Saturday, 23 February 2013

Arrow Arrow and TV rage

One of the most annoying things when a book is made into a film or TV show is when some bright spark decides to completely change the plot. I have just finished reading 666 Park Avenue and enjoyed the book a lot so was intrigued to see how they would do the show. Unfortunately they have changed virtually every element of the book including the main characters relationships and the family. So far the only things they have kept is the female leads name, the location of the apartment and the name Doran but they are completely different. 

Today has been a pretty lazy day much mooching on the sofa reading and chatting with Mitchy about some amazing things such as Cheshire cat tattoos and unicorn hoodies. I also spent the day polishing my purple halo because I had another slimming world halo day. After last week I have actually found it relatively easy to get back on the purple knight bus (seriously Mitchy we need to make this happen). 

Young master Doug slept in the bed last night (he does this most weekends) and he did not wake me up early for once. He woke up a human time and sat on my head until I felt like getting up. Once he was sorted I decided to make a start on breakfast

My Little Pony spaghetti (our last tin sad times) with two tesco meatfree lincolnshire sausages and a mix of spinach peppers and mushrooms. My stomach appeared to like this food so hopefully it's on the road to recovery.

The morning flew by with a little bit of plants vs zombies too and it got to lunchtime and I decided good old cheesy pasta was going to be needed

I stirred in three laughing cow blue cheese triangles and it was very tasty! Once this was nommed down I decided to add more superfree to the mix and have a fruit salad

Me and Rich attempted some D.I.Y but we are not good at this so the project was abandoned and instead Richie had a lie down and I watched Soccer Saturday and guess what.....for once no miserable Kaz today as Arsenal didn't lose! Once Rich got back up he wandered to the local shop as we have managed to get through 30 eggs recently so I required more and he was a sweetie and went and got them. He also came back with this little goody

I love Relentless and Monster so I am very pleased they do diet versions of these!

Now dinner I am very impressed with just because it looks so so nice

A quorn mince lasagne with a white sauce made from cottage cheese and then a double healthy extra of cheese on has been a cheesefest! The mushrooms were placed to help me know whose portion was whose. It was packed with lots of veggies and lentils and was one of the best I've made. Me and Rich settled down to catch on Arrow (amazing show based on Green Arrow). 

Once this was eaten and we had an add break we wandered off to find some sweet treats and I was kind enough to share my kit kat chunky chocolate fudge flavour with Rich. 

I made this bit of chocolate last for ages and it was a nice sweet treat. Rich nommed his much quicker hehe

So thats today all done I will inevitably be watching some more TV then heading to bed with my book after


  1. We really do need to make the SW bus happen. Is the world ready for that much awesome though?

    Oh, and Plants vs Zombies is probably the best game in the world ever lol! x

  2. I don't think the world is ready but once it emerges they will get on the bandwagon and realise that they need the bus in their life!!

  3. Hi I found your blog through the lovely Karen Mitchell I think the sw bus sounds awesome but there should be a onesie uniform requirement lol