Saturday, 31 August 2013

A day of doing not much at all

Today has been a declared lazy day with the only outside activity was a mission to get frylight (why do we always go shopping and forget something). I have pretty much have done much sitting and bubble bathing.
 Except that I have spent most of the day chatting to friends, watching 24 (thanks again WLB) then watching X Factor and gossiping about this with friends. Not the most active day but it worked well for me. 

I also had a slight case of the green eyed monster as my lovely friend Liz met the gorgeous Jessie Pavelka today and she sent me this.
This will be getting pride of place on my fridge! Her timing was impeccable too as I was beginning to feel a slip in my control. The little monster inside start to rear up but I tamed it thankfully. I don't like feeling out of control it can be quite a challenge to ensure that I don't fall off the wagon. 

Food wise today has been a good day of noms.

Food Diary

Most of you will be familiar with magic pancakes, the method is 35g of oats mixed with a free yogurt (I use weight watchers dessert yogurts) left overnight (not always needed). The next morning you add an egg and mix well. I use my waffle maker to make them into mini waffles as I find it easier to manage than making pancakes. I spooned a tsp of rowse honey over the waffles and served with strawberries and bananas.

I decided on vegetable fried rice for lunch which was gorgeous. The rice was cooked and then when slightly cooled I fried it off in frylight and then added an egg. I also fried off some courgettes, mushrooms and pepper (SF). Afterwards I had a bowl of mango and pineapple (SF). I have not had mango before and it was really tasty.

For dinner I made hunters quorn fillets (Rich had chicken). The sauce is really simple to make

8floz of passata
3tbsp of balsamic vinegar
1tbsp of worcester sauce 
4tbsp of sweetener

You just add the ingredients into a pan and cook until it has thickened. I then poured it over the quorn fillets and topped with half my healthy extra of cheese. The rest I put onto my sw chips. I also cooked off some mushrooms, onions and courgettes.

The pizza craving had kicked in so I decided to splash out some syns on warbutons thins topped with tomato puree then my final healthy extra of cheese. I also decided to have some crisps and used 4 syns on two little bags of crisps. I still had the munchies after so had the grapes with my hot chocolate to round of the day.


The usual coffee (HEA) and water and I also had a hot chocolate (2 syns) taking my total synnage to 11.5 today.

Tomorrow I will attempt something that I haven't been able to achieve today and do something Arsenal are playing Spurs this may be screaming and chucking stuff at the television.

Night night all xoxo

Friday, 30 August 2013

The grumps

I've been in a proper grump today, a bad combination of being ill and the realisation that in order to get the job I want I need to finish my Cilex course which I need money to do which I cannot get without getting a job that pays more which I cannot get without the course. Definitely feeling much gloom as my wages are really crap now and I feel like I've worked hard for nothing but hopefully the gloom will lift soon. Temptation to stray off plan was pretty high today but I refuse to fall off the wagon no matter how much my head was screaming for junk food. It's amazing how a few weeks ago I would have dived into the cupboard and fed my emotions with crisps and chocolate but this time I fed my emotions with thoughts of happier things.

There was much laziness today again I decided to give 24 a try after hearing the amazing Weight Loss Bitch her amazing page raving about it. I watched 5 episodes back to back and I must admit I am hooked! I am going to try and watch a bit more over the weekend when Rich isn't on his xbox.

I did venture outside today as needed to go to Aldi and Asda to do our weekly shop which was a bit too much of a tiring task and I am now suffering the consequences by feeling a bit light headed but the route to Aldi does have some amazing art work. I am not sure if you would have heard of Banksy but he is a bit of a Bristol legend and in certain areas of Bristol lots of wall art has popped up I guess as a homage to him (or maybe some of them are original Banksy). I thought I'd take a picture of one to share with you and it's one of my favourites.
Once I was done with the shopping I went to pick Rich up from work as I'm nice like that ;) and also because I didn't want to unpack the shopping on my own I was organised though as I knew I'd be waiting at least 10 minutes.

This evening we have done our normal Friday night routine of watching a movie, this week Rich's choice was X-Men which was brilliant.

Food Diary


Breakfast was gorgeous this morning, I decided to have creamy paprika mushrooms which are syn free using HEB of bread. The recipe is as follows

Creamy paprika mushrooms

Finely chop and onion and 2 cloves of garlic and fry gently for few mins, then add sliced mushroom, once they start to turn brown, add a squeeze of lemon juice and half a teaspoon of paprika, and cook for a minute more, take of heat and brown your wholemeal toast Heb, then add 2 tablespoons of fat free fromage fraise (I used natural yogurt as we had it in the fridge) to mushrooms and mix, then pour onto toast and eat.

I served mine with some baby spinach just because I am mad like that....

Lunch was quick and simple, mushy pea curry with extra courgettes and mushrooms, mild curry savoury rice and more baby spinach this time topped with cherry tomatoes. I actually sent this and my breakfast picture to Rich as I was impressed with how nice my food was looking on the plate today. There was rice and mushy pea curry left over so I put it in tupperware and froze as a ready meal. 

Look another cool bowl this time our Superman one! I fancied something sweet after lunch so went for melon and strawberries. 

I had been craving pizza today so I had pizza....on plan....for 5 whole syns! The base is made from warburton thins (5 syns for the whole thin), Rich then expertly topped the thins with tomato puree and then I put courgettes and mushrooms on mine and topped with my healthy extra of cheese. I served this with slimming world chips and more spinach, red pepper and cherry tomatoes.

I used my healthy extra on two hifi rocky road bars (with a distinct lack of marshmallows) and 10 mikado taking me too 10 syns for the day.


Today has been brought to you mostly by coffee (HEA), green tea, water, coke zero and pepsi max cherry.

Thats me done for the day I hope tomorrow I wake up less grumpy and less ill stupid head. Night night all xoxo

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Perched on the throne of insight into the day to day life of a sw nut

Now anyone on plan will know that one of the joys of slimming world is the seemingly hourly visits to the porcelain throne. I seem to have spent more time wandering there today than ever but that is just a good sign that the plan is working and I am drinking a nice amount of water. Welcome to a typical day in the world of slinkygothgirl ;) yes discussing toilets.

Apart from the visits to the porcelain throne today has been another lazy day. I finished up watching Luther so may see what else is on offer via Netflix tomorrow. Doug has also had a lazy day

I have also spent quite a lot of time today discussing exercise clothes with Mitchy as it is important to look right ;) I need to invest in some new trainers unless I can find the ones I own somewhere in this house. I suspect they are in the room of doom aka our spare room that remains as it was when we moved in....we really need to sort it out one day but we need shelving things first.

You may not be surprised consider my recent blogs to hear the words....another day glued to the bus. Although I wouldn't blame you if you did wonder as there were the yoyo weeks before it went really wrong but I woke up this morning feeling like Supergirl and knowing that it will be another good week for me! 

Food Diary

Breakfast was gorgeous today, I cooked low fat quorn sausages (F) and mushrooms and put them inside an egg wrap with cheese (HEA). The egg wrap is basically a thin omelette and can be made sweet or savoury and I have seen people making sandwiches from them. 


Lunch was also yummy, I had curry loaf (F) with a baby spinach and cherry tomato salad (SF) along with a jacket potato (F) baked beans (F and wind making) and cheese (HEB). I was still in need of something else after this and fancied some did someone else.
He had already had some melon but insisted on putting his nose right by mine fruit. In the batman bowl (how cool is this bowl it comes from an awesome shop in Great Yarmouth where Mitchy lives) is melon and strawberries (SF).

Proper comfort food tonight and only 1.5 syns were harmed in making this meal.On the plate is rosemary and red onion sausages (F) sweet potato mash (F) aunt bessies carrot and swede mash (F and SF), Peas (F), broccoli and green beans (SF) with 2tsp of roasted onion gravy made with water (1.5). It was gorgeous though I don't think Rich was so keen on the amount of veg he had to eat tonight but it's good for him!

Originally I went to the kitchen knowing I still had an HEB left and at least 8.5 syns. I had thought about PB on toast earlier in the day but opened the big cupboard and was momentarily swayed by the sight of my crisps. Now any regular followers know that crisps are an issue for me. I can't stop at one packet and normally end up binging on them. I pull one bag out and popped it on the side whilst i assembled the rest of my snack and then changed my mind and the crisps went back. This is a big thing for me and it's nice to feel controlled over them. I may see how long I can resist them (it's been a week so far) before opening the bag. Instead I went for peanut butter (1 1/2 tbsp for 6 syns) on toast (HEB) there is also 2tsps of flora extra light (1 syn) and it was gorgeous. I am glad I went for the PB in the end.


Little bit of a change today...yes there as coffee (HEA) but there was also green tea to go with the water and pepsi max. Isn't my green tea mug cute!
So another day done and dusted....lets see what excitement tomorrow brings :) I am sure I will be contemplating wisdom...I really need to move more books into the toilet.

Night night all xoxo

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

And the results are in.....

Can I get a drum roll please.......

I have been to weigh in and pleased to announce I lost 7lbs :D I am absolutely over the moon. I am so glad that my hard work paid off and I feel like I have had a great reward for my hard work. For anyone out there struggling I know it is hard to get back on the bus after a bad period but it is so worth it. The keys for me this week have been planning my week (which I have done again for the coming week) and my support network. I have been incredibly lucky to have great friends who have been there for me in particular I want to say a massive thank you to my big sisters from other mothers Mitchy and Donna.

This week they have been amazing, very supportive and geeing me on and I hope I can keep returning the favour for them because  they are amazing. I also want to thank Rich (though he may not read this) for just being there and helping me through the week. Whether your support network is friends, family or your group I think it is a vital part of the success.

So that's the little lovein and celebration done, onto today. As I am not in work and being distracted weigh in day seemed to drag. I couldn't wait till 7 so I could get on the scales and find out my results. I have pretty much been quite inactive today but its been a relaxing day. I spent the morning watching what can only be described as food porn.

The Great British Bake off...I had heard so many people raving about it I decided to check it out and ended up loving it. The first week was cake and the second was bread and it looked amazing. Once I got up to date with this I watched more Luther and painted my nails.
Not a hugely interesting day but I can't really do much at the moment. I am now going to spend some time drooling over Jessie Pavelka.

Food wise I have been on plan and whilst I was conscious about weigh in I didn't starve myself as it's important to stick to the same weekly routine.

Food Diary

Nothing too spectacular for breakfast just a banana (SF) which was all I needed when I got up.


I haven't had an omelette in ages and it went down really well! I cooked off some mushrooms, onions and courgettes (SF) and then added 3 eggs (F) mixed up with herbs and garlic. On top is 40g of cathedral city light (HEB). I followed this up with another banana and some strawberries (SF) in a weight watchers dessert yogurt.


Some people have a blow out/twilight zone period on weigh in day and I used to do this every week. I'd come home from group and shove pizza garlic bread and cheesecake down my mouth. I was lucky and still lost the week after but mentally it did me no good. Treat night would become treat week treat fortnight and before you know it your losing control. For me I need to change my internal brain programming and no longer do the big binges and 'treat' myself because I have lost weight. Instead I will have what I fancy within my syns. This is what I did tonight
 So on the plate is baby spinach and cherry tomatoes (SF) with syn free salad dressing (the kraft french one), potato wedge type thingums (F) and a quorn southern chicken burger tower (HEA, HEB and 5 syns as the burgers are 2.5 each). It felt so good but naughty too although it really wasn't.


I splashed out 3.5 extra syns tonight taking my total up to 13.5 for the day. The kitkat was 5.5 syns and the danio yogurt was 3 syns. The grapes (SF) were a nice little sweet snack too. 


Coffee as normal (HEA) and water. 

Another good day and a cracking end to my first week being firmly planted on the bus. I have set myself a mini goal of losing as much of the remaining 15.5lbs of my gain by the end of September. I want to be back to where I was and getting my shiny stickers again.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Tough Tuesday taken down

Today has been a bit of a tough day in the sense that despite my best efforts to go back to work I was shipped off home and been signed off again. I have labrynitus (and that may not even be how you spell it). I am hoping some rest and medication will shift it.

It was tricky being home and feeling grumpy and got the munchies however I made the right decisions and didn't go for the high fat low lasting satisfaction stuff that I may have done before. Why ruin my hard work and good week by munching on junk. I don't need or want it so it stayed in the cupboard away from my shrinking belly.

I had a productive afternoon sitting on the sofa doing very little other than watching Luther cuddling Doug and chatting to my little big sister Mitchymoo (little cos she is a titchy lady now and big cos she is a teeny bit older than me). I also spent many hours chatting to my other sister from another mother and creating the word poona....I do amuse myself and hopefully them ;)

I have spent much of the evening doing the same along with watching Arsenal win again and hoping no more players get broken!

Onto the food I've said I did have the munchies but I didn't waver.

Food Diary


I have no idea why it is sideways silly blogger but before you is 30g all bran chocolate crunch (HEB) with banana, strawberries (SF) and a weight watchers dessert yogurt (F).

Mid morning snack

Blueberry bear yoyo (1/2 HEB)


Minestrone soup (packed with superfree) and a slice of bread (1/2 HEB and 0.5 syns for the tsp of flora extra light).

I was still peckish afterwards so followed this up with some melon (SF)

Mid afternoon snack

A portion of slimming world chips with a tbsp of tesco reduced salt and sugar tommy sauce (F plus 0.5) and much better than crisps or chocolate.


Big Mac on a plate (mix of free, sf and 1 syn for the thousand islands sauce plus HEA of cheese) and slimming world wedges. I really love this meal as it's so simple to make but tasty.


Danio blueberry yogurt (3) and a freddo (5).


Usual coffee (HEA) water and pepsi max

On that note I need to head to bed as feeling really tired. Weigh in tomorrow so fingers crossed for a good result.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Where's the cheesy pasta - a bank holiday monday mystery tale

Now you may wonder from the title what the mystery is....well the mystery is looking over my meals since weigh in I have not had cheesy pasta....nor do I have it as a planned meal....which may concern regular readers who are used to seeing it several times a week! I have not made a conscious effort to take it out of the meals this week just fancied mixing things up and I'm hoping it pays off on the scales this week! I have even starting planning next weeks meals so I am ready for another good week *polishes the halo*.

I have done a bit more activity today though I have still be relatively lazy. Me and Rich went on a movie date today to see The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. I started reading the books several years ago so I was excited but nervous to see the film. The film turned out to be excellent sticking relatively close to the book and whilst I was not sure on the casting it worked really well. I'm currently reading the fifth book in the series and loving it and I'm excited to see if they do make the other books into films. The books are by Cassandra Clare so if you are into the supernatural genre I'd recommend them.

Other than the movie date I have done much sitting other than a walk with Doug in the park near our house.

On to the food of the day

Food Diary


I do question why I crashed off the wagon so easily when I get to eat amazing food like this! I had a quorn bacon and egg sandwich (HEB plus 2.5 syns). No superfree this time but it was gorgeous! The egg yolk was nice and running so when I squished the bread down it was all mixing in with the quorn bacon. 


As we were heading to the cinema at 1pm I decided to go for a quick lunch of salad (SF), beetroot salad (SF) and leftover quorn roast. It was really tasty and nice and filling too.

Movie snack

Grapes (SF) and two alpen lights (HEB) 


Pepsi max quorn pieces (F) and mushroom (SF) with egg fried rice and broccoli and green beans (SF). The pepsi max sauce (also known as diet coke chicken) is so easy to make. You just mix together 6tbsp of passata, a can of pepsi max/diet coke tsp of chinese five spice and some soy sauce (supposed to be worcester sauce but I had none). You just bring it to the boil until it thickens. It's been a while since I've had it and it was really tasty.


Blueberry Danio Yogurt (3), Mini fudge (3) and a chocolate straw (1). I also had some warm milk (HEA) to drink with my chocolate straw.


Usually coffee (HEA milk) pepsi max and water.

I am just finish up watching Eastenders and then it's bed for me as I have work tomorrow and still not feeling 100%.

Night night all xoxo