Monday, 9 September 2013

Relapse :(

Just when I went I was over the vertigo and labryndoodaa illness it comes back with force. I should have known something wasn't quite right yesterday when my battery felt like it wouldn't charge (the internal one that we all have)
I woke up this morning with full on dizzy spells and nausea. I am seriously getting tired of being ill and not being able to work. This meant today was a really boring day to write about as this is how I spent it.
I spent the day under the blanket watching 24 and doing very little else. It was difficult to stay on plan as I was feeling so crap but I don't want to fall of the wagon so went for comfort food and nothing that required too much brain power.

Food Diary
Puffed wheat with grated apple, blueberries and raspberries and a shape 0% yogurt. 35g of morrisons puffed wheat is a lot so I had half the portion for breakfast.

I really fancied sausage and chips only 1 syn was harmed for 2tbsp of tomato sauce.

Button mushroom strogonoff using 75g of garlic and herb philadelphia. I make the sauce by mixing the phili with some vegetable stock and its really gorgeous. I served it with orzo and veggies.

The rest of the puffed wheat with blueberries, two muller toffee greek yogurts (1 syn) 10 mini meringues (1.5) and pineapple flavoured raisins (3.5) taking the total too 7 syns.

Sorry for the short and not so interesting blog today xx

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