Wednesday, 17 April 2013


This will be only be a short blog from me tonight as I'm tired and a tad droopy face tonight

I heard to weigh in tonight a little nervous due to my flexi meal on Friday but I thought I had been good enough the rest of the week to compensate. The scales didn't agree and I put on 1.5lbs. Looking back at my food I don't think it was bad but maybe I slipped on the superfree side or just got a bit lax this week. Needless to say I am a bit down in the dumps but I will dust myself off and get back on the wagon. Next week will be better trust me!

Normal blog service will resume tomorrow when I'm less vacant in the head ;) night night all xoxo


  1. Chin up, seems a lot of people at my SW group are struggling. Not sure why but i blaming the weather lol I'm finding it harder to include superfree and to put the effort into planning. Get back on it tomorrow and make a fresh start of it xx

  2. It happens to us all hon, sometimes for no real reason, keep going you can do it!