Friday, 16 August 2013

Sofa day

Today has been a day of forced sofa sitting as I am still feeling pretty rough so I haven't done a great deal today. Infact the most notable achievement was not burning my pan to smithereens making lunch and saving £30 a month on our car insurance. 

One thing that did brighten my day was a text from my consultant saying I have been nominated for Woman of the year in group which I was really surprised about. I am looking forward to group on Wednesday to see who else has been nominated. I hope the person I voted for is also nominated :)

This evening has been mine and Rich's normal Friday night movie night we watched Dredd and now we have Frankenweenie on

Food Diary

I didn't have breakfast this morning as didn't fancy it so I skipped it (not a habit I will be forming)

Lunch was a simple cheesy pasta dish that took no real effort as I didn't fancy standing in the kitchen preparing much. I used a cheese and broccoli pasta n sauce (F) and added some garlic granules. I also added some green peppers and mushrooms (SF) and a tub of low low (HEB x2).

Dinner I spent a bit more time on as felt I had the energy to make it and yes okay so it's another pasta dish but it was gorgeous. I made the bolagnaise by first frying off some onions and garlic (SF) i then added one tin of chopped tomatoes (SF) and a tin of chopped tomatoes I had blended as I had run out of passata (SF). Once this was cooking I chucked in some quorn mince (F) and mushrooms (SF) along with some tomato puree (F) basil, salt and pepper and a bit of sweetener to bring out the tomatoeyness. I topped it with 60g of cheese (1 1/2 HEA)

For pudding I had a caramel options hot choc (2 syns) using 175ml of skimmed milk (1/2 HEA) and topped it up with hot water and a blueberry danio yogurt (3 syns).

All in all a simple food day but it was tasty. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel a bit better so I can be a bit more adventurous. 

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