Thursday, 19 September 2013

Your not supposed to drive the car into water....

A phrase I have said to Rich during the day when I have looked up at his game and noticed he has broken another car by driving it into a lake/into a boar/flipped it upside down and set fire to to love Grand Theft Auto 5. It looks like a really fun game and I know Rich is enjoying it. 

For me today has been a very sedate day, for some reason I feel more cruddy than I did yesterday so I have been on the sofa with the exception of the times I had food making on my mind and enjoyed many many episodes of The White Queen. It is based on a period of history I am not hugely familiar with but I certainly want to learn more about. I will definitely pick up the the books....cue adding many more books to my wishlist. I also managed to watch an episode of 24 before Rich emerged thanks to the lovely weight loss bitch for getting me slightly hooked to Jack Bauer.
Food wise I have had a good day though the food was very simplistic. 

Food Diary
Magic pancakes but made into muffins as they are nice and simple...the portion made 5 but I only had 3 for breakfast saving some for another time in the day.

Jacket potato beans and cheese with salad you can't beat a good jacket potato!

Three sweet chill meatfree sausages from asda (1 syn each) mash potato and veggies with syn free onion gravy made with onions and vegetable stock.

The remaining muffins, a muller dessert (5 syns) a hot chocolate (2 syns taking the total to 10) and two alpen lights for my remaining healthy B.

Thats my day done and dusted and soon I'll be heading to bed to curl up with Gil Grissom in CSI.

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