Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Update from the big purple bus

Quick blog from me tonight guys as not long got back from group and I am knackered but I couldn't stop from telling you the results of tonight's weigh in......

I lost 4.5lbs :D I am really happy with that it means my gains from the last 2 weeks have gone and I am in credit for a lb now. I have 4.5lbs to go to my 4 stone away and me and Mitchy have set a target of getting our next stickies by 2 weeks time! 

It has felt great being back on the wagon this week and I even changed 'treat night' to having food within my daily syns and not going for whatever I fancied. It was really nice too.

Foodwise today started with the normal....I will be switching this up Friday I promise hehe

Lunch was what has become a bit of a weigh in day standard

The only thing today is I clearly couldn't count to six so did myself out of a crackerbread :(

Dinner was not very adventurous but it was good

Sweet potato and regular potato chips with curry sauce it was gorgeous and the bread mopped up the sauce nice. 

So thats me done for the day but I will leave you with a picture Rich sent me this morning

Someone was nice and comfy in the duvet

Night night all xoxo


  1. well done karen that is such a good weight loss and i hope you get your stickies next week ,keep going girl its brilliant a big hug comes from me x

  2. Well done on ur Fab loss!! :-) xx