Saturday, 24 August 2013

Tonight....the title is.......missing

Normally the reason I write this blog is to discuss myself and my Slimming world journey but first I want to dedicate this blog to Sophie Lancaster as today is the 6 year anniversary of her death. Sophie and her boyfriend Robert were brutally attacked for no other reason than the way they dressed. They were goths on their way home from spending time with friends. Madame Guillotine has blogged about this same subject today a lot more eloquently than I can Madame Guillotine blog

Robert survived the attack however Sophie's family had to make the heartbreaking decision to turn off her life support machine. Her life was way too short because of the way she dressed and looked. 

Now you may be wondering why I am babbling about someone you may not have heard off. There are many reasons that this subject is close to home. I support the Sophie Lancaster Foundation Sophie Lancaster Foundation the purpose of this foundation is to create respect and understanding of the subcultures in communities. They have been successful in their work and now an attack on someone like Sophie would be a hate crime. I wear my Sophie bracelets with pride and hope that I can continue to support the cause. I am into the alternative culture and the way Sophie dressed is not dissimilar to the way I like to dress and will be dressing in the future when I hit target. Some of the clothes have already begun to creep into my wardrobe as I go down in sizes. I have friends who dress this way and I never want them to suffer the same fate as Sophie and Robert
~R.I.P Sophie~
Okay, enough of me babbling about that. Today has been a relatively quiet day with the lunchtime kick off for Arsenal today I essentially planned my day around watching them. I was happy with the game this week as we won and the performance was good....change to last week where I swore a lot and was a moody git. Once the football was done I decided to see how my health and fitness levels would stand up to some may have been a bit much too soon but I enjoyed being out with Doug and watching him run about. One of the funniest things on the walk (okay you may think I'm mean for laughing) was when we were walking past a skip and Doug froze and look terrified of it. I am unsure why as there was nothing there but once I coaxed him past the skip monster and saw he was fine and bouncing along I did chuckle....and take a picture to show Rich when we got back. We managed just over 2.5 miles which isn't to bad though I am feeling it now.

Once I got back I assumed the bath and book will note the kindle is safely wrapped in a waterproof cover!


This evening has been a bit of a lazy one (like most of the day) we watched an episode of Breaking Bad and now I'm half watching Jack Reacher whilst writing this. Food wise I have had another excellent day on the bus and I am feeling very proud of myself.

Food Diary


Breakfast was gorgeous I decided on French Toast which is so easy to make. I mixed together two eggs with a dash of milk, some sweetener and mixed spice. I then dipped the bread (HEB) into the mix and let it soak whilst I found the pan. I then just fried the bread in fry light until it was done. On top I put a tbsp of honey (1.5 syns) and served with lots of yummy fruit (SF).


You will notice a guest appearance in this shot by Doug who was trying to get some of my carrot. In the end Rich found him his own carrot to keep him busy.

Lunch was salad (SF) and curry loaf (F). This is probably the best one I've made so far and its very simple to make. I cooked a packet of Batchelors curry rice (F) as per the instructions. Once done I added a can of asda chickpea dahl (F) and 4 eggs. I mixed together and cooked for 25 minutes on 200. 

I followed this up with a bowl of banana and apple (SF) with weight watchers dessert yogurt (F)


Apologies for the terrible presentation but the food was gorgeous. The pile of food is quorn lasagne but this time I used a can of Asda smartprice Macoroni cheese (3 syns) to make the cheese sauce and it worked really well. This portion was 1.5 syns plus an HEA and HEB. I had not planned to use a double helping of healthy extras however there is a possibility some of Rich's cheese was on my side so I have decided to protect myself by using both. Next time I will make the sauce the same way but do individual portions as its much neater and less likely to be overcheesed...


Grapes (SF) a Danio Blueberry yogurt (3 syns and worth it) and a mini packet of buttons (4 syns). Me and Rich didn't expect many buttons in the packet but I counted 15.


The usual massive amount of coffee (HEA 350ml of skimmed milk) water and pepsi max.

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  1. wow - all your food looks amazing. I'm definitely going to try some of these ideas - thanks x