Thursday, 5 September 2013

Thursday fun

Today is the first day in nearly 3 weeks that I can class myself as feeling okay :D this has made me quite happy today. The dizziness and nausea is still present but not as bad as it was which is a good thing. Work actually flew by today too helped in part by chats with my lovely big sister Mitchy but also reading through the Nemi comics that appear in The Metro. Here is one of my favourites from today.

The downtime between calls can be a bit dull so it's nice to have something to read and Nemi does make me chuckle.

I also managed a quick walk back to the car tonight as wanted to see if I could walk fast and I was quite chuffed that I felt okay after my mini sprinty walk.
Once we got home from work and Doug had been walked off for a bubble bath and was kept company by Doug who wanted to ensure that I didn't drown or drop my book.
Food was good today though I did have a bit of a challenge on my hands....for some reason the little internal devil kept nagging me to break the bus and eat pizza. I asked Rich to remind me why I didn't want pizza and he was a brilliant help and stopped me by reminding me just how upset I would be with myself. Plus my dinner was epic anyway.

Food Diary
Nice bowl/tub of Dorset fruit muesli (HEB) with a turkish delight muller light strawberries and a nana.

Cous cous with roasted vegetables and chickpeas along with 3 babybel lights (HEA) and then a plum and satsuma courtesy of the slimmer of the week basket. 

This was so much better than a crappy takeaway pizza, I chopped up veggies and roasted them off in the oven whilst I was cooking the sweet potato chips. The quorn fillets were done in the Maggie so juicy paprika shake bag thingy (4.5 syns for the bag so 2.5 per portion). It was gorgeous the seasoning made the quorn fillets really tasty.

Slimming world is made of awesome when you can all these goodies for 6.5 syns and a healthy extra! The crisps I have now discovered are only 1.5 syns each and the cherry infused raisins were 3.5 syns.

Thats me done for the evening I am now going to make my nails look pretty as tomorrow is Mufti day at work (a phrase rich found hilarious as he has never heard it before).

Night night all xoxo

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