Monday, 26 August 2013

Where's the cheesy pasta - a bank holiday monday mystery tale

Now you may wonder from the title what the mystery is....well the mystery is looking over my meals since weigh in I have not had cheesy pasta....nor do I have it as a planned meal....which may concern regular readers who are used to seeing it several times a week! I have not made a conscious effort to take it out of the meals this week just fancied mixing things up and I'm hoping it pays off on the scales this week! I have even starting planning next weeks meals so I am ready for another good week *polishes the halo*.

I have done a bit more activity today though I have still be relatively lazy. Me and Rich went on a movie date today to see The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. I started reading the books several years ago so I was excited but nervous to see the film. The film turned out to be excellent sticking relatively close to the book and whilst I was not sure on the casting it worked really well. I'm currently reading the fifth book in the series and loving it and I'm excited to see if they do make the other books into films. The books are by Cassandra Clare so if you are into the supernatural genre I'd recommend them.

Other than the movie date I have done much sitting other than a walk with Doug in the park near our house.

On to the food of the day

Food Diary


I do question why I crashed off the wagon so easily when I get to eat amazing food like this! I had a quorn bacon and egg sandwich (HEB plus 2.5 syns). No superfree this time but it was gorgeous! The egg yolk was nice and running so when I squished the bread down it was all mixing in with the quorn bacon. 


As we were heading to the cinema at 1pm I decided to go for a quick lunch of salad (SF), beetroot salad (SF) and leftover quorn roast. It was really tasty and nice and filling too.

Movie snack

Grapes (SF) and two alpen lights (HEB) 


Pepsi max quorn pieces (F) and mushroom (SF) with egg fried rice and broccoli and green beans (SF). The pepsi max sauce (also known as diet coke chicken) is so easy to make. You just mix together 6tbsp of passata, a can of pepsi max/diet coke tsp of chinese five spice and some soy sauce (supposed to be worcester sauce but I had none). You just bring it to the boil until it thickens. It's been a while since I've had it and it was really tasty.


Blueberry Danio Yogurt (3), Mini fudge (3) and a chocolate straw (1). I also had some warm milk (HEA) to drink with my chocolate straw.


Usually coffee (HEA milk) pepsi max and water.

I am just finish up watching Eastenders and then it's bed for me as I have work tomorrow and still not feeling 100%.

Night night all xoxo