Friday, 15 March 2013

Morphing into a human bean again

I know a lot of you will be thinking thank crunchie it's Friday today! I am thinking thank crunchie my headaches are subsiding my last burst of pain was around 2pm and now I am hopeful they are going to depart properly! I have not been impressed with my health this week it has been stupid. 

I have had a very unproductive day today with the exception of chatting to Mitchy and Charlotte (haha you got a name check again hun) though I did have brief periods where I moved my butt from the sofa to create stuff! I decided to make some lemon curd so I can have it with my magic waffles tomorrow

It's so so so simple to make you mix two eggs 3/4 tbsps of sweetener and the juice and zest of a lemon in a bowl. You then put the bowl over a pan of boiling water and keep stirring until it thickens. Once it thickens you take off the heat and add 2 tbsps of quark and then I popped into a jar and put in the fridge its that simple and so good! I could sit here and eat it with a spoon but its waiting for the morning.

So food of the day I actually had fun with my food today and it was all gorgeous

Quorn bacon (1.5 syns) red onion and rosemary linda mc sausages mushrooms peppers and green hello kitty sketti (green cos of the spinach not because its mouldy).

I settled down to watch many episodes of Friends with this beauty

It's toffee capucinno with some of my healthy extra milk and a bit of chocolate sprinkles. Nice treat for the mid morning lazefest.

Lunch I decided I need to try something different and after discussing with Mitchy yesterday how to cook a jacket spud that had to be on my menu

I went for a sweet potato which I cooked for 8 minutes in the microwave then 30 in the oven. The topping was gorgeous I cooked of some onions and garlic until soft then chucked in the mushrooms. Once they were cooked I stirred in 5 light laughing cow triangles and just chucked it on top. It was gorgeous and I will definitely make this again.

Once Rich got home we set to work on dinner which was just as gorgeous...seriously today has been a day of epic noms

More salad with slimming world chips and then mini pizzas using warburtons thins (5 syns for the two halves) topped with onions peppers and mushrooms and my healthy extra of cheese. The thins work so well as pizza and they were really tasty.

Another chat me and mitchy had last night was about quark...yes we talk random but it had a point as I had two tubs going out of date this weekend so had to find a way of using them. She suggested the white choc options mixed in which I did and it was so nice really creamy and a nice chocolate fix. I decided to mix it in with my remaining rice pudding and added a banana too it. 

It worked really well and made it so creamy and tasty.

I am firmly on the bus at the moment and it feels good! At group this week we have a secret weigh in which I may participate in you find out your losses when they are read out during group. Scary but could be good fun too

Thats me done for the day going to finish watching The Following then bed as Rich is taking me birthday shopping tomorrow and I want to be as fresh as a daisy...or a half made daisy

Night night all xxx love and unicorn sparkles

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