Saturday, 13 April 2013

200 sticks of butter

Hello everyone....please excuse the lumps of butter that great you but what a good visual image this is! On a few of the slimming world pages there has been the following

So far I have lost just over 200 sticks of butter...I certainly couldn't lift that yet I carried it around for a long time. So how much have you all lost?

Today started with a nice lie in which I appreciated and was surprised about as normally Doug doesn't understand the concept of lie ins. He was in full on lazy mode this morning though so he was more than happy to stay sleeping. Once I dragged myself out of bed and faced the kitchen I realised my original plan for breakfast would involve far too much effort and washing up so instead I went for sketti on toast :D

No superfree but I more than make up for that during the day anyway and sometimes simple food is good. Once this was eaten I headed out to get the shopping which involved a trek to Sainsburys to find the new quorn low fat sausages which are syn free. Unfortunately I had no luck finding them but did finish up my shopping in Aldi and Asda. I am not sure what was up with the shopping community today but there was nearly some rage in Asda after I politely said excuse me to a lady who seemed to be camped in front of the salad stuff and she refused to move. I had to patiently wait (whilst smoke was steaming out of my ears) whilst she differed so I could pick up something. She seemed to be following me around Asda too but I was smart and actually moved quickly to esape her. 

Once I got home and me and Rich unpacked the shopping and sorted out the dishwasher we settled down to catch up on the latest Big Bang Theory before I got to thinking about lunch. It's the weekend so cheesy pasta made an appearance

I chucked in some peppers mushrooms and courgettes. I then stirred in some low low. Once this was eaten it was time for soccer saturday so I settled down in front of the TV

Whilst Rich played Mass Effect 3 and Doug did this

Once the football was done and dusted (another win for Arsenal) I got to work on prepping dinner
Someone wanted to assist me but all he managed to do was get in the way bless him. 

Dinner was amazing tonight and I was really happy with how it turned out

I defrosted three Linda McCartney rosemary and red onion sausages and then with the the help of my lovely assisted Rich they were moulded into burger shapes with a babybel light in the middle. I then cooked them in the oven for 20 minutes at 200. They will definitely be made again soon as they were great, the sausages are so versatile.

Rich opened a packet of biscuits for his pudding so I decided to have one

Doug initially guarded the biscuit but then tried to steal it. He got told of for this and decided he would go and find his dinner instead. It managed to awaken my sweet tooth but luckily I had some rice pudding cooking.

On top is a tbsp of chocolate spread which wasn't really worth it as it didn't make an impact but the rice pudding was great.

I have just watcged Match of the Day and I'll be heading to bed soon, Today seems to have flown by even :(

Night night all xoxo


  1. Nearly lost a 2 month old horse here :O
    I'm glad we clicked and collected today, couldn't have faced Asda xx

  2. That is pretty darn amazing miss mitchy xx

    I wish I had in future no more venturing into supermarkets after 10am on a weekend

  3. Ha ha ha I've lost more than an elephants penis! He he! and nearly an Irish setter. Those burgers look fab!