Thursday, 26 September 2013

Another what now

Despite declaring that I didn't want the shark to eat me I have still not managed to stay on the bus and due to this the unicorns have been crying.
I went to weigh in last night after missing last weeks and the scales showed a 6.5lbs gain. I expected a small gain but not that big and it really got to me. I did momentarily consider jacking in slimming world as it felt like a battle I wouldn't win but I had some great support last night and I can't and won't quit. The biggest problem recently is being ill it has knocked me for six. I don't feel like I have any energy to do anything and when I do try and do stuff I get dizzy. Then the meals become lazy and I go for convenience and junk rather than the healthy food that is so much better for me. 

I am going away this week to a game convention with Rich and this concerned me too as it would be too easy to go off plan and make the bad choices but today I have made a conscious decision to not fall into the trap of making bad decisions. I have packed alpen lights and will have fruit for breakfast, lunch can be jacket potatoes and then its only dinner that is a small issue but the hotel we are staying at has some good choices. It's going to be a case of trying to remain in control of what I am putting into my mouth.

I woke up this morning feel much more positive and trying to ensure that I got right back on the bus. If you want to join us on the bus then feel free to join our group The Big Purple Slimming World Bus stop the group is lovely and support is there when you need it. One really positive thing is I sent of my paperwork to sign back up my law course first stop criminal law. I cannot wait for the books to come now and get started. I decided to venture to Asda to get some stationary supplies

Apart from that today has been a lazy day we have a new sky plus box however I need to clear whats on the old one so I have been watching much tv whilst chatting to Mitchy and Donna. Doug has gone to stay with his Aunty Liz for the weekend so we are experiencing the house without him....its far too quiet and there is far too much spare on the sofa! Definitely missing my little man ;) my lovely friend Liz gave me this yummy looking cookie to nom on (though not had it yet)
Food wise it has been simple but on plan food and its good.

Food Diary
An old favourite but a goodie dorset simply fruity muesli (HEB) with yogurt and blueberries.

Cheesy orzo (HEA and HEB) with mushrooms, leeks, onions and courgettes. 

Three Linda McCartney rosemary and red onion sausages, mash and veggies with gravy (1.5 syns).

Fromage frais with white chocolate options (2 syns)  mixed in and 10 mini meringues (1.5 syns).

Anyway as I have mentioned I am away this week so I won't be updating my blog until Sunday night or Monday but there will be lots of pictures of food and other fun stuff! Night night all

Saturday, 21 September 2013

I don't want to get eaten by a shark

Random title for tonight's blog I know but I am sitting here watching Ghost Shark (a wonderfully awful movie about a great white who becomes a ghost and is seeking revenge) and I realised I don't want to be the fat kid in the pool who cannot get out and ends up getting eaten by a shark.

I wouldn't say I am off the bus at the moment but I am struggling. I have eaten some meals that are definitely not slimming world friendly. Being ill truly sucks right now as it means my energy levels and motivation for anything are really low. I even went to bed ridiculously early last night but still feel wiped out. For this reason I didn't blog last night and nearly didn't blog tonight but I like trying to stick to my routine. I will do a quick run through of my food over the past two days.

So yesterdays food, breakfast was yum and simple beans mushrooms and cheese on toast with two linda mccartney sausages. Lunch was simple cheesy orzo but by the afternoon my battery was drained. I really didn't want to cook dinner so Rich cooked and it did the job. The chips are synned as from a packet but the burger and bread was nice. Much better than a takeaway.

Today I tried to do too much and regretted it as yet again I feel rubbish but I did manage to make some red onion chutney and speed soup.

Breakfast was pretty similar to yesterday's with beans mushrooms and sausages but no cheese this time. Lunch was cheese toasties but no picture of those for some reason. Dinner was feta and red onion filo thingums with sw chips. I did have pudding afterwards in the form of banana and honey wrapped in filo with some custard which was gorgeous. I am not sure what the syn value for today was not very responsible of me but tomorrow is a new day and maybe I can sit on the bus properly for once.

Speaking of buses and all things purple me and the lovely Mitchy have a little group of randomness with master Doug as our bus driver. If you want to join then please click on the purple bus link I am also an admin on this wonderful group Slimming Bloggers so feel free to send any requests. Both groups are fab and you can get tons of support/randomness and blogs.

I am going to go back to Ghost Shark now because this film is hilarious!

Night night all and be careful in the water hehe

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Your not supposed to drive the car into water....

A phrase I have said to Rich during the day when I have looked up at his game and noticed he has broken another car by driving it into a lake/into a boar/flipped it upside down and set fire to to love Grand Theft Auto 5. It looks like a really fun game and I know Rich is enjoying it. 

For me today has been a very sedate day, for some reason I feel more cruddy than I did yesterday so I have been on the sofa with the exception of the times I had food making on my mind and enjoyed many many episodes of The White Queen. It is based on a period of history I am not hugely familiar with but I certainly want to learn more about. I will definitely pick up the the books....cue adding many more books to my wishlist. I also managed to watch an episode of 24 before Rich emerged thanks to the lovely weight loss bitch for getting me slightly hooked to Jack Bauer.
Food wise I have had a good day though the food was very simplistic. 

Food Diary
Magic pancakes but made into muffins as they are nice and simple...the portion made 5 but I only had 3 for breakfast saving some for another time in the day.

Jacket potato beans and cheese with salad you can't beat a good jacket potato!

Three sweet chill meatfree sausages from asda (1 syn each) mash potato and veggies with syn free onion gravy made with onions and vegetable stock.

The remaining muffins, a muller dessert (5 syns) a hot chocolate (2 syns taking the total to 10) and two alpen lights for my remaining healthy B.

Thats my day done and dusted and soon I'll be heading to bed to curl up with Gil Grissom in CSI.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Sick girl blues

As the title may suggest I am yet again ill...I went back to work Monday thinking I was okay but clearly I wasn't. Another visit to the doctor and signed off again hopefully this will be the last time but the dumb labryndoodaa and vertigo is taking a while to shift! The doctor has reassured me it will go but being on the phones isn't ideal. The plan and blogging have taken a bit of back burner for a few days as I relied on noms cooked by Rich and focused more on resting and eating when I felt hungry or needed something. Today I have decided to make a real effort to get back on the bus and also focus on the doctors advice of rest.

I have spent most of the day on the sofa assisted by Doug watch TV including a lovely Studio Ghibli film Kiki's delivery service.
This evening has been filled with football and chatting to friends

Food Diary
Rice pudding with strawberries and a banana.


'Heinz' soup with 3 babybels (HEA) followed by a bowl of fruit which I couldn't finish.

Sausage pasta bake with 1 quorn hotdog (1 syn) 1 quorn low fat sausage (F) courgettes, peppers and pasta. The tomato sauce was some more of the fake heinz soup and then topped it with 40g of low fat chedder and 45g of feta (2 x HEB).

A muller pudding (5 syns) and cola flavoured raisins (3.5) taking my total too 9.5 for the day.

I used my other HEA on coffee and also drunk water and a pepsi max during the day.

I will try and blog daily if I feel up to it but I am hoping I can stay on plan and keep the food simple.

Night night all xoxo

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Blackhole Saturday and Rainy Sunday

Yesterday was a good and bad day due to this...
We spent most of the day working on project spare room (you can see Doug assisted us). I started the day on plan but after a day of sorting, rubbish tipping and CEX queues I came home feeling rather crap. I didn't feel too well which is a sign I did way too much...shouldn't run before I can walk. Then the grumps kicked in I adore my family (both those in this house Richie and Doug, my extended family due to Rich and my sisters fromanothermother) but I am not happy with the current path my career is on. I am frustrated that I cannot get back to studying as it is expensive. I am frustrated that whilst I really like the people I work with it is not want I want to be doing and then the grumps get worse and I end up stewing in a foul mood and not wanting to cook. Not helped by missing lunch so I went for the bad option. Yes today I regret it but last night I didn't care. Boy do I wish there was a slimming world takeaway sometimes....or I had the money and business sense to start one ;)

The grumps did lift after a while (thanks donna and mitchy for just being you) but I couldn't seem to settle to sleep for ages last night (maybe CSI before bed is not wise) so I was reading and chatting to Mitchy until later than my normal bed time. I did make a promise to Donna that this morning I'd wake up and get myself back on board the bus and I did. I have no food pictures from yesterday as deleted them in a strop.

Today has been a pretty lazy day and also a very klutzy day starting with me dropping the pan I was making breakfast in this morning and generally spending the day dropping things...I guess Doug enjoyed some of the floor food he got. I have pretty much spent the day doing very little except watching much TV and having a bubble bath.
Food wise after yesterday my aim today was an on plan low syn superfree kind of day and I have succeeded. I have used 3 syns so far and will have a hot chocolate before bed.

Food Diary
Magic pancakes (minus the one I dropped which Doug enjoyed) a shape yogurt and some raspberries and nana. I usually do them as waffles but figured I try as pancakes this time which obviously is not wise when you are a klutz.

A second breakfast style food...I really fancied a 'fry up' so made one for me and Rich complete with fried bread (done with frylight) and only harmed 1.5 syns in the making of this. It was gorgeous and Rich complemented me on my scrambled egg as it was yummy.

Baked bean lasagne with salad. The topping is made with macaroni cheese so was 1.5 syns per portion. I used the heinz garlic and herb baked beans but it needed more garlic for sure.

Syn free rice pudding made with cream soda, a weight watchers dessert yogurt stirred in and another nana. I have tons left for another day.

I am now going to drool over the Winchester brothers and enjoy my hot chocolate. Night night all xoxo

Friday, 13 September 2013

Returning to the human world

Today I seem to be slowly but surely returning to humanity...whilst I still felt very much like a dead battery the dizziness seems to have eased and the nausea with it. I don't feel 100% but certainly don't feel anywhere near as bad as I did. 

I did spend most of the morning and early afternoon doing the same as all week a mix of 24 and Downton Abbey then moved onto the epic show The Gilmore Girls which is the best show in the world. I then got a weird burst of energy and decided to venture into the room of doom and commence emptying of boxes.
It will be two years in December since we moved into the house...and the room is pretty much as it was when we moved in. I had great fun going through some of the boxes and finding fun stuff like my purple wig and angel halo. Tomorrow we are going to venture in there and actually look in the boxes and sort out what we want to keep. A lot of the boxes are Rich's and I know he has a few light sabres in there so maybe some funky star wars inspired noises will come from him. I'm kinda excited to see what we find and going through my books...and probably adding to the already huge to be read pile.

Doug assisted me in going through the boxes....well when I say assisted he took stuff out of the boxes and generally made a pest of himself. Once I decided I'd had enough we went back to doing more sitting and Doug resumed this position.
This evening me and Rich have had our normal movie night watching the amazing Wonder Woman animated film and wondering why there is no live action movie yet.

Food wise I have only had two meals today and they have been a bit samey but I wasn't hugely hungry today nor that inspired to cook.
Two low fat quorn sausages, mushrooms and sketti on toast.
Sausage, mushroom and cheese salad with SW chips.

Not the best day on the superfree front but both meals were gorgeous and filled the tummy hole. I have managed to guzzle down a lot of water and 4 huge mugs of coffee during the day.

Thats all from me for tonight...I will update you on any random finds tomorrow and our trip to the tip...which may not be so much fun. Night night all xoxo

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Comfort food day

Today has been another day of me doing very little...the most productive thing I have done is buy books thanks to an amazon voucher from doing surveys. I now have somewhere in the region of 500 books in my too be read pile...I guess I may have a problem but I do love to read. I did treat Rich to a CD too as I am that nice. I have two books on the go at the moment my normal paperback to be read at work, during the day and other times. The other is my kindle which is my night book as I don't have to worry about lights etc. Normally it is some chick lit but at the moment I have two supernatural style books on the go.

Apart from shopping for free (the best kind surely) today has been filled with watching 24 and Downton Abbey. I am slowly beginning to feel human again so I am hoping a few more days and I will be normal again...well when I say normal as normal as I can be!

Food wise it has been on plan but the main aim of the food was comfort food. Winter seems to be creeping up and soon it will be time to down my owl gloves and cat hat. I love my winter hats I may even wear my pug hat (yes I have a pug hat).

I didn't have breakfast this morning so the first meal of the day was lunch and the return of cheesy orzo
I stirred in a whole tub of low low was stirred in along with courgette, onion and mushrooms. If you have not tried this then I urge you to do so its gorgeous.

For dinner I got a bit creative
I made a low fat quorn sausage casserole with onions, garlic, mushrooms and tomatoes. I topped this with cheese. The poo shaped thing is mashed potato which I decided to pipe out and bake but it wasn't very artistic. It was tasty though and had a laughing cow blue cheese triangle in there and a dollop of natural yogurt. I will definitely bake the mash again but try and make it more artistic.

For pudding I had syn free rice pudding made with 100g of arborio rice, 500ml diet cream soda, mixed spice and vanilla essence. I stirred in a muller greek toffee yogurt and a banana and it was yummy. Managed to overload the bowl quite a lot.
Another day done and dusted and hopefully another day closer to be human again. 

Night night all xoxo

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Daring to be honest

Many of you out there would have heard of the weigh in twilight zone...the post weigh in time when nothing you eat matters as it is a free food time. I used to love this bubble I would come home from weigh in and have takeaway, cheesecake basically anything I could shove in my mouth. I made a concious decision to stop this as I was feeling rubbish every thursday morning and whilst it didn't effect my losses (or so I thought) it didn't help my mental state.

Tonight I have had a takeaway pizza...I wanted to be honest about this. I enjoyed it and it may have taken me slightly over the 105 mark but the prospect of cooking wasn't on the agenda tonight as I still feel too rubbish. I could have made Rich cook something but honestly I didn't want too. The difference between before and now is it is one meal and it will not lead to me falling off plan. Whether it will effect my loss next week I will see. 

I have been to weigh in tonight and put on half a pound, I am disappointed but realistic as my movement has been none existent I am taking medication and frankly feel rather poo so a loss would have surprised me. This doesn't take away from the fact that in the last three weeks I have lost 9lbs.

I have spent the majority of the day on the sofa under the blanket watching a mix of 24 and Downton Abbey. I am really fed up with being ill now but I hope it will pass soon. Dr Doug has been on the case today helping me feel less miserable.

Food wise with the exception of pizza was on plan and rather nom.

Breakfast of dorset fruit muesli with raspberries and grapes and a shape yogurt. 
Lunch was sweet potato, carrot and pepper soup (got to love freezer finds) and my HEA and HEB of ryvita and laughing cow cheese.

Dinner was the pizza...look away now if you don't want to see it
And that's all from me tonight...night night all xoxo

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Confessions of a dead girl

This will be a short blog tonight because I feel very poo and today I have done very little but sit on the sofa under my blanket watching 24. I have noticed that it seems to have turned into winter as I am freezing.

Tomorrow is weigh in and I am really not sure how it is going to go. I don't feel confident as despite being on plan I feel properly blah so hopefully the scales will be kind.

Food wise the order of the day has been simple stuff.

Food Diary
An aldi sub roll (2x HEB) with quorn low fat sausages and mushrooms. I also had a slice of low low cheese in there.

Tomato and herb pasta n sauce with added spinach, broccoli and green beans. I also stirred in 5 laughing cow light triangles.

Rich really wanted a chinese tonight and part of me the evil side was tempted to say sod it and have one because I didn't have the energy to cook but instead I picked the options. I had half a tub of mushroom rice with stir fried vegetables. It was pretty tasty and had lots of veggies in it. This is definitely progress for me as before hand I would have had whatever I fancied or insisted on doing a separate order for pizza.

Melon and a muller mint dessert.

Sorry I am a dull blogger at the moment hopefully I will do something interesting once I'm better. Me and Rich have threatened to do some housework soon so that will be entertaining....honestly.....I'm not joking. The last time we did it Rich broke the hoover.....again....

I will leave you with this picture....someone wanted my melon
 Night night all xoxo