Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Hang on what day is it?

Okay not 100% but I am trying my hardest to stay on the wagon and if I was surrounded by these cuties then it would be much easier ;) After my blog yesterday I got a lot of kind words and support which made me really happen. It's always nice to know just how much support you have out there. I've been chatting to a very good friend this evening about falling of the wagon and thinking f it. Neither of us want to let ourselves down so we are jumping on the big purple bus and making sure we get our goals. 

It was back to work for us today and with Rich on his 8-4 shift I got into work just after 8. I had a chat with my new colleague and then settled down to have some breakfast before it was time to start work.

Rice pudding with mixed berries and yogurt mixed in.

My lunchtimes have changed by half hour (as I can choose my own lunchtime and do prefer it later) and as it got closer to 1pm I was getting pretty hungry. 
I had a big bowl of minestrone (which maybe next time I need to make slightly less chunky) my lovely coffee and an apple. At my new job we get a fruit delivery so I took advantage of this by having a bit more fruit after this.

I opted for a banana and a plum (not had a plum in ages and it was gorgeous). This kept me ticking over for quite a while. Once lunch was done it also symobolised the end of my milk allowance so I switched to green tea. I got the munchies mid afternoon so took advantage of the fruit again this timer by having an apple.

After work me and Jen decided we should go for another long walk. This time I managed 2.14 miles which is pretty impressive. This is in addition to the walk to and from work which is 2 miles in total. We are planning to keep this up and work towards our silver body magic award (once we know what it entails).

I decided on a quick dinner tonight involving cheesy pasta

I cooked off some mushrooms, spring onions and green peppers and mixed this into the pasta with some Linda McCartney Italian sausages cut up and Garlic and Herb Philli (75g as a HEB). I topped it with some grated cheese for a nice cheese fest.

Once this has gone down I had my second helping of rice pudding for the day...I'm a little bit hooked on it. This time I added a banana and some golden syrup.

I am quite chuffed with my day on plan, tomorrow evening is weigh in so I will see how I got on this week considering how rocky it has been. 

Night night all and thanks again for all the support xoxo

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