Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The 100th blog

Welcome to the 100th blog from moi and thankyou to those who have been reading my rambles over the last few months! It is appropriate that I reach my 100th blog on my birthday and thanks to the lovely people who made today good!

Now as you may know wednesday's for me tend to be a free food night where I will eat whatever I want but I made the concious effort today to not shovel lots of junk down my mouth just because I have stood on the scales. On the other hand it is my birthday so I had a few treats just the Krispy Kreme donuts I originally wanted.

We had secret weigh in at group tonight which was very nerve wracking the scales and PDA were covered and we had to stand backwards on the scales. We didn't know our losses/gains until our consultant Vicky read them out in group. She got to me and I was hoping for a good result I at least wanted my gains gone. Vicky confirmed I had lost 5.5lbs which I am over the moon with. I now have 5.5lbs to get to my 4 stone award and want that in the next few weeks. 

I haven't done a great deal today, I had the day off work so generally relaxed at home with Doug and chatting to Mitchy and Charlotte most of the day. I made sure I stuck on plan during the day too so I didn't damage my hard work. I took advantage of being home this morning and had a 'fry up'

I had two linda mccartney rosemary and red onion sausages with mushrooms, onions, scrambled egg (which kinda went wrong) and moshi monsters spaghetti. I added some left over passata too for more superfree. 

I filled my morning with some Friends and The biggest loser before it got to lunch time

laughing cow triangles and ryvita crackerbread plus apple, carrot, beetroot and pickled cabbage. It was nice and light and tasty I loved the ryvita crackerbread! 

I didn't eat dinner until I got back from weigh in and had opted for cheesy pasta with mushrooms which Rich kindly cooked for me

I had my final healthy extra in half a tub of low low but also decided to add in the other half plus some grated for the syns. It was gorgeous and much better than our normal pizza and garlic bread. 

I then treated myself to my pudding however the picture does not reflect the pudding I had as I only ate the cookie dough and felt royally sick after so decided not to eat the chocolate bar for the sake of it...I'm actually growing haha

The kitkat chucky will be safely put away until another day.

I am back to work in the morning and I have prepped my breakfast and lunch so I can start the week off well. 

Night night all


  1. Happy birthday ! And well done on the fantastic loss!

  2. Happy 100th blog my lovely! Well done you for resisting enormous temptation, we're both going to get our awards in the next few weeks! Race ya! xxx