Monday, 11 February 2013


Obsession is one of the reasons we are here the obsession with eating chocolate, crisps or cake...the need to have it and not give it up has got some of us to the place where we gained weight. Thankfully slimming world can help you change this mindset.

My latest obsession is not something slimming world can control...its a book. If you are looking for a new book to read then pick up The Ice Cream Girls by Dorothy Koomson...the book is the reason I am blogging earlier than normal too as I am itching to read it. Infact the book is keeping me in control after some possible disappointing news which has left me feeling quite low again. I am hoping that things will change in the coming days and the news isn't as  bad as I am expecting.

Anyway onto food breakfast for the normal for a weekday when I am at work.

Mmmm coffee I am not sure if I can stop drinking you sweet nectar!

Lunch was my first try of cous cous quiche and it was gorgeous! I had it cold with a salad but may try it warmed tomorrow. I also got to spend an hour with the book

It was frustrating when 1.30 came around far too quick and I had to take a break from reading to do what I am paid for.

Once we got home and Doug had been out I settled down to a bit more reading before my thoughts turned to dinner. Rich had picked up some Gnocchi a couple of weeks ago when we were in Aldi so we decided to try a spin on a meal we had pre slimming world. We used to make a sauce from blue cheese cream and garlic which would be very naughty now so we decided to try it with the laughing cow blue cheese triangles. I added some mushrooms cooked in garlic to mine.

It was tasty though not a patch on the old way of doing it but I did like, I do think the sauce needs a bit more work though to make it more saucy. This meal cost me 8 syns (Gnocchi is 2 syns per 100g cooked).  I may have a sweet treat later in the shape of some Mikado but right now I am very stuffed full of Gnocchi.

I am heading off now to read my book and let Rich use my laptop whilst he is in for repair.

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