Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Weigh in day and the lurgy

I clearly am obsessed with being ill at the moment as I seem to be developing a cold...I dislike colds they make me look like Rudolph and I hate sneezing my chest and stomach hurt and not in a good way. Wouldn't it be good if when you develop a cold you can use the sneezing as some sort of ab toning exercise and tone whilst sneezing your brains out.....that is a thought I will ponder on if by morning this nonsense has not stopped.

This leads me onto the detox thingum that was going on at work today, we had some people come in and set up some things to show us how we can detox by drinking green stuff and not eating food. Now to put it bluntly screw that give me food! I did pick up some nice herbal teas but thats it...I will stick to slimming world.

And seemlessly linking into weigh in tonight I have been I have stood on the scales and I lost an amazing 5.5lbs. I am so so chuffed as felt really in control all week but today I complained to Rich that I felt like a bloaty hippo.
Thankfully a visit to the throne of contemplation (aka the toilet) helped a lot. Group was good tonight we had lots of new people joining and me and Jen were the raffle collector people so I wandered around rattling a tin and being a tad hyper...I blame Jen and Tracy as the three of us are a little mad together.

Food wise I had an off plan dinner but the rest of the day was lovely and on plan. 
Dorset simply fruity muesli with yogurt bluebs and banana.
Yummy grapes instead of the fungus looking drink I was being offered.
Pasta with more leftover baked bean lasagne mix and HEA of cheese.
I then got distracted by my book so forgot to take pictures of my full fruit so you get half a satsuma (I had two whole ones) and snow white holding an apple to indicate I had one of those too.
Mini Pizzas leftover from NYE and potato thingums. I also had toffee cheesecake neither of which cured my cold...I am not amused ;) but I did enjoy them. The weigh in black hole is one of those things that I intend to stop as I'd rather not get into the trap of it but I did enjoy it tonight.

On that note Private Practice is calling I must find out if Amelia is going to ditch her pill head boyfriend (his words not mine) and whether addy is knocked up yet. For those who have no clue what I'm on about its a Grey's Anatomy spin off and awesome.

Night night all xoxo

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