Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Getting sick and the gain

Sorry for my blog slackness yesterday unfortunately I have been struck down with the stomach lurgy and not been feeling too chipper. I am unsure yet if its a bug or stress related IBS but either way my stomach hates me right now. I have not been at work this week but I want to get back tomorrow lets hope the stomach behaves (glares at stomach).

Tonight I wombled off to weigh in and faced the scales. I knew I was going to gain and had already made my peace with it as I knew I was going to gain. I gained 2.5lbs this week which means I have now lost 3 stone 5lbs. I will get that off next week without fail and more. I have the week planned out and my head righted. 

So food wise it has been a bit limited the last two days as I have not had the biggest appetite. Infact yesterday I didn't have breakfast so we will skip straight to lunch

A nice portion of cous cous quiche (love this stuff) packed with lots of superfree veggies.

Dinner was an attempt at SW Chow mein (brought to you courtesy of Doug)

It was really simple to make, I mixed 100ml soy sauce with a tsp of Chinese five spice and some garlic. I cooked the noodles then added the soy sauce mix to them and let them soak. I fried off mushrooms, onions, carrot, pepper, leeks and some quorn chicken pieces. Once they had cooked through I mixed in the noodles. It was very quick and easy to make and really yummy so I will be making them again.

I woke up this morning not feeling fab so once I had called work I headed back to bed. Once I got back up again I decided to try something more substantial and have breakfast

Good old magic waffles with fruit and yogurt. It went down okay but my stomach still felt odd.

I spent most of the morning watching Friends and trying to make sure my breakfast stayed put. I felt peckish again at lunch so had another piece of cous cous quiche and a little pot of cucumber and beetroot

It went down well and for a little while my stomach felt happy :)

No picture of dinner we did our usual treat night and I am currently regretting it as now feel crappy again. Think it will be time for bed soon with my book.

Before I do leave you though I just wanted to publicise some brilliant blogs which I'd recommend everyone reads (if you don't already)


  1. Thanks for the stir fry recipe - bloody lovely :0)

  2. thanks hun it was great i really enjoyed it...i kinda need to make it again

    ooo idea for tomorrow night