Friday, 23 August 2013

Fit food Friday

Despite praying to the Unicorn god I was still unwell this morning so a trip the Doctors was needed. Luckily the Doctor gave me some more medication and I'll be back to work on Tuesday. I am genuinely excited to go back to work (yes I am saying these words) the people are genuinely lovely.

Apart from that I have had a very lazy day mainly chatting to Mitchy and Donna and opening the front door to various people bringing me stuff. I decided to use Asda delivery (thanks to the free delivery voucher) and the man turned up not only two hours early but with everything I asked for! Our fridge and cupboard is now fully stocked

The only downside to ordering online is when you make an error with selecting the amount of Banana's you want and instead of a certain weight you end up with one banana.....

Other than the excitement of a stocked fridge I also had the excitement of the postman bringing me a new book and Rocky Horror on DVD which will be keeping me entertained over the weekend as I am planning a bit of a DVD session.

Today has been what I would like to class as fit food day! Everything I had today made me so happy to be on plan and wondering why I crashed off so badly. 

Food Diary


I fancied a bit of a 'fry up' this morning but due to the shopping not coming it was a bit of an eclectic mix I had two Linda McCartney rosemary and red onions sausages (F) with sketti my little pony (F) Mushrooms, courgettes and plum tomatoes (SF) and scrambled egg (F).


Lunch was beyond gorgeous today, I cooked off some chilli and lime quorn fillets (F) and then made a wrap thingum with an iceberg lettuce (SF) and topped it with some red onion chutney I found lurking in the fridge from when I made it a while back. I also had some leftover potato salad (4 syns) grapes and beetroot salad (SF).

I was still peckish after this so had some strawberries and melon (SF) and a weight watchers dessert yogurt (F).


This was probably one of the best meals I have in ages and made me really think I can do this. The curry is made from mayflower (28g for 5.5 syns made with 200ml water) and I added mushrooms and courgettes (SF). I made some egg fried rice (F) for the first time ever and it was gorgeous. I also made some SW chips (F) and it went down so well. Rich really liked the egg fried rice too so that's another thing to have more often. The whole meal was worth the 5.5 syns and tasted as good as a takeaway. 


Initially this was supposed to include a home grown apple. For some reason we have apples growing on a tree in our garden. Now you may wander why this surprised us...the reason is we came home from work one day to find two new trees in our garden kindly planted by the shared ownership company. We did not know much except they were tree shaped so I was kinda surprised to see an apple growing. I had to try our first was vile! Don't think it was ripe :( there is another one on the tree it can stay there for a bit longer I think.

So in the end I had 6 ryvita (HEB) and 6 laughing cow extra light (HEB)


The usual vat of coffee (HEA x2) water and a can of Pepsi max