Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Pancake day

Yay I love pancake day, I remember last pancake day I made both sweet and savoury pancakes and it was great. Even on slimming world you can have pancakes and I did today and they were gorgeous...picture to be revealed soon.

I had some positive news today, I had a checkup at the hospital and my left hand is healing nicely and my right hand no longer needs surgical intervention. This is very good news for me as the op wasn't great and I got very frustrated by the end of my time off. I also got reassured that the tenderness will go in time so came out feeling good about that. Apart from that it's been an average day work home walking Doug etc. My plan for the evening is not doing much else except from catching up on some tv and reading my next book. I finished The Ice Cream Girls last night and it was fantastic cannot recommend it enough.

Food wise breakfast was the norm

Whenever I change this up a bit I miss dorset fruit so hence the fact it tends to be the same breakfast. 

Lunch was more cous cous quiche (seriously love Mitchy for this recipe) today I decided to heat it up and had some roasted veggies with it. It was even better warm and I still have two portions left.

The roasted veg was really tasty and I finished this up with fruit. I noticed this week I am having tons of superfree in most meals which is good for me.

Dinner was a slight experiment in the shape of making hash browns again but this time in the oven with the help of my lovely glamorous assistant Rich we squished the mix down onto a baking tray and put this in the oven to cook. It worked well though I think next time we need to cook it for longer. Doug also assisted us by cleaning up the mess...seriously he has tried to eat crap of the floor all evening. He even did this on our walk the silly thing! 

I had one rosemary and red onion sausage and one tesco meatfree lincolnshire sausage (1.5 syns) and fried off the mushrooms with some spinach. We also had some cute my little pony spaghetti shapes. It amazes me sometimes the food you can have on slimming world. 

Now for the piesta de resistance (is that even right??) was the magic pancakes I made for pudding.

I had some apple and a clementine/satsuma/general orange round thing with a toffee apple yogurt on top. The brown stuff on top of the magic pancake waffles is chocolate philli melted. The original pot went a bit wrong when I forgot about it and the microwave claimed it for its own. Maybe we need to add the microwave to things we need to feed routine...I will discuss this with Rich. 

Tomorrow is weigh in day and I really really want my next shiny sticker. I hope that it will be mine tomorrow!

I will now return my lovely laptop to Rich so he can play FTL as his laptop is being fixed as apparently it may have a graphics card or it may not do and the people who made it don't know so I am being a nice fiance and letting him use mine. FTL looks fun both me and Doug are in it, Doug is a pilot and I maintain the engines...I am an engine specialist...the girl who cannot microwave something properly is responsible for maintaining engines doh..

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  1. Bad microwave for eating the Philly! I'm glad our appliances aren't too hungry, although Boo eats things off the floor all the time, she's not called the hairy hoover for nowt ;)

    I'm so glad you like the quiche, it's so good, and so easy! You reminded me I need to buy more silly spaghetti, grown up spaghetti is rather dull x