Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A blank page of a new book

There is something symbolic about the 1st January and new starts. A new year and time to wipe the slate clean. A lot of people make New Years resolutions which I guess I am doing because today I get my slimming world journey under control. I have made this vow with a very close friend to get back on the purple bus today. I saw this picture a few times on Facebook yesterday and it is very appropriate as today I have started my 'book'.
I haven't done a blog since the 14th December I am a bad blogger. In reality I haven't been on plan fully for the past few weeks and I am lucky that since the 16th December I have only put on 5lbs. I do weigh heavier than this time last year my journey in 2013 was more up than down. 

We have a new consultant in group now and it's the perfect new start, she is lovely and has been successful on her journey so far so looking forward to learning a lot from her. I do feel like I wasted 2013 in terms of weight loss as I could have been at target now but it was a unique year and now it's done this year will be my target mission. 

So what else is new in my world well I started my new job on the 16th December and it's going fab the people I work with are great, the job is interesting and taxing and I definitely come out feeling like I've used my brain. It has taken me a while to adjust to working again my ears are still crap but manageable unless I do anything mad like go on a vibroplate (which I tried on Christmas Day).

Christmas has been and gone now and it was much fun, I was very giddy leading up to Christmas as I love this time of the year. I spent time watching many Christmas movies and feeling festive for many weeks. We all got spoilt with fab presents and gorgeous food (thanks Beccy and Darren for Christmas dinner and Terri for the yummy Boxing Day noms including the yummy Camembert which figs oceans and honey which was divine). 

Today the tree has come down and Christmas has gone away for now and today has been mainly filled with watching TV and reading and generally hanging out with my boys along with drinking much coffee (using 350ml of skimmed milk HEA) I've prepped soup for lunch this week so I can stay safely on plan during work and avoid the many biscuits and chocolates that are In the office. 

Today's on plan food has looked like this.....
Cannot beat a slimming world friendly 'fry up' the sausages are quorn low fat ones which are free and the only syns were for the quorn bacon (1.5). 
Macaroni with a tub of low low (HEB x2) with mushrooms, courgette and onion fried off in fry light.
200g of gnocchi (4 syns) with a tomato and mushroom homemade sauce and 40g of cheese (HEA).
A chocolate muller dessert (5 syns) warmed with fruit taking my total too 11.5 for the day (had 2tspmof honey for a syn earlier when my asthma was flaring up).

I am really chuffed with my first day back on plan and feel better for it. I am also very proud of my lovely friend Donna who joined me today back on the bus.

It won't be long before I head to bed as I'm back in work tomorrow so I'll end my blog here today. Night night everyone x

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