogurt. Of course coffee featured and my first pint of water too. Hope the shock of this isn't too much for you all ;) I had to break up the routine a bit hehe.

I got peckish mid morning and decided to have a nice sf snack

Yes more coffee and more water too! I had a bit of an earlier lunch today as I wanted to eat before I met up with my friends so I ate whilst I worked. It was a bit of a mishmash of food due to lack of organisation last night

I had finished my coffee by this point, I had leftover pasta salad with added cucumber and carrots along with 3 babybels and beetroot on the side. When 1pm hit I went out to meet my friends for an hour.

Once I got back to my desk I finished of my lunch by having some more fruit

More water and coffee too yay and for those who look closely you can see puppy Doug in the background at his puppy school graduation. 

I met Rich after work and we marched back to the car whilst discussing all sorts of random things as is the norm with us. We got home to be greeted by a happy Doug and we went out for a fun walk. Doug met lots of other dogs tonight which he loved and I did too as I adore dogs. 

As I have already said I managed to avoid the takeaway and instead had this invention

I cubed some sweet potato and cooked them until soft. In another pan I cooked off onions, chopped tomatoes, garlic, peppers,  mushrooms and cubed carrots. Once the sweet potato was cooked I mixed it into the tomato sauce and then topped with cheese and baked. It was an experiment that worked really well and was gorgeous! 

I fancied something sweet afterwards so used my 7 syns well by having 14 mikado

I am going to end the blog here for the day and leave you with this as I know he has his fans

This is Doug when he was 10 weeks old with his toy pig. 

Night night all xoxo

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


This will be only be a short blog from me tonight as I'm tired and a tad droopy face tonight

I heard to weigh in tonight a little nervous due to my flexi meal on Friday but I thought I had been good enough the rest of the week to compensate. The scales didn't agree and I put on 1.5lbs. Looking back at my food I don't think it was bad but maybe I slipped on the superfree side or just got a bit lax this week. Needless to say I am a bit down in the dumps but I will dust myself off and get back on the wagon. Next week will be better trust me!

Normal blog service will resume tomorrow when I'm less vacant in the head ;) night night all xoxo

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Little Miss Grumpy

How appropriate this Little Miss Grumpy is purple because today I most resembled her. I was a bit of a grumpous when I got up and the gloom kept going. Between me and mitchy we were right grumpy people today but the good thing is we kept each other going!

I actually had quite a busy day at work as my caseload is increasing and I was helping out with post which was good as it kept me occupied. I actually prefer being busy than not though feel free to remind me of this in a few weeks when I'm moaning how busy I am ;)

Let's see what else happened today oh yeh I experienced what it was like to live in a word without my mobile as it was down for most of the day. It was so weird and not an experience I will repeat. I like having the freedom of my phone I mean you never know when the zombies are going to take over and you need to phone for help

Okay so I may be slightly sleep deprived now....but you know it can happen you just have to watch The Walking Dead!

Food wise it's been a good day though breakfast may look a bit familiar

I don't have much stuff on this desk as I did on my old one so the picture of the same food is a bit I added in a pint of water and I lost count at 8 of them. I have also had 2 litres of water since I got home. I'd say I was well hydrated. 

Just to break this up a bit here's Doug

Lunch came around quite quickly and without the distraction of my phone I managed to spend the entire hour reading my book (in between emailing mitchymoo). 

I made up a pasta salad last night with low fat salad dressing (its the kraft italian one which is lovely and free). I chucked in some quorn roast and it was gorgeous. I also enjoyed the free fruit we get at work.

On the way home Rich decided he wanted fish and chips and being the lovely fiance I am....and because he has been extra special lovely today I went out to get some for him. It was a bit of a challenge being in the gorgeous chippy and not having anything especially as full on lazy mode had struck but I resisted and came home and made this.

The bap is a wholemeal sub roll from aldi which weighed 70g so heb + 1 syn (i pulled out some of the doughy bit) along with two linda mc sausages 40g of cheese and mushrooms along with some sw chips. It was blinking gorgeous but felt so naughty.

Rich headed to bed quite early tonight (though I can hear him wandering around so I am guessing he may still be awake) so I settled down to watch the football with some mikado

And that's my tuesday done and dusted. Just a quick reminder to stop by our group we are a friendly bunch

night night all xoxo

Monday, 15 April 2013

Sleepy girl

Welcome to my usual I don't like Monday's blog, for some reason I am extra tired today and felt a bit grouchy when I got up this morning. Luckily my mood lifted when I was wandering into work and was playing with my phone. I found this little beauty and I know his fans will like this...

and incase you need more

I had a relatively busy day at work today as one of my team are on annual leave so I helped out with his post and some of his files. I enjoyed learning more about the system and the way things work. 

Food wise have a guess what breakfast was....

One day I may surprise you and have something different but I adore this stuff....maybe I should contact the dorset fruit makers and get them to sponsor me haha.

Lunch seemed slow coming around today I was really hungry mid morning and should have had my fruit but I was engrossed in what I was doing. I just kept drinking water and managed about 8 pints whilst at work then an additional litre at home. I do tend to drink a lot and in addition I have coffee too. Once I got to lunch I had this

Another bit of chickpea dahl loaf with a massive salad and my fruit. 

Once we got home I decided a bubble bath and my book were in order so I had a bit of time to relax...or so I thought but Doug was being a bit naughty so relaxing wasn't fully on the cards. Once I had pruned for a bit I got to work on dinner which was the newly named Tokilicious Mitcheesey pasta with a whole tub of lowlow

I added in some quorn bacon, mushrooms and courgettes. It was gorgeous and I loved having a whole tub of low low in there. Rich had a similar version but with more cheese! The sweet tooth needed satisfying after this so I had some rice pudding with banana and golden syrup

So thats me done for the day and I'll be heading to bed soon with my latest book! Night night all xoxo