Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Happy Days

I am a happy girl today as I have been to weigh in and lost 4.5lbs so thats 9lbs in the last two weeks. I wasn't sure what to expect tonight as felt bloated and heavy all day and wondered if some of the naughties yesterday were going to cause a gain. This means I've dropped into the next stone bracket and regained my 2 stone award. I still have a long way to go but I feel more determined this time than I have in ages. I know we have our wedding coming up and thats a fab motivator but frankly the way I was going the way I was going I was going to end up seriously ill. I don't particularly want to be 33 and unable to walk or breathe or enjoy life and this is keeping on track too. I'm looking forward to next weeks weigh in already.

Apart from weigh in today has been pretty normal, I left earlier this morning so the drive in was pretty easy however once I got to work I had a few special moments when clearly I had not engaged my brain. Firstly was standing waiting patiently for the lift...not knowing that I had to swipe my pass to unlock it. Thankfully our manager turned up and assisted me. The second moment was when I tried to walk out of the kitchen through a glass panel...now I was assured a few people have done this as the clear is so clear but maybe tomorrow I'll open my eyes a bit better and try the open hole that is commonly called a doorway.

On the way home from work I stopped via Tescos to see if I could get my hands on the new garlic frylight
Think I went a bit mad on the frylight....I did manage to get several bottles of the garlic which I'm looking forward to trying.

This evening I've mainly sworn at the football and munched on my chocolate I got yesterday. I also enjoyed a few pringles too but maybe my stomach is shrinking as I couldn't eat as much as I would have done. Food wise it's not been anything special today but it's been nice.
A change from the normal...shock horror! Instead of my normal cereal I had 35g of porridge oats soaked in yogurt with fruit stirred in. It was left overnight so the oats were yummy.
Grapes for the mid morning peckishness
Fake heinz soup and fruit
Pesto pasta with healthy extras of cheese on top.

I have definitely over synned tonight by a few but the chocolate was nice and now its been enjoyed and isn't sitting there saying hello from the kitchen.

Thats all from me today I'm getting a tad sleepy and want to read some of my book before I head to sleep. Night night all and good luck for those weighing this week xoxo


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