Friday, 22 March 2013

Thank Mikado it's Friday

Oh dear sweet Friday why oh why have you taken so long to arrive this week? You may have taken your pretty time to get here but boy will I enjoy the treats you bring As you can probably guess I have been looking forward to the weekend and having a rest but also it symbolises only 1.5 days left in my current job before I move onto pastures new....needless to say I am a bit nervous but I like a challenge.

Speaking of challenges me and Charlotte came up with a 12 week challenge today to coincide with her birthday in June. I am currently 5.5lbs away from my 4 stone award and by 12 weeks time I would like to be celebrating my 6 stone award. This means a loss of 2.7lbs per week which I hope I can achieve.

So what else have I got to tell you today.....oh yeh poor Mitchy had torture time today by way of the hot cross bun smell which started us on a mission to find the lowest syn ones possible. I set Charlotte on the challenge and she came through which a recipe on the main slimming world site which I am going to look into properly and make as I do love the buns! I am going to do some baking tomorrow as I want to try a low syn sponge and I am being brave and making Rich creme egg brownies.

After work today we had a vet visit to contend with, we have a few pets at home Tim the fish, of course Doug who you will all know from his frequent appearances and our two little rat princesses Liara and Aria. We noticed a few days ago that Aria had a lump that had appeared. A swift vet visit was arranged and unfortunately it appears she has two lumps one that is rather large :( we left the vets to consider whether surgery is an option or whether we let her live the rest of her life without any intervention. At the age of 3 surgery is far too risky and whilst she is appearing happy and lively we want her to enjoy the life she has now so we are going to just monitor her now and ensure she doesn't get worse. 

Finally on a happier note look what Mitchy found today

I think I need to own this!!

Food wise I have had another good day

Breakfast was Dorset fruit muesli with extra fruit and a weight watchers dessert yogurt. 

Lunch remains in part a big mystery....I need to label my food a bit more I think instead of playing freezer roulade

I have narrowed it down to either carrot soup or speed soup....either way it was not the best soup! It lacked some taste but I ate it anyway otherwise I may have been far hungrier than I was this evening. I like the ryvita minis they are very tasty and can bulk out a meal well.

Dinner tonight was very low effort but tasty

Look who appears in this shot. I made a pasta bake with passata, onions, garlic and mushrooms. I also added some linda mccartney sausages in there and topped with my healthy extra of cheese. It was really tasty but required so little effort.

Once this has been consumed we were settling down to watch Captain America so I prepped a chocolatey snack for when the munchies kicked in

10 syns worth of mikado....i love mikado right now! 

So another day on plan with 10 syns used and mostly good food. Rich bless him brought me a Lindor chocolate bunny after I asked him to find me the little ones....unfortunately he got a bigger one than anticipated so I may save that until wednesday night now

I will leave you with the cute bunny as I am heading to bed now its been a long week and unfortunately my headaches came back so I am quite tired

Night night all xoxo


  1. Your lunch made me laugh :-) so much lol my freezer

  2. You most definitely do need the onesie, so that the Cheshire Cat, Jack Skellington, a Pug and a Basset can spend a rather awesome lazy girlie weekend together (even though Doug is a boy lol) xx

  3. Karen, your post helped me sort dinner for today -pasta bake it is :-)

  4. haha charlotte I really need to learn to label xx

    mitchy I cannot wait for that will be so fun! April enjoy the bake it was so good xx