Monday, 4 February 2013

Happy Mondays

It's okay you haven't entered a twilight zone or another blog...I am actually liking a Monday today. Shall I let you into a little's only because I had the day off. I decided last week to have a random day off for no reason other than to relax and that is what I have done today. Me and Doug have hung out and watched a lotttttt of CSI and read

I had a pile of comics to get through so I read them whilst waiting for my hair to turn purple (I dyed it today). I have also managed a relaxing bath and painted my nails. I really have had a day of doing very little and it was fun. My lovely friend Jen came visiting briefly as she lent me some dresses to wear Friday and considering she is much teenier than me I was very surprised and happy that they both fit.

I've had a good food day again and lots of water. I started the day with magic waffle mush....the waffles didn't turn out as well as yesterday but they were still tasty. I had them with lots of fruit and a weight watchers dessert yogurt.

Once this was done it was time to get Rich moving and take him to work. Before I knew it I was getting hungry and it was lunchtime. Prompted by a discussion on my groups fb page I decided I wanted some sweet potato and carrot chips with my speed soup. 

Rich was on a late today so this meant a later dinner so around 4 I was getting the munchies. I could have gone naughty at this point but I kept my good head on had a healthy snack

The new alpen lemon bars are really tasty and I enjoyed them a lot. I had a lemon tart yogurt too with fruit. 

For dinner tonight I made a lasagna with lots of superfree (disguised so richie would eat it) I put in chopped tomatoes, celery, onions, garlic, carrot and peppers along with some lentils and quorn mince. I added some chilli flakes to give it a kick. The white sauce was made with cottage cheese blitzed up with quark. It works really well and makes the topping really cheesy.

It was my most successful lasagna yet it was really tasty! I am now royally stuffed.

I am going to leave you all with this picture

Doug decided to drive the car tonight whilst we were waiting for Rich (please note the engine was off).

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