Friday, 12 April 2013

Enjoying a flexi meal

I have not long got back from a good night out with my lovely friends and just having a quick catchup before I head to bed. I had a fun time and enjoyed a flexi meal. The beauty of slimming world is you can do this and once meal won't ruin the entire week. I made sure that before I went out I stuck to plan and whilst I was out I made 75% sensible choices. We all know slimming world is not just a diet but a way of life. Sometimes life events happen which mean you may want to enjoy something off plan. 

Food wise breakfast and lunch were on plan

Porridge mixed with yogurt and topped with banana. 

Cous cous quiche with stir fried veg and my apple. I also drunk about 6 pints of water at work and having another litre before I go to bed.

Now onto some possible food porn, I went to a place called ZaZa Bazaar which is an all you can eat buffet. I had heard a lot about it but as yet not tried it out so we decided to have our girlie meal there. As i said a really good evening with the girls (with the exception of the drunk man vomming by our table...seriously). 

From left to right veggie sushi and a big salad, my drinks diet coke and half a glass of win. Mushroom pasta and mushroom garlic bread follow by some veggie noodles. Then pudding!! It was all delicious and I certainly got my monies worth. I am also not overly stuffed which is a nice surprise as there is always that danger. 

So thats my Friday like I said tomorrow I'll be back on the plan as normal and enjoying the yummy food of slimming world. Night night all xoxo

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