Thursday, 14 March 2013

Welcome to lurgyville

Oh dear I haven't been a good blogger this week infact I have epically failed at blogging. In my defence since Sunday morning I have had a constant headache which got worse. It forced me home midway through Monday and I have not been able to get back to work since. Today is my first 80% human day so hopefully with a few more days of rest I will find the other 20% humanity. Big shout out to Mitchy and Charlotte for their texts all week keeping me perky and my lovely Jen and Suzy and Nat for being caring sweethearts. Major props goes to Charlotte though for finding this picture which made me smile a lot

I told her I was heading home from work and Dr Doug was in charge and she sent me this. You will be pleased to know that Dr Doug has been a little angel this week making sure I was okay and generally snoring his head off. 

Due to the virus I have picked up (Dr diagnosis there as I dragged myself there) my eating has been crap and my energy levels even crapper so there are no food pictures until today. I dragged myself off to weigh in last night just to see how bad the damage was so I could draw a line and work on getting better and also improve my food. I discovered I gained 3lbs combo of both the weekend fun and the general crap I have consumed over the last few days. I accepted the gain and then came home to rest.

So today I hauled myself onto the wagon and decided regardless of how crap I felt and was quite happy with not only succeeded in a good plan day but also that I managed to have a bit of non headache time. Not long but that period was nice!

Enough of me wittering on its time for some pictures

Magic waffles (made using the magic pancake mix) with apple and kiwi on the side and a mug of coffee my first since Monday....this is a rarity for me as I am a coffee monster.

Me and Doug vegged out for the morning watching Friends whilst I chatted to Mitchy about all things random and how awesome she looks in her before and after pictures (check out the slimming world files for the evidence I decided it was time for lunch so once I prised myself of the sofa I potted of to the kitchen and made up this plate

Cous Cous quiche with a mahoosive salad. The coleslaw was syn free and made with the coleslaw mix from asda mixed with low fat natural yogurt some mustard powder pepper garlic and salt. I also chopped up some beetroot and mixed it with red cabbage and also randomly added a kiwi to my salad. It worked well and was nice and filling. 

For dinner I decided to do some cooking in the kitchen and popped on my popstars cd.....not my normal music but sometimes you need some cheese and it made me feel very happy. Rich did chuckle at me dancing whilst cooking! It was fun and I was feeling good at that moment no headache for an hour or so! 

I decided to make 'beef' kofta curry with savoury rice and veg. The recipe does give you the recipe for meatballs from scratch but I am far too lazy for that so I cooked off some quorn swedish meatballs instead. The sauce is made with 500g passata 2tbsp curry powder and a tsp of tumeric. You just boil it and then add the meatballs and simmer. The whole meal took 15 minutes and was gorgeous though next time I may add less curry powder as it was a bit spicy.

I had discussed earlier in the day with both Mitchy and Charlotte how I was going to fit in another health extra and syns today. Slimming world recommend that you have a minimum of 5 syns per day and I always try and do this. Infact I made it to 9 despite my concerns earlier that I'd not have the room to fit them in.

I went for another 350ml of skimmed milk with a chocolate straw. I warmed the milk and it made a gorgeous chocolate milkshake. I will definitely be having this again. I also counted out 16 mikado for 8 syns and enjoyed every bite. I now laugh at the prospect that I would not have room for chocolate!

Unfortunately my headache is rearing its head again so I will end the blog here as I have rambled on a fair bit already. Hopefully this stupid headache will properly disappear soon!

Night night all xx


  1. karen can u send me recipe for cous cous quiche please hun

  2. of course hun check your fb inbox x