Friday, 1 March 2013

Flexing too much

Confession time my name is Karen and the last two days I have been naughtier than I should be. Okay so in the grand scheme of things it's been three bad meals but I do feel slightly out of control. My aim is to wake up tomorrow morning and find my good Karen head!

I did start the day really well

Porridge mixed with a shape yogurt and fruit and of course the coffee! 

I was aiming for a good day but as a team we decided we should have an impromptu lunch as things have been tough recently. We went to a local pub Toto's and I decided the salad at work was not as appealing anymore.

I ended up with this

A mushroom and cheese panini with salad and wedges. It was tasty and filled me up nicely. Okay so this wasn't a good on plan lunch but based on the menu it could have been worse too.

The rest of the afternoon flew by and I had a productive day. I headed home to see Doug before heading out again to pick Rich up. We had some shopping chores to do and headed firstly to Poundland where I picked up this haul

The crisps are an amazing 2 syns each! The straws are only a syn and make chocolate milk :D 

After Poundland we headed to Asda to try out the click and collect service and had to deal with annoying substitutions :( including my favourite cereal so I have to go on a hunt for that tomorrow. It was a major stock up month but I may have gone a bit overboard

We may have temporarily defeated the mushroom and cheese thief though knowing us this won't last! Okay just to let you know we did buy more than mushrooms and cheese hehe

Dinner after lunches temporary blip was back on plan

Not many chips because we ran out of potatoes. The salad had lovely italian dressing on which is free and is tasty. The burger is the gorgeous Linda McCartney mozerella burgers. 

I still had some milk allowance left so decided to try out my chocolate straws

Nice and tasty and only one syn for the straws. 

We ended up watching Tomorrow never dies tonight and whilst rich was munching on his chocolate and krispy kreme doughnut (evil boy) I decided to try out my low syn crisps. Okay so I have had a bad syn day but three bags of crisps were 6 syns and they were tasty!

I have planned out the food for the weekend which will include a ton of superfree to help with the last few days rockyness.

My lovely friend Jen said to me today that life isn't rigid and sometimes you flex. This is true slimming world is a lifestyle change it doesn't mean you have to be 100% perfect 100% of the time as thats just not realistic. It's about being aware and taking control when things do slip and ensuring that one bad meal doesn't become 2 then 3 and so on. 

Thats me done for the day I am needing my bed soon TGIF! Night night all xx


  1. karen, i love B&M and only just found this store but you def need a good meal before venturing in there. Love poundland too.

  2. I ventured into B&M today for the first time and it was amazing so many goodies