Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Give up or keep on going

Yet again it's weigh in day and yet again I've fallen off the wagon....then got run over...and made lots of excuses. I'm tired from the MRI I don't feel well because of my asthma the sofa has kidnapped me all the reasons I have used to justify badly following the slimming world plan instead following the Karen is a lazy moo plan which involved eating whatever i fancy. 

So where do I go from here....approaching my two year anniversary of being back on slimming world I have lost just over 2 stone this year has been an epic fail I have managed to gain weight not lose it. Do I make the decision to stop attending slimming world and give up....well no that would be stupid because firstly I'd gain even more and secondly I'm not going to quit. I just need to get back on the bus and stop being a self sabotager. 

I do think this has been a special year in the sense of the upheaval and health issues so at least starting next week normality will resume and 2014 is promising to be much better. I will be back to work on Monday which fills me with a mixture of excitement and dread. Luckily my Sunday is so busy I won't have time to get too nervous. 

I have spent some time today planning my food for the week I find that having a plan helps a lot. After today I have two weigh it's until Christmas so will aim to stay on plan and see what happens. I will be flexible synning from Christmas Eve night until Boxing Day but hopefully not going to insane. 

2014 will be the year I am less flubbery I have wasted this year but no more. I also need to do my blog more often as it is not happy when I neglect it. Food pictures and my usual stuff will resume tomorrow so for now here's Doug.

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