Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Over the hump

I'm not quite sure why but I have been in quite a stabby mood today where a few things were getting on my nerves.
Now I promise you I didn't infact stab anyone with a pencil and portrayed a sunny demeanor all day...the bonus of being female we can be in a bad mood and hide it well ;) though I'm sure any men reading this blog will disagree. Infact I am pretty sure Rich would disagree on the basis he hears me ranting like a mad woman whenever Arsenal are on and getting a bit sweary and stabby. 

Now as I possess the female brain I can cheer myself out of a stabby mood with shopping...I can be such a girl sometimes but I couldn't resist these pretties.
I do love funky tshirts I cannot wait for them to come...I may have to find some more wardrobe room.

Apart from that nothing much to note today, we had our first first drill at work so had a brief wander outside. Rich was on lates so I haven't done much since getting home from work except lazing in front of the TV catching up on Hollyoaks and cuddling Doug.

Food wise it's been a good day though I did feel like I was going to eat rubbish when I got home from work but I resisted. It just wouldn't have been worth it plus my food was gorgeous today.
Usual breakfast of mounds of fruit, 40g of simply fruity muesli and yogurt.
Usual mid morning grapes...if I eat enough would they become wine?
Quorn and tomato casserole type thing with healthy extra of cheese followed by fruit.
Snack when I got home from work coffee using the rest of my milk allowance and cookie crisp (4.5)
Burger bake (1.5) with SW garlic chips...I love the new garlic frylight!! It works well and tastes and smells garlicky! 
Pudding muller chocolate dessert (5) taking me to 11 for the day.

Time to curl up in bed and dream of unicorns and fairies and books...which reminds me I need to finish my book tonight. Night night all xoxo

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Happy Days

I am a happy girl today as I have been to weigh in and lost 4.5lbs so thats 9lbs in the last two weeks. I wasn't sure what to expect tonight as felt bloated and heavy all day and wondered if some of the naughties yesterday were going to cause a gain. This means I've dropped into the next stone bracket and regained my 2 stone award. I still have a long way to go but I feel more determined this time than I have in ages. I know we have our wedding coming up and thats a fab motivator but frankly the way I was going the way I was going I was going to end up seriously ill. I don't particularly want to be 33 and unable to walk or breathe or enjoy life and this is keeping on track too. I'm looking forward to next weeks weigh in already.

Apart from weigh in today has been pretty normal, I left earlier this morning so the drive in was pretty easy however once I got to work I had a few special moments when clearly I had not engaged my brain. Firstly was standing waiting patiently for the lift...not knowing that I had to swipe my pass to unlock it. Thankfully our manager turned up and assisted me. The second moment was when I tried to walk out of the kitchen through a glass I was assured a few people have done this as the clear is so clear but maybe tomorrow I'll open my eyes a bit better and try the open hole that is commonly called a doorway.

On the way home from work I stopped via Tescos to see if I could get my hands on the new garlic frylight
Think I went a bit mad on the frylight....I did manage to get several bottles of the garlic which I'm looking forward to trying.

This evening I've mainly sworn at the football and munched on my chocolate I got yesterday. I also enjoyed a few pringles too but maybe my stomach is shrinking as I couldn't eat as much as I would have done. Food wise it's not been anything special today but it's been nice.
A change from the normal...shock horror! Instead of my normal cereal I had 35g of porridge oats soaked in yogurt with fruit stirred in. It was left overnight so the oats were yummy.
Grapes for the mid morning peckishness
Fake heinz soup and fruit
Pesto pasta with healthy extras of cheese on top.

I have definitely over synned tonight by a few but the chocolate was nice and now its been enjoyed and isn't sitting there saying hello from the kitchen.

Thats all from me today I'm getting a tad sleepy and want to read some of my book before I head to sleep. Night night all and good luck for those weighing this week xoxo


Monday, 27 January 2014

Cheese and Chocolate and Gromit oh my

Today's blog will mainly be brought to you by those food groups and a dog and not the dog you are used to seeing.
Today was our first day at our new shiny office so the day started slightly earlier than normal as I knew I may hit traffic...which I did
Walking into the new office was a bit surreal as we were being greeted by Santa in shorts giving us goodie bags. It was rather awesome to look through it...once I had worked out how to open the lift. I figured I had to swipe as there was a thingum there but no its one of those clever lifts where you push the arrow button and the door opens...magic isnt it. Inside our goodie bag was discount coupons for local stores and these bits
Doesn't it look gorgeous....the cone is coffee which I will be enjoying as you know I do like the odd cup of coffee...or 50. and the chocolate can wait till post weigh in. I have promised Rich I will make him the cookies on the weekend too. I'm going to make him some blondies too as I do love baking a lot. 

We had an unveiling ceremony thing where we had the formal introduction to the building and we got to meet the new addition to the building.
The Gromit was painted by a local artist Laura Cramer who does amazing semi abstract paintings of Bristol. He is going to live in our reception place so we can see his friendly face everyday. I think Wallace has a job elsewhere in the company though.

We had a welcome lunch too....this was tricky as I wanted to stay on plan with weigh in tomorrow but did want to enjoy a few bits. Luckily I guess there wasn't much choice I fancied so I had a few bits.
The mushroom and feta type tart thing was divine I could have eaten tons of it. The rice had courgettes and other veggies in. I decided with this and the mid afternoon bits we had that my syns for the day were gone to be safe.
I'm sorry but when Gromit says cheese I had to have some didn't I....cheese is amazing.
Disclaimer....I did not eat the brownie Rich ate this...I kindly wrapped it up and brought it home for him. The cheese was some local stuff and blinking gorgeous. 

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful I did my work chatted a bit about football and wrestling and then came home to Sirdougle. We had a nice but wet walk and afterwards played chase the belly as Doug got rather wet and I was trying to dry him off. He wasn't so keen and decided to run about instead. I don't plan to do much this evening except finish my book and sleep. 

The rest of the days food looked like this
Usual breakfast....tomorrow I may change it up ;)
Cheats babybel burger made with Linda McCartney rosemary and red onion sausages. I defrosted them, Rich moulded them into burgers and then wrapped them around the babybel. Nice and simple.
Supper using up leftover quorn roast, my HEB for the hifi bar and the rest of my HEA for the babybels and decaff coffee.

And thats all folks....tomorrow is weigh in so keep your fingers and toes crossed for me.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Radio silence

Apologies for the radio silence since Wednesday night unfortunately I have been dying...I have had as stinking cold....
Okay so Mr Wonka is being sarcastic here and he has a point I was actually dying I just felt like pure rubbish. Even today (Sunday) I am still feeling as rough as a badgers bottom (or porcupine...they are the spiky ones right) but decided to do a catch up blog for you lovely readers.

So swinging back to Thursday the day the patient began to commence sickness....I was happily sitting at my desk trying to do maths and the sneezing began. Maybe I am just using the wrong part of my brain too much? It is a bit scary going from a law job to finance as the part of my brain that was awake when I did maths previously has been napping for a gazillion years and is now protesting. I am now forcing the brain to use look at spreadsheets, compile things and use calculators. You would think that now I am doing a job where adding things up is important I could add up 6 + 7 and get 13 now the 11 I came up with yesterday.

Food wise despite the fact I felt rubbish I stayed on plan the entire day
Usual breakfast of dorset simply fruit muesli (HEB) with blueberries, cherries and bananas. The difference with this one is it was lovelingly prepared by Rich as I was multitasking wednesday night and got all in a fluster. I had grapes mid morning and for lunch it was leftover chilli, fruit and 3 babybels. For dinner I made balsamic quorn lamb which had been cooking in the slow cooker all day. The recipe is really simple 

Quorn lamb slices
200g of mushrooms, sliced
1 onion, chopped
2 cloves of garlic, crushed
1 cup (230ml) of stock
1/3 cup (78ml) of balsamic vinegar
1/2 cup ( 115ml) of passata
2 tspn sweetner
salt and black pepper to season

Then I use the tried and tested method of bunging in the slow cooker, quick stir and walk away.

The rest of Thursday was spent in the company of this man
The delectable Ichabod Crane in Sleepy Hollow which I am now completely addicted too. I watched several episodes Thursday night.

On to Friday I woke up feeling rather unspecial as the cold has shot right to my chest so now I sound like I smoke 60 a day. Food wise thanks to the lovely Rich stayed on plan.
Breakfast was brought by our lovely boss as a thankyou as it was our last day in our old office and Monday brings our new office. I was sensible and asked for a mushroom sandwich on wholemeal or brown if they didnt have wholemeal. It appears they had wholemeal but I made the decision to be safe and syn the sandwich at 15 using my whole daily allowance. It was worth it as it was gorgeous.Lunch was mushy pea curry and fruit. Dinner was originally going to be pizza and chips using the bfree wraps but asda didnt have any and by the time I got home I was feeling even worse so Rich came to the rescue with three cheese pasta using three healthy extras. No superfree but it was perfect and so much better than having a takeaway. I followed it up with fruit and yogurt whilst we watched Face/Off.

Yesterday was designated duvet day I barely moved off the sofa except when I required food. I enjoyed Thierry Henry on Graham Norton
Followed by finishing up Sleepy Hollow (hurry and come back) then Game of Thrones. I finished up my rock and roll day with a bubble bath and my kindle.
Food wise we had some fab noms
Breakfast was a good sw fry up only 1.5 syns for the quorn bacon. Lunch was a mushroom and courgette omelette using my hea of cheese with sw chips. I also had 2 tbsp of mayo for 1 syn. Afterwards it was fruit, yogurt and a cup of apple and cinnamon tea. Dinner was fab we made halloumi, mushroom and pepper kebabs (rich had chicken and pineapple with his). I had 50g of halloumi on mine which is a HEB plus 2.5 syns as you get 35g for a healthy B). I had mine with thai sweet chilli savoury rice and salad and the whole meal was gorgeous. Afterwards we tried the sw donut thats been making the rounds. Mine was a heb plus 1 syn for a tbsp of jam and it was nice but I don't think I'll rush out to make it again. I still had the munchies so had a bag of velvet crunch (4) and an options indulgence (3) taking me to 13 syns....not the 11 my bad maths had initially told me.

Finally on to today, I'm certainly feeling less dead and more human now but today has been another lazy day. I finished up season 3 of Game of Thrones and finally understand what the red wedding was all about. I then watched The Hangover 3 which was rubbish in comparison to the others. The day has gone far too quickly and I will be heading to bed soon.

Food wise it has been a day of good noms and a failed experiment.
Another SW friendly fry up (1.5 for the quorn bacon).
Mini pizzas using 60g of wholemeal rolls, I topped them with tomato puree mushrooms, courgette and red pepper. I then added a low low slice to each one (HEA)
Epic roast 1.5 syns for the gravy and 3 for the homemade yorkies.
Cous cous mincemeat slice (3 syns) was pretty rank so I'm annoyed that I wasted the syns on it. Though my poor maths showed again as originally I calculated it at 4 syns as 12 divided by 4 is clearly 4....seriously my maths is appalling. The banana and custard muller was nice though.
My final HEB for two hifi bars and 2 syns for a hot chocolate taking me to 11 for the day.

That's you all caught up night night all xoxo

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Why was pizza such a good idea...and more tales from the dark side of the moon

Seriously...why did I decided pizza was a wise idea last night? Did I not remember that pizza from the glorious beautiful delicious takeaway makes me feel a tad bloated and rubbish. It tasted good last night until I went to bed and couldn't settle properly. This may have had something to do with the furry monster following me and decided that our bed was his and I was allowed an inch...

Lesson learnt though just because I have the syns doesn't mean I should use them on pizza even if it is covered in heavenly cheese! I also maybe shouldn't watch a gory episode of CSI when feeling rather stuffed but I am not the wisest sometimes ;)

On to today, it was a good day work was good especially as I was told I was doing a good always wonder when your new how things are going but I'm doing well and feeling less like a headless chicken. Not much else of note during the normal working day so I'm going to share with you all another church
I am neither a clever photographer...or proving you may have had one or two too many wines tonight the church is leaning...this is the leaning church of Bristol that is proper wonky because of the foundations and too much weight. I love this church though its so beautiful and the park by it has been home to many a fun lunch with Jen Jen.

Once work was done and dusted I dragged Rich to boots on the premise that I wanted a new eyeliner however I wandered out with a new eyeliner mascara and these pretties
All bumpy and sparkly and stuff.....the shopping kind of continued when I got home as I really need to own Despicable me 1 and 2 and some new tshirts as I like to vary my cool stuff plus how cute are these!

The rest of the evening was taken up finally getting around to watching Sleepy Hollow, being a domestic goddess (I cooked and press the on switch on the dishwasher) and then laughing at Man United....if you havent seen the penalties trust me you want to watch them. They entertained me and Rich.

Food I have been a little angel today....breakfast will not shock you remotely as I have it most days...during the week....I need to vary this
I was hungry mid morning so had a bit of a snack
Cheese!!! Got to love it
Fake heinz soup (2 tins of chopped tomatoes, tin of baked beans and tin of carrots cooked for 10 minutes then blitzed with a pickled onion) and some fruit too.
Slow cooker chilli in a tortilla bowl (4.5 syns for the bfree wrap) HEB of cheese and sw chips. It was blinking gorgeous.
Finishing up the day with a freddo and special k biscuits for 10 syns taking me to 14.5 for the day. I am trying to have 15 a day this week to see how the scales are next week and also to keep me on track as I tend to go off far too easily.

I best get myself to bed now I've watched the rest of the football and had a chuckle night night all xoxo

P.S if you fancy joining in a bit of madness but a great supportive group come and join The Big Purple Slimming World Bus Stop Doug drives the bus