Thursday, 2 January 2014

Day two written

Today hasn't quite gone to plan I was supposed to be at work but an asthma attack put pay to that. It's very obvious to me that my increased weight has had an impact on my asthma and general physical well being. I noticed today how much my back hurts something that had stopped before I put several stone back on. It is a good reminder of why being on plan is better than being off as I rather like breathing properly and not being in pain! 

I have pretty much spent the day sitting on the sofa resting and napping, we did view a Doctor Who special running through all the doctors followed by Kick Ass 2 then Men in Black which I have never watched before but I repeatedly get told that Doug looks like Frank in it. The only other notable achievement was finally trying some apple and cinnamon tea that Mitchy got me. Always a good excuse to use my square pug mug. 
Food wise I've been wonderfully on plan again today and it feels nice to be in control. I actually expected to struggle with cravings but I've had fab food today. I really hope this feeling lasts.
Once me and rich got back from a visit to the doctors to get my breathing sorted I realised I as hungry and didn't fancy the breakfast I had prepared for work so decided on a slimming world fry up again. This beauty cost me a HEB and 4 syns 1.5 for the quorn bacon and 2.5 for a tbsp of I can't believe it's not butter light. It was gorgeous doesn't really look like diet food does it!
Very simple lunch of bachelors cheese and broccoli pasta n sauce made with water, I added spinach and broccoli and a tub of low low (HEA and HEB).
Linda McCartney Rosemary and red onion sausages with mash and veg. The vary is 1.5 syns as I use two tsp of bisto best caramelised onion and we put some milk in the mash.
Chopped banana and chocolate muller dessert warmed up (5 syns) taking me to 11 for the day. 

I'm heading to bed soon for an early night so will wrap the blog up here night night all xx

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