Thursday, 28 February 2013


I love today mainly because it's payday! This means food shopping and not squinting when looking at your balance so you don't have to face how rubbish it is. It also meant that I could go and pick up these beauties

Me and my lovely friends Tracy and Jen are off to see The Rocky Horror Show in August. I cannot wait got to start planning my outfit!

Food wise today has been a bit of a fail day, a combination of poor variety and a massive case of the can't be arsed when we got home.

Breakfast was a bit different than my normal (well except the coffee part)

I had 35g of bran flake yogurt flakes and a yogurt on top. It was nice and tasty I shouldn't really neglect my other cereals hehe. 

Unfortunately I did get mid morning munchies which isn't normal for me so I dug into my fruit supply

More coffee....I do drink a lot though and a nice clementine. I am fussy with oranges and this current batch are tasty but so many pips! 

Lunch was where it went slightly wrong, as I was going to pick up the tickets I decided I would pop into the tesco on the way back and pick up some nice vegetable sushi. Unfortunately both tescos on my route back to work only had fish sushi so I decided then to try out this healthy place opposite work called Friska but nothing grabbed me so I ended up going to a sandwich shop. It took me far too long to pick a sandwich too 

Unfortunately it was brown bread not wholemeal which is annoying, inside the sandwich was salad leaves and then roasted red pepper, spring onion and cheese. A little on the synful side but also lots of superfree.

On the way home I ran into Asda to pick up some essentials and then pick rich up from work. Then unfortunately lazitus kicked in...the worst thing for a slimmer to have especially when they don't have something quick and simply in the freezer. We ended up with takeaway which is naughty I know but I will bear this in mind for the rest of the week

That's all from me for tonight, a full shop has been ordered to pick up tomorrow (doing a mitchy and using click and collect for the first time) and then a poundland adventure as mikado is bargainous there

Of to bed to start my new book I think night night all xx


  1. Ah got to l love payday lol. I went to see Rocky last week and l loved it :-D cant w ait to see you looking fab in your outfit. Who you dressing up as x

  2. I think I am going as Magenta x not sure yet but that will be a good one I think xx who did you dress up as?

  3. I didnt :( Magenta would have been my choice the people I went with were not good sports for it lol

  4. aww thats a shame :( the fun of it is dressing up!