Friday, 13 September 2013

Returning to the human world

Today I seem to be slowly but surely returning to humanity...whilst I still felt very much like a dead battery the dizziness seems to have eased and the nausea with it. I don't feel 100% but certainly don't feel anywhere near as bad as I did. 

I did spend most of the morning and early afternoon doing the same as all week a mix of 24 and Downton Abbey then moved onto the epic show The Gilmore Girls which is the best show in the world. I then got a weird burst of energy and decided to venture into the room of doom and commence emptying of boxes.
It will be two years in December since we moved into the house...and the room is pretty much as it was when we moved in. I had great fun going through some of the boxes and finding fun stuff like my purple wig and angel halo. Tomorrow we are going to venture in there and actually look in the boxes and sort out what we want to keep. A lot of the boxes are Rich's and I know he has a few light sabres in there so maybe some funky star wars inspired noises will come from him. I'm kinda excited to see what we find and going through my books...and probably adding to the already huge to be read pile.

Doug assisted me in going through the boxes....well when I say assisted he took stuff out of the boxes and generally made a pest of himself. Once I decided I'd had enough we went back to doing more sitting and Doug resumed this position.
This evening me and Rich have had our normal movie night watching the amazing Wonder Woman animated film and wondering why there is no live action movie yet.

Food wise I have only had two meals today and they have been a bit samey but I wasn't hugely hungry today nor that inspired to cook.
Two low fat quorn sausages, mushrooms and sketti on toast.
Sausage, mushroom and cheese salad with SW chips.

Not the best day on the superfree front but both meals were gorgeous and filled the tummy hole. I have managed to guzzle down a lot of water and 4 huge mugs of coffee during the day.

Thats all from me for tonight...I will update you on any random finds tomorrow and our trip to the tip...which may not be so much fun. Night night all xoxo

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