Saturday, 30 March 2013

Planning plans and lazy saturday

Today has been a good day I love lazy Saturdays when you know that you have two more days of rest before returning to work :D bank holidays are good fun. I may do some housework tomorrow as it really needs to be done but that does involve some effort....

In other news me and Mitchy have organised a meetup for July which is going to be beyond awesome :D we are hoping the lovely WLB will join in the fun with the two K's and the dogs. It's going to be a lot of fun and I can't wait for July to come. Infact this year is shaping up to be good fun Rich booked our Iron Man 3 tickets last night so we can go and see it at the Imax....Robert Downey Jr ultra big is going to be much fun! I also have the fun of The Rocky Horror show this year with my lovely ladies Jen and Tracy. Not too shabby for this lady. 

I was up relatively early this morning well 9am and as I was emerging from zombie mode I realised one of my meds had run out and I needed to run to the chemist and get an emergency prescription. Once I got back and saw to Douglet I got cracking on breakfast

Yummy magic waffles (made from the magic pancake mix but done in my waffle maker) and kiwi, apple and banana topped with a weight watchers lemon tart yogurt. 

I spent most of the morning flicking between classic Friends episodes and CSI apart from a small break to make cakes. This was done to a cheesy pop soundtrack which had me dancing in the kitchen. I will show you the cakes later in the blog.

For lunch I wanted to ensure I had tons of superfree after my rocky thursday so decided to have stuffed mushrooms

The mushrooms were stuffed with courgettes, peppers and onions then topped with low low. I put the rest of the low low in the mini jacket spud. I think I may love low low a bit too much. I followed this up with some fruit and yogurt.

The frozen fruit creates a lot of juice hehe.

I had planned to spend the afternoon reading and watching Soccer Saturday

I didn't get too far into the book as I was too busy chatting. I also realised halfway through the first half that I didn't have a key ingredient for dinner. By the time I got back from the shops I had missed three goals and then managed to miss a few more just because I was out of the room. I think the key with Arsenal is for me to ignore them as when I do they score. 

For dinner we decided to try out the Mac and Cheese recipe from the new magazine (get it if you have not got it as its a good issue). I think next time I will use a double healthy extra for my portion as it wasn't quite cheesy enough but it was still tasty. I added mushrooms to mine too for more superfree.

After this I treated myself to two of my carrot cakes that I had baked this morning

Each cake was two syns including the mini egg. 

The recipe was really simple and thanks to Sue on a group for supplying it

For the cakes
3 eggs
6 tbsp granulated sweetener
85g Wholemeal Self Raising Flour  (14.5)
175g finely grated carrot
2 tsp mixed spice

For the topping
1 tub quark
Vanilla flavoring/extract
A sprinkle of mixed spice
A mini egg (2 eggs is 1.5 syns) = 9
A sprinkle of nutmeg
A little more grated carrot

Pre-heat over to 180. Beat the eggs & sweetener together for about 10 minutes until light and creamy.

Sift the flour and mixed spice into the egg mixture and add the grated carrot. Fold in with a metal spoon until all ingredients are combined. Dived between 13 bum cases and bake for about 20 minutes or until firm and golden. Leave to cool.

For the topping mix enough sweetener & the vanilla with the tub of quark to resemble cream. Add a sprinkle of mixed spice. Either pipe the mixture around the top of each cake or place a dollop on top. Add a mini egg to each then sprinkle over some ground nutmeg and a little grated carrot.

Keep in the fridge to keep the frosting firm. 

I couldn't be bothered with the prettyness as I was feeling lazy when I got to frosting them but they were still good. 

Unfortunately the cake coincided with the munchie monster emerging so I decided to have some happy snax

I took a picture of them with the bag so you can see how cute they are! Unfortunately they didn't feed the monster so I ended up having a cheese toastie. By this point I was just being greedy. 

I don't know why sometimes even when you feel on the wagon you can go into sabotage mode. Its an ongoing battle for us all and one day we will all win it. 

One thing for sure is I won't be going oh I have ruined the week so I will just eat what I want now. Tomorrow morning I will be on plan and enjoying the lovely slimming world food!

I am now going to watch Arsenal on Match of the Day and enjoy their glorious win. Night night all xoxo

Friday, 29 March 2013

Double dose of me

So after my lack of blog last night you are getting a double dose from me today! Apologies for no blog yesterday it was a combination of being tired and having an f it night. I was really unhappy with the scales on Wednesday and did something I wouldn't recommend which was succumbing to takeaway pizza. It was a tasty mushroom and double cheese pizza and very tasty. Once I had eaten it I was refocused and called it a flexi meal. I got right back on the wagon this morning. 

It is not a wise move having an f it night but at the end of the day we are all human and this is not a diet but a lifestyle change. 

On to today, I was up quite early and craving a mushroom omelette but I had not mushrooms stupid mushroom thief! I decided that I was going to go shopping first then come back to breakfast so of I went to Tesco. Thankfully it seemed nice and quiet in there so I wandered around picking up the bits we needed and then headed back home.

The omelette contained onions, courgette, mushrooms and a bit of red pepper and then topped with my he of cheese. I seem to be perfecting omelettes now which is good and this was really tasty. I washed it down with my normal mugs of coffee whilst I pondered whether the day would involve housework or laziness.

I opted for laziness and settled down to work through the stupid amount of stuff on our sky + box. I did manage to finish The Fat Chance guide to dieting and it was a very good book, I'd definitely recommend it! Apart from that and doing my random 25 facts I've spent most of the day discussing all things awesome on twitter and via text with one of my favourite ladies. 

Lunch was a lazy affair in the shape of cheesy pasta I do love cheesy pasta with added veggies

This kept me nice and happy until dinner whilst I worked on my 25 facts.

Me and Rich had planned our usual movie night and he had chosen The Avengers Assemble. I had decided we needed our bacon double cheeseburgers again but this time instead of a bun I had two flat mushrooms. I really enjoy the quorn bacon and quorn burgers

I had a good amount of superfree today which I was pleased with and definitely felt the benefit of. I have decided to aim for 10 syns per day until weigh in now and I know I may not get a loss next week due to the pizza issue but i am accepting of that. I had some crisps as the rest of my syns and I love happy snax as they are two syns per bag so I had three bags taking me up to 8.5 syns for the day

I have also managed to drink nearly three litres of water today along with my coffee.

So that's it from me today hope you are all enjoying the long weekend for those who don't have to work! Night night all xoxo

25 random me facts

The lovely Gill aka slimming mum ( set some of us lovely bloggers a challenge to us bloggers to do 25 random facts about ourselves so like Mitchy and WLB I have accepted the challenge and now you get let into the world of me

25 random facts about me

  1. I am an only child and missed not having a brother or sister as a kid.
  2. I have a slight obsession with books with the total unread in my possession (physical and kindle) is over 400 yet every day I get more free books or order books from the library. This is an obsession I will never get over as I have been a bookworm since I was little
  3. I love football and worship Arsenal, being an Arsenal fan is frustrating and turns me into a lady who swears too much but I can never turn my back on them
  4. I have a pug called doug (which Im sure regular readers know) but I am a little bit dog obsessed, I had two dogs as a kid patch a jack russell and zoe a collie cross. I have yet to meet a dog breed I dont like and my favourite breed other than pugs are staffies who i think are the most misunderstood dogs
  5. I have been with my wonderful fiance Rich for nearly 9 years now and we got engaged on christmas day. We met online when one day I randomly messaged her on a Charmed forum because I liked his metallica avatar! We became friends and it went from there
  6. I adore Hello Kitty and I have the dining set and numerous other HK things including awesome pj's. I have had the amazing experience of Puroland aka Hello Kitty land in Tokyo twice. On the first occasion Rich took a picture of me happy as a cheshire cat in the hello kitty car. This picture has a dissapointed child in it because the grown up girl would not get out of the car...
  7. I have three absolutely fantastic friends who enrich me in so many ways and are the bestest people I could ever know my lovely suzy who is a deeply intelligent lady with the most fantastic personality, my lovely jen who is like the sister I never had and I adore her and she is also as random as me in every shape and size and mitchy who between the two of us are convinced we are seperated at birth!
  8. I have one tattoo of a triquatra and I plan to get more including one when I hit target  which is currently purple hello kitty's and one kitty will symbolise one stone. 
  9. My normal week day starts about 6.40am when I wake up from zombie sleep and wander down to see doug. I start work now at 8.30am and im still a newbie in my job
  10. I am a twi-hard and will never deny it, I love vampire books in general and all things supernatural and read many books on this theme
  11. Supernatural is my all time favourite show and I am currently rewatching it in bed so I can go to sleep dreaming of dean winchester and this is the best video of him  
  12. My favourite films are Shaun of the Dead, Legally Blonde, Love Story and Nightmare before christmas the first and last are films I have watched too many times to remember
  13. I love gothic clothes and the clothes worn by the pretty metal girls and for many years I have been a goth girl in a fat suit however she is now emerging and the true me is coming out
  14. When I was younger I sang in the school choir for children in need and we got to met Sir Cliff Richard. He asked me whether I was a fan and being the adorable child I was I told him no I only liked Ozzy Osbourne. This was recorded for tv and was rather embarrassing
  15. When I was in senior school Peter Andre came to our school to sing mysterious girl. I was doing media studies so we got to meet him and we kinda chased him
  16. As much as I like my heavy metal/rock music I love pop music much to rich's disgust ;) I have been loving the big reunion on tv and rediscovering my love of Five
  17. I have had several cars in my time and my first car was the most awesome volvo! I called her marge and she was amazing she even drove me and my friend amanda around Ireland without dying on the mountain of doom! I have had a mixture of old and new cars but Marge will always be my worst car was the fiesta aptly named pile of poo. I name all my cars it just has to be done
  18. I love rats and our first one shaun was an awesome little dude he was more of dog/cat than a rat and would be frequently found hanging out on the sofa with us. I have had 6 rats of my own during my rat owning time Shaun (named after shaun from shaun of the dead) frank (sinatra), dean (winchester), Bill, Liara and Aria. Lili and Aria are the only ones still around though Aria is poorly now :( 
  19. I have also had several fish Tim, Daisy, Brian, Twist, Thierry and Dyson. Tim is still alive and kicking and Thierry died the day thierry henry left arsenal....strange but true I came home to the news that had both left though one of them didnt have to depart down the toilet
  20. I adore Japan and it is the best place I have visited. We were there not long after the earthquake and the japanese people are amazingly resilient and tokyo is such a vibrant city
  21. I cannot be trust with plants as I have a tendency to kill them, I was looking after a friends flat when she moved away and determined to not kill her plants I carefully watered them and cared for them. It was only when she returned and questionned me I discovered I had been watering a plastic plant for a year
  22. Purple is my favourite colour and if i could i would live in a world of purple i own a lot of purple clothes and shoes. I do not however like lilac thats icky
  23. Despite being 33 I refuse to grow up and I act like a big kid whenever I can even though I have a responsible job
  24. my favourite food item is mushrooms and if we run out of mushrooms then the world will have ended mushrooms have to be in every meal
  25. and for good friday this is an appropriate fact i dont like eating fish they are icky to eat and the one time i tried to be brave there were so many bones i will never eat fish again
Thanks for reading normal blog service will resume tonight xoxo

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

New start and the scales

Today was the first day in my new job and I was really nervous, it was like the first day at school I was paranoid about my hair my outfit everything. Thankfully a friend who has recently started there was there when I arrived so I didn't have to work out how to get into the office. Everybody turned out to be really lovely and the training went well. The most important thing though was the good coffee!! This made me a happy girl! I got my new pass and I was happy with the picture which is a good outcome of losing weight!

Unfortunately me and the scales were not happy tonight as I put on 1/2lb. I have analysed the past week and wonder if I had too many syns not enough superfree or its just one of those weeks. Maybe I got complacent but I will not be letting it get me down....okay so I came home and ate crap but its out of my system and I feel a tad better about the gain as I know it will come off next week. Back to the basics and keeping my syns to 10 per day as that works for me. 

I picked the new mag up in group and it has some yummy recipes in it which I am going to try! I do love getting the new mag and getting the ideas. 

I got home from work to a lovely surprise from the amazing Mitchy

It's beautiful and I am so touched by as thoughtful mitchy is x I am completely in love with it :D she definitely knows me well!

On to the food of the day breakfast was unusual for me on a working day, I actually had time to have it before I went to work

I went for warm rice pudding with yogurt stirred in and berries on top. It was nice and filling and warmed my belly before I went outside into the stupid cold. 

For lunch 

Cous Cous quiche with salad two bear yoyo's (HEB x 2) and an apple which I nearly sent flying over the office.

Dinner....well that was junk food and I only took a picture of one part

A cheese toastie or two the cheese was within my HE limit but the white bread is naughty. It did taste nice though

I am trying to ignore feeling too down about the gain simply because it's not a huge one and if I let it get to me I may mean that I have a bad week and I don't want that.Time for some positive mental attitude and on to a better week!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The end of an era

Today was the day I have been waiting for now for a few months, the end of my time at my old job and a start of a new era. Tomorrow morning I will be starting my new job and I am very nervous and having random panics about really stupid things like where can I eat my lunch....luckily I have a friend who already works there and she has been helping me answer my random questions. I am ready for the new challenge though, dyed my hair today so its nice and fresh got my outfit sorted and my lunch prepped. 

I only worked until 11.30 today the joy of a half day and starting at 8am. I will miss the 8-4 hours. Once I got home I had planned to do very little and the master Doug helped me achieve that. 

Even though I had a relaxing afternoon I am pretty tired and will be heading to bed soon so this will be a quick blog. On to the food of the day...

Breakfast I went for something slightly different and decided to have rice pudding that I had cooked last night with yogurt and fruit stirred in.

I am really enjoying rice pudding for breakfast it's nice warmed up especially as the weather has forgotten we are not in winter anymore!

I had lunch when I got home and decided on minestrone soup and ryvita and laughing cow cheese.

It was really tasty but for some reason I was the hunger monster today so a bit later I whipped up some sw chips.

When Rich finished work he decided he wanted Chinese and I was really tempted. I really didn't want to cook dinner and it seemed so easy to just order a takeaway. I was sorting out his order and trying to decide what I wanted but there was nothing vegetarian that I wanted. In the end I ordered a diet coke and got to work on my dinner with some help from a lovely friend.

More sw chips and a massive portion of veg covered in curry sauce. It was actually pretty yummy and I do feel pleased that yet again I've managed to resist temptation this evening.

Thats me done for the evening I'm going to head to bed in a bit with my book if I don't fall asleep on the sofa though the other half is shouting at his game so that won't be likely

Night night all xoxo

Monday, 25 March 2013

Welcome to Mondayville

I do not know where today has gone I blinked and it was Monday evening....odd considering the morning dragged by so slowly! Today signalled my last full day in my job and whilst right now I am quite happy as the new job sounds really interesting I think tomorrow I may have some mixed emotions. There has certainly been a mixture of happy and sad times but time for a new challenge. Certainly going to miss some people a lot!

I had a good chuckle at lunch time me and Charlotte were ranting about how hard things can be sometimes when temptation is there and how annoying bloating is when I read this bit of my book (sorry you have to read it sideways but it wont let me flip it :( )

The Fat Chance guide to dieting is really funny and sad in places, I would definitely recommend it.

On to the food of the day

Breakfast was yummy dorset fruit muesli with fruit and yogurt and my normal coffee. 

Lunch was my minestrone soup that I made at the weekend with some fruit. This soup is gorgeous and so filling!

Dinner was inspired by Charlotte and was really gorgeous!

The nuggests are quorn chicken nuggets which are 0.5 syns each. I fried off some mushrooms, onions and peppers and cooked some noodles. Whilst this was cooking I made a sweet and sour sauce as follows

330ml can of diet fanta or equvilent supermarket own brand diet orange
3 tbsp of passata (more if you fancy it)
1 veg oxo
Chilli to taste

You mix this all together and cook until it thickens and there you have it. I put the noodles and veg together and mixed in the sauce. The nuggets were there so it was kind of like sweet and sour chicken balls from the Chinese. I really enjoyed it and I will be making again for sure.

I hadn't had my second A and B today so in honour of this I finished the evening up with some ryvita crackerbread and laughing cow cheese 

Doug is trying to sneak into the picture to steal my cheese but I told him off for that.

So thats Monday done and dusted, I am only in work for 3.5 hours tomorrow and then I am coming home to do fun things like dye my hair and hang with Doug. I have also agreed to cook some more brownies for Rich's work so that could be fun....and on that note think its time for this lady to head to bed for some shut eye....or book reading!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Hanging with Doug

Master of the House Douglas has monopolised my lap today and I have had a lazy day relaxing with the little man....look at his boggly eyes today! After yesterday and my struggle with control today was easier. I had a good nights sleep and woke up feeling quite bright this morning. I have also had a play with hang w/ an app introduced to me by Mitchy and WLB and its good fun. I actually did two broadcasts on it so if you have the app and want to seek me out my name on there is Taliacad. The app is great as I have got to listen to the wise words of Mitchy and WLB.

I honestly have done very little today I have chatted to Mitchy lots (is anyone surprised by that) played some Sims and watched Friends. I also abandoned a book for another one. I adore Thierry Henry but the book I was reading about him wasn't sitting right so I changed to this one

As you can see Doug appears again helping model the book. The book is based on weight loss clubs and so far is very funny and in some senses familiar. The consultant in the book is awful though and makes me even happier with the lovely Vicky my consultant.

Right on to the food of the day

Cheese omelette with mushrooms peppers and courgettes. It turned out really well and even came out of the pan without issues! This was washed down with several cups of coffee.

Once Rich was up with took up our positions on the sofa and watch countless episodes of Friends. This show is brilliant and I wish they would do a one off special so we can see where the characters are now.

Onto lunch it had to be cheesy pasta again this time with a double he of cheese and veggies

I followed this up with some fruit and yogurt

Dinner was a simple but good piece of noms, Rich was enjoying his lump of meat whilst I had this

A nice lot of veg with some mash and quorn roast. It was pretty good and lots of veggies were on my plate.

I had some of my cake afterwards (well 2 pieces but only pictured one)

Tomorrow is the penultimate day on my job which will be weird and busy so I'm going to head to bed with my book now

Night night all xoxo

Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Hunger day

Ever have those days where you literally cannot stop eating? Well that was me today I had the hunger monster all day that even water and a nap didn't satisfy. It's finally shut up though! I think the reason for the monster emerging today is tiredness plus this

You will see in front of you cream egg brownies which I made for my lovely other half and boy was it hard not to shove my face right into these! I don't normally get huge chocolate cravings but today it has been pretty bad. 

I did make my own cake today which tasted pretty good and was much lower syn that Rich's. Even better it tasted like cake. The whole cake was 33 syns and I divided it into 8 so its 4 syns per bit

The recipe is really simple

6 medium eggs
8 tbsps of sweetener
1 tsp of vanilla essence
75g of self raising flour

You mix the eggs, vanilla and sweetener until the mixture has trebled in size and is pale and thick. This takes about 8 minutes and is worth doing as otherwise the cake won't rise. You then add the flour and careful fold in with a metal spoon. 

You then put the mix into greased tins and bake for 11 minutes at 200. The cake is 12 syns for the whole thing.

The 'frosting' was an idea i'd picked up from a SW group. I mixed 100g of betty crocker buttercream chocolate frosting with quark and some vanilla essence. This made 20 syns of frosting but it was worth it! You could make it with options and quark but I fancied something naughtier. The additional syn is because I greased the pans with felippo berio oil which is 1/2 syn for 7 squirts. I'm not going to torture you with the cream egg brownie recipe its the syns would be killer.

I had major sleep issues this morning, I woke up early and despite still being really tired I couldn't get back to sleep so in the end I got up. I ended up getting up and starting my day. I needed to go to the shops so breakfast was a case of using what we had in

I went for beans and mushrooms on toast with 1 syn for a tsp of clover light. It was a change from my normal weekend breakfasts and was nice but it didn't really fill me up.

Once I got back from the shops and relaxed a bit me and Rich got on with our baking mission, unfortunately this is when things got hard as the brownies smelled amazing and seemed to linger in the house all day. I had put some of Mitchy's Minestrone soup into the slow cooker so it would be ready at lunch but I timed it a bit badly so it wasn't quite ready when I wanted it (for the recipe see here It was worth the wait though and it made a huge amount so  am set for lunches this week.

I settled down for the afternoon with my comics book and Friends but the munchies struck again so I decided to use some syns on crackerbread and laughing cow.

I am aware there are two similar pictures but I went back for seconds. I went for a nap after this to see if I could get rid of the tiredness and hunger monster. Once I got up from my nap I wanted to make dinner but as well as the hunger monster the CBA monster kicked in so I went for simple food

I cooked of some onions mushrooms and courgettes, stirred in some low low and topped with 25g of cheese. It was really tasty you can't go wrong with cheesy pasta.

Afterwards I sampled my cake and it turned out well, its not a bad cake and tastes closer to the real thing than the 1/2 syn cake

Not surprisingly the hunger monster was still kicking about and I tried more water and distraction but in the end I decided to have another bit of food. I didn't go for more cake though but cooked up some slimming world chips

Finally the hunger monster shut up. I did have a close encounter with the chocolate fiend but a stern look from Doug stopped me. Seriously he can make me feel so guilty hehe.

I'm heading to bed in a bit so going to wrap things up now

Night night all xoxo

Friday, 22 March 2013

Thank Mikado it's Friday

Oh dear sweet Friday why oh why have you taken so long to arrive this week? You may have taken your pretty time to get here but boy will I enjoy the treats you bring As you can probably guess I have been looking forward to the weekend and having a rest but also it symbolises only 1.5 days left in my current job before I move onto pastures new....needless to say I am a bit nervous but I like a challenge.

Speaking of challenges me and Charlotte came up with a 12 week challenge today to coincide with her birthday in June. I am currently 5.5lbs away from my 4 stone award and by 12 weeks time I would like to be celebrating my 6 stone award. This means a loss of 2.7lbs per week which I hope I can achieve.

So what else have I got to tell you today.....oh yeh poor Mitchy had torture time today by way of the hot cross bun smell which started us on a mission to find the lowest syn ones possible. I set Charlotte on the challenge and she came through which a recipe on the main slimming world site which I am going to look into properly and make as I do love the buns! I am going to do some baking tomorrow as I want to try a low syn sponge and I am being brave and making Rich creme egg brownies.

After work today we had a vet visit to contend with, we have a few pets at home Tim the fish, of course Doug who you will all know from his frequent appearances and our two little rat princesses Liara and Aria. We noticed a few days ago that Aria had a lump that had appeared. A swift vet visit was arranged and unfortunately it appears she has two lumps one that is rather large :( we left the vets to consider whether surgery is an option or whether we let her live the rest of her life without any intervention. At the age of 3 surgery is far too risky and whilst she is appearing happy and lively we want her to enjoy the life she has now so we are going to just monitor her now and ensure she doesn't get worse. 

Finally on a happier note look what Mitchy found today

I think I need to own this!!

Food wise I have had another good day

Breakfast was Dorset fruit muesli with extra fruit and a weight watchers dessert yogurt. 

Lunch remains in part a big mystery....I need to label my food a bit more I think instead of playing freezer roulade

I have narrowed it down to either carrot soup or speed soup....either way it was not the best soup! It lacked some taste but I ate it anyway otherwise I may have been far hungrier than I was this evening. I like the ryvita minis they are very tasty and can bulk out a meal well.

Dinner tonight was very low effort but tasty

Look who appears in this shot. I made a pasta bake with passata, onions, garlic and mushrooms. I also added some linda mccartney sausages in there and topped with my healthy extra of cheese. It was really tasty but required so little effort.

Once this has been consumed we were settling down to watch Captain America so I prepped a chocolatey snack for when the munchies kicked in

10 syns worth of mikado....i love mikado right now! 

So another day on plan with 10 syns used and mostly good food. Rich bless him brought me a Lindor chocolate bunny after I asked him to find me the little ones....unfortunately he got a bigger one than anticipated so I may save that until wednesday night now

I will leave you with the cute bunny as I am heading to bed now its been a long week and unfortunately my headaches came back so I am quite tired

Night night all xoxo

Thursday, 21 March 2013

The magic of slimming world

Welcome to blog 101 and in this blog I am going to reveal to you the magic of slimming world and the secrets behind the plan.

The secret is.....well there is no big secret all you really need to succeed on the plan is this

Treat the food optimising book as your bible it contains everything you need to know about the plan. There really is no secret to the amazing losses you see its all in the book. I would read and reread it and if you are struggling read the book again and take the plan back to basics. I succeed because I use the tools slimming world gave me by looking in my book or on the website. I'm not saint I've had bad weeks even recently. I spent the first 6 months of doing slimming world faffing around and trying to bypass some of the basics but one day it clicked.  In order to lose the weight I fill up on superfree food and weigh and measure my healthy extras. I know friends who do the same and they have good losses by simply following the plan.

So thats the magic secret and if you need some motivation check out these ladies on facebook and blogs

Three awesome ladies, two who have lost over 10 stone and one who is close to her 7 stone award and they have done it just by following what the book tells us to do. They are amazing ladies and inspire me daily. They are human they go through bad times but they follow the plan and succeed and when they get knocked down they jump right back on the wagon. 

Another thing I have learnt recently is the importance of having a support network and having friends who understand the whole slimming world deal. I have a good friend Charlotte (haha name check again hunni) who I speak with daily we swap food pictures meal plans and ideas and it keeps me on track. I also have the wonderful Mitchy who is on the same wavelength as me. I am a lucky girl to have great friends who support be on this journey and are just awesome and they know who they are and if they don't know how awesome they are they just need to go look in the mirror.

Okay so thats a big ramble from me today isn't it....sorry guys but hey you got to see a cute pug in a wizard hat. On to the potential food porn now...which for today involved chocolate for breakfast.

Okay so it was chocolate allbran chocolate crunch which is gorgeous! As normal I added fruit and yogurt. It was gorgeous and kept me happy until lunch.

Lunch consisted of blue cheese and broccoli soup with my hea of babybel and fruit. I had a rather organised day at work which included putting my outstanding post into alphabetical order. I have 2.5 days left and want to get as much cleared as possible before I leave. I also managed to maintain several conversations with mitchy and charlotte during the day.

We had to stop into Asda on the way home which is always fun when your budget has virtually gone for the month but we picked up the bits we needed. I got home to this lovely card from Mitchy which put a big smile on my face

I got some gorgeous cards this year one in particularly which is very arty and gothic and I think needs to be framed (thanks Mel xx).

Unfortunately I started to feel unwell when I got back from walking Doug, not really sure why but my head began to hurt like hell. I am hoping rest and sleep will help. It took me a little while to get moving on dinner but it was worth the effort

I went a bit mad on the superfree today but I love my veg. The red stuff is sausage casserole made with linda mccartney sausages, onions, garlic, mushrooms, passata and chopped tomatoes. I just chucked it into a pan and let it cook. The mash had half a tub of low low mixed in to make lovely creamy cheesy mash. The veg was just from a bag of frozen mixed veg. It was yummy and filling. I had a sweet treat afterwards in the shape of my mikado

So thats me done for the evening, I think i'm going to head to bed with my book any minute though I may not read much based on how tired I feel already.

Night night all xoxo