Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Happy humpday

A quick blog from me tonight as had a late one at group and now I am done with dinner I will be heading to bed soon but had to share with you all that I lost 1.5lbs tonight. 

It's an odd one as yay great on the loss but I really wanted more this week us slimmers are never happy ;) I must admit I walked into group feeling nervous as I had felt so bloated all day. I don't think eating late agrees with me so I am glad Rich has finished his 12-8's now. I think this week my aims are even more superfree and more water/green tea. Hopefully next week will be another good loss. I'd love to hit my 4 stone by my birthday on the 20th.

Food wise today well Wednesday's are always a bit difficult as you don't want to eat too much before weigh in but don't want to starve yourself!

Breakfast was 35g porridge with yogurt and kiwi fruit and of course coffee!

Lunch was some magic soup with three babybels and some fruit

I won't show you tea as it was utterly disgustingly naughty! 

Tomorrow I will be grabbing lunch from a shop as we don't have anything in so I am making sure I have my app ready to pick the best options. 

On that note bed for me I want to finish up my book and get a decent night's sleep....needless to say I will likely be reading into the wee hours

Night night all


  1. well done on the 1.5lb loss today karen. You are doing great! I love to read your blog.

  2. thanks april x will check out your blog xx