Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Sticking to plan

The lurgy has fully hit now and quite frankly I feel poo. Colds are evil they sneak up on you make you look silly and make you sneeze far too much.

Due to this I've not only been craving carbs today I've also really been craving junk food but I did not succumb even though Rich did offer to get us a chinese. I'm proud of myself as i still managed to cook a really yummy dinner. 

This will be a short blog tonight as I need to get myself to bed.
Toasted cous cous with fruit and yogurt.
Mid morning satsuma snack.
Pasta in broccoli and spinach soup (1.5 syns for the blue laughing cow triangle) followed by fruit.
Homemade enchiladas with rice and salad. The enchiladas were an HEA HEB x2 and 4.5 syns for the extra wrap. The filling was made with chilli powder, tinned tomatoes, quorn chicken, onions and mushrooms. It hit the spot as was really cheesy and stodgy but perfectly on plan.
I splashed out on 15 syns today which is unusual for me but still on plan.

I am going to head to bed now in the hope I wake up tomorrow cured of the lurgy night night xoxo

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  1. What wraps do you use for your HEB for the enchiladas. It looks yum!