Saturday, 7 September 2013

The weird and wonderful world of me....when I do very little

Why is it when you go shopping...with a still manage to forget two items meaning you have to back out in the morning to get more stuff. Despite being so organised in Morrisons this morning I will have to go back tomorrow which is muchly annoying! Morrisons was a unique experience this morning....for some reason all the trollies had dissapeared but there was a man sitting down with a packed bag in a trolly so I politely asked him if I could use his trolly...he raised his hand and pointed at a piece of rope on his finger and then just stared at me...needless to say I moved on slightly scared about some of the people in my area.

Except for adventures in the supermarket today has been the mostly spent in this position
Cuddled up under a blanket watching 24 and then Masterchef. I was happy with the winner as they did deserve it but won't discuss who won incase there are people who are still catching up.

Food wise it has been a good day with some yummy food that made me declare I love my food at the moment. 

Food Diary
A spinach, green pepper and mushroom omelette with cheese (HEA). I tend to add garlic into the egg mix and find it works really well. I do love a good omelette.

Lunch was supposed to be stuffed peppers but in the end I didn't fancy them but did fancy some sort of sweet potato and pepper soup. I found this recipe here tweaking it slightly as didn't have red peppers, cumin or coriander so instead I just added some basil. The soup was gorgeous and I have enough for another day. 

Dinner was gorgeous, my lovely assistant Rich kindly crushed some garlic for me which we mixed with frylight and spread onto weight watchers petit pain (HEB) and baked in the oven for 10 minutes. Rich had cheese on his. The pasta was so simple to make too, I fried off some onions and mushrooms and then added a liberal amount of paprika and then stirred in some garlic and herb philadelphia (75g HEB). I then just added it to the tagliatelle. I will make this again but may not mix it into the pasta as the sauce part didn't go as far as we liked saying that it was tasty and took 20 minutes including the prep to make. Nice and easy when your short of time after work or just feeling lazy.
During x factor I had a bowl of crisps (4.5 syns) and a mint muller dessert (5 syns) to keep my sweet tooth happy. I did fancy something else sweet afterwards and decided to try one of the new toffee muller greek yogurts (warning to any veggies reading they are not veggie friendly). The yogurt was yummy but I won't say they are the best yogurts I've had recently. The danio blueberry ones definitely top these and okay they are more syns but worth it.


Well I had coffee (HEA)...if there was a day I didn't have coffee I think hell would freeze over. I also had a monster zero which is free and lots of water. Oh and a pepsi max.

I am now going to wrap the evening up with some Location Location Location viewing and then bed with my latest kindle book Beautiful Creatures.

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