Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The good...the cakes...and the bad

I admit now I am struggling I am not sure what has happened this week but I do not feel fully in control of the SW bus. I do have times when things are harder but this week has been particularly tough. My depression is gripping me a bit at the moment so I am seeking comfort food and have a major issue getting motivated to do stuff.

I started today with good intentions, tomorrow is weigh in day and I had enough bad meals to already cause issues tomorrow. I really need to make sure that once I get off those scales tomorrow I stop this sabotage. One thing that has helped my head tonight is chatting to my lovely friend Charlotte and seeing two awesome ladies aka Mitchy and WLB get the greatest loser awards! They are both motivational awesome ladies who keep inspiring me and keep continuing to lose weight even when life throws a curveball.

Okay the food of the day I started the morning well with my favourite dorset fruit muesli but this time with banana

I even managed to resist this everytime I went into the kitchen

Lunch was similar to yesterday another nice portion of cous cous quiche

I didn't eat all the fruit but did have the pineapple and grapes. I meant to have the rest of the fruit in the afternoon but never got around to it.

My mood was pretty rubbish when we got home so once I'd taken Doug out I decided to have a nice relaxing bath and take some time to read my book. It was nice just to relax for a bit. Whilst between this, chatting to my friends and Rich I was in a brighter mood the proper sofa glue had kicked in and we ended up ordering takeaway. Not sensible the night before weigh in but I just couldn't get motivated to move! 

Please look away if the following images may disturb you

I am off to face the scales tomorrow night and then the line is drawn, I am currently plotting with Charlotte how to cope with two day trips this week and the key is preparation and carrot sticks!!

On that note my bed is calling once I have prepped my food for tomorrow I am hopeful tomorrow will be a better day.


  1. It happens to all of us lovely. I know you'll get back on our beautiful SW bus tomorrow xx

  2. thanks hunni xx our beautiful bus does need my butt back on it xx