Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Sparkle sparkle happy times

I am in a proper good mood right now my friend has just sent me a picture of 'the dress' the one I had pictured and its so perfect....cue much excitement and chat with my lovely friends about how gorgeous it is. I would show you all but then groomy may see it. Though me and mitchy are discussing him moving out so i can wear it all the time ;) though she has made the good point I'd miss him so I guess I will just have to wait ;)

I also got some other good news today which I will share with you all in the next few days suffice to say for once I'm a proper happy girlie. Tomorrow is weigh in and I'm looking forward to seeing how my hard work has gone this week and I hope last weeks gain has gone.

I will start with the normal workday food

Dorset fruit muesli with berries and yogurts sad face time as this was my last portion until I go shopping :( I do not know how this happened but I suspect it is due to the same thief who steals my mushrooms and eggs! They have all gone too :(

I managed to get my post it note of stuff I needed to do straight away and started working with the mututations too....honestly it is a beast and growing by the day!

Lunch was a bit different I decided to make up some soup last night that I had not had in a while and I knocked up some magic soup. Its so so simple it is a tin of tomatoes, tin of carrots and a tin of baked beans. You cook that off then blend with a pickled onion thats the magic ingredient! I added some lentils to mine too and a few herbs and spices

The soup was gorgeous and made enough for a few lunches. I also had some lovely ryvita crunch as my healthy b and fruit. This kept me going through the afternoon and once 4 oclock hit I headed home to see Doug and take him out.

Me and Doug went on a proper long walk today it was slightly unplanned but once he was out he was so happy and trotting around that we just stayed out and kept walking. All in all I have done nearly 5 miles today without really trying. It was blinking freezing though and when I got home I decided that a mahoosive coffee was in order

This beauty was 4 syns and my second healthy A I had an extra 100ml of milk plus 2tsp's of hazelnut syrup and it was worth it! It was good coffee and warmed me up nicely.

Dinner was a case of chucking whatever we had in the fridge and it turned out great

I had two quorn pork and apple sausages with carrot and potato chips, plum tomatoes cooked in the oven and baked beans with spinach. Considering how lacking our supplies are I managed a good quota of superfree there and felt very satisfied

I am going to end the blog now and head to bed a lot later than I had planned but things have got in the way this evening. I will let you all know how weigh in goes tomorrow

Night night all x

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