Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The end of an era

Today was the day I have been waiting for now for a few months, the end of my time at my old job and a start of a new era. Tomorrow morning I will be starting my new job and I am very nervous and having random panics about really stupid things like where can I eat my lunch....luckily I have a friend who already works there and she has been helping me answer my random questions. I am ready for the new challenge though, dyed my hair today so its nice and fresh got my outfit sorted and my lunch prepped. 

I only worked until 11.30 today the joy of a half day and starting at 8am. I will miss the 8-4 hours. Once I got home I had planned to do very little and the master Doug helped me achieve that. 

Even though I had a relaxing afternoon I am pretty tired and will be heading to bed soon so this will be a quick blog. On to the food of the day...

Breakfast I went for something slightly different and decided to have rice pudding that I had cooked last night with yogurt and fruit stirred in.

I am really enjoying rice pudding for breakfast it's nice warmed up especially as the weather has forgotten we are not in winter anymore!

I had lunch when I got home and decided on minestrone soup and ryvita and laughing cow cheese.

It was really tasty but for some reason I was the hunger monster today so a bit later I whipped up some sw chips.

When Rich finished work he decided he wanted Chinese and I was really tempted. I really didn't want to cook dinner and it seemed so easy to just order a takeaway. I was sorting out his order and trying to decide what I wanted but there was nothing vegetarian that I wanted. In the end I ordered a diet coke and got to work on my dinner with some help from a lovely friend.

More sw chips and a massive portion of veg covered in curry sauce. It was actually pretty yummy and I do feel pleased that yet again I've managed to resist temptation this evening.

Thats me done for the evening I'm going to head to bed in a bit with my book if I don't fall asleep on the sofa though the other half is shouting at his game so that won't be likely

Night night all xoxo

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  1. Good luck in your new job Karen.