Friday, 30 August 2013

The grumps

I've been in a proper grump today, a bad combination of being ill and the realisation that in order to get the job I want I need to finish my Cilex course which I need money to do which I cannot get without getting a job that pays more which I cannot get without the course. Definitely feeling much gloom as my wages are really crap now and I feel like I've worked hard for nothing but hopefully the gloom will lift soon. Temptation to stray off plan was pretty high today but I refuse to fall off the wagon no matter how much my head was screaming for junk food. It's amazing how a few weeks ago I would have dived into the cupboard and fed my emotions with crisps and chocolate but this time I fed my emotions with thoughts of happier things.

There was much laziness today again I decided to give 24 a try after hearing the amazing Weight Loss Bitch her amazing page raving about it. I watched 5 episodes back to back and I must admit I am hooked! I am going to try and watch a bit more over the weekend when Rich isn't on his xbox.

I did venture outside today as needed to go to Aldi and Asda to do our weekly shop which was a bit too much of a tiring task and I am now suffering the consequences by feeling a bit light headed but the route to Aldi does have some amazing art work. I am not sure if you would have heard of Banksy but he is a bit of a Bristol legend and in certain areas of Bristol lots of wall art has popped up I guess as a homage to him (or maybe some of them are original Banksy). I thought I'd take a picture of one to share with you and it's one of my favourites.
Once I was done with the shopping I went to pick Rich up from work as I'm nice like that ;) and also because I didn't want to unpack the shopping on my own I was organised though as I knew I'd be waiting at least 10 minutes.

This evening we have done our normal Friday night routine of watching a movie, this week Rich's choice was X-Men which was brilliant.

Food Diary


Breakfast was gorgeous this morning, I decided to have creamy paprika mushrooms which are syn free using HEB of bread. The recipe is as follows

Creamy paprika mushrooms

Finely chop and onion and 2 cloves of garlic and fry gently for few mins, then add sliced mushroom, once they start to turn brown, add a squeeze of lemon juice and half a teaspoon of paprika, and cook for a minute more, take of heat and brown your wholemeal toast Heb, then add 2 tablespoons of fat free fromage fraise (I used natural yogurt as we had it in the fridge) to mushrooms and mix, then pour onto toast and eat.

I served mine with some baby spinach just because I am mad like that....

Lunch was quick and simple, mushy pea curry with extra courgettes and mushrooms, mild curry savoury rice and more baby spinach this time topped with cherry tomatoes. I actually sent this and my breakfast picture to Rich as I was impressed with how nice my food was looking on the plate today. There was rice and mushy pea curry left over so I put it in tupperware and froze as a ready meal. 

Look another cool bowl this time our Superman one! I fancied something sweet after lunch so went for melon and strawberries. 

I had been craving pizza today so I had pizza....on plan....for 5 whole syns! The base is made from warburton thins (5 syns for the whole thin), Rich then expertly topped the thins with tomato puree and then I put courgettes and mushrooms on mine and topped with my healthy extra of cheese. I served this with slimming world chips and more spinach, red pepper and cherry tomatoes.

I used my healthy extra on two hifi rocky road bars (with a distinct lack of marshmallows) and 10 mikado taking me too 10 syns for the day.


Today has been brought to you mostly by coffee (HEA), green tea, water, coke zero and pepsi max cherry.

Thats me done for the day I hope tomorrow I wake up less grumpy and less ill stupid head. Night night all xoxo


  1. well done on not falling off the wagon - I probably would have. Your food ideas are amazing x

    1. thanks hun x I try and keep it interesting