Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Over the hump

I'm not quite sure why but I have been in quite a stabby mood today where a few things were getting on my nerves.
Now I promise you I didn't infact stab anyone with a pencil and portrayed a sunny demeanor all day...the bonus of being female we can be in a bad mood and hide it well ;) though I'm sure any men reading this blog will disagree. Infact I am pretty sure Rich would disagree on the basis he hears me ranting like a mad woman whenever Arsenal are on and getting a bit sweary and stabby. 

Now as I possess the female brain I can cheer myself out of a stabby mood with shopping...I can be such a girl sometimes but I couldn't resist these pretties.
I do love funky tshirts I cannot wait for them to come...I may have to find some more wardrobe room.

Apart from that nothing much to note today, we had our first first drill at work so had a brief wander outside. Rich was on lates so I haven't done much since getting home from work except lazing in front of the TV catching up on Hollyoaks and cuddling Doug.

Food wise it's been a good day though I did feel like I was going to eat rubbish when I got home from work but I resisted. It just wouldn't have been worth it plus my food was gorgeous today.
Usual breakfast of mounds of fruit, 40g of simply fruity muesli and yogurt.
Usual mid morning grapes...if I eat enough would they become wine?
Quorn and tomato casserole type thing with healthy extra of cheese followed by fruit.
Snack when I got home from work coffee using the rest of my milk allowance and cookie crisp (4.5)
Burger bake (1.5) with SW garlic chips...I love the new garlic frylight!! It works well and tastes and smells garlicky! 
Pudding muller chocolate dessert (5) taking me to 11 for the day.

Time to curl up in bed and dream of unicorns and fairies and books...which reminds me I need to finish my book tonight. Night night all xoxo

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