Friday, 28 February 2014

Sleepy girl tales

Boy am I glad it's Friday! I am literally dead on my feet tonight so this will be a quick catch up. Today wasn't too bad a day its payday which is always good! After work it was the usual routine of home walking Doug but also shopping day and Asda managed to annoy me as usual....seriously our click and collect service is pointless stupid subs and annoying waiting times. I think I may have to switch to Tesco as their service is always good.

This evening has been a quiet one we watched South Park in preparation for the game coming out next week and Rich realised he had not given me a christmas present so gave me it tonight. He had got me a reading spa for a bookshop in Bath where you can talk to someone about books, relax whilst choosing them and eat cake (yes I will be enjoying the cake part too). I am going to book it asap for a book worm this is an amazing present. I love reading and having time to be in a book shop and buy the books will be amazing. 

Food wise today was one of those days where I could have quite easily crashed off the wagon as I was so tired when I got home from work but I didn't and I feel good for not cracking.
I forgot to take a picture of breakfast but considering how often I have can see the box instead.
Satsumas and babybels (HEA)
Minestrone pasta thingum and more fruit
SW pizza and chips using a bfree wrap (HEB) topped with mushrooms, courgette and quorn roast chicken along with 65g of cheese (HEA plus 2 syns). Now you will notice two HEA's today due to a lack of milk there was only enough for two cups of coffee today so instead I synned 100ml for 2 syns and only had two coffees all day....a rarity for me!
Yoo Moo (7.5 syns) taking my total too 11.5 for the day.

I am going to head to bed now before I fall asleep here night night all xoxo

Thursday, 27 February 2014

One more sleep to go

Only one more sleep and it's the weekend!!! I am very happy about the prospect of weekend fun and sleep. Today has been a pretty standard day work eat work eat repeat but I did have the most awesome surprise courtesy of a courier.
Mitchy had been raving about these teas and it was my intention to get some on payday but she is amazing and brought me a present :D This put a huge smile on my face I am so lucky to have some amazing friends in my life.

Since I came home from its been the normal walk Doug, hang out with Rich and get excited about the prospect of filling my year up with stuff. Thanks to the lovely Mr C I ordered a ticket to go and see one of my favourite bands New Found Glory with my lovely friend Manda. The last time we saw them we nearly got crushed it was brutal for a pop punk band. Manda also made the point that by then I will be married which is a bit scary. 

Food wise today has been another good day fourth day back on plan which is a really good feeling and I am not feeling restricted or tempted by naughties. 
Overnight oats with fruit (HEB)
Mini Ryvita's (HEB) now you are supposed to have a 30g bag for a HEB but I had these lying in the cupboard and as the 6g would equate to one mini I don't mind having slightly less.
Curried vegetable soup and fruit
Meatball pasta bake (HEA plus 2 syns for extra 25g of cheese) and salad.
Green tea, muller dessert (5) and nakd raisins (3.5) taking the total too 10.5 for the day.

It's now time for me to head to bed and curl up with my book (which hopefully means I won't fall asleep within 10 minutes as I have done all week). Night night all and happy friday eve xx

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

It's the hump day

You wonderful glorious hump day! You have come around much quicker than normal (yes I guess it does help having Monday off). 

It's not been too shabby a day, for some reason there was hardly any traffic on the road and the sun was shining most of the day except for about 10 minutes when the heavens opened and it left this lovely rainbow.
Work was good, lots too do and a promise for every silly question I now ask Ill make peanut butter I just need to find the recipe ;). I came home walk the master then went to the doctors which was a much swifter than normal experience...

The rest of the evening has been filled with Hollyoaks picking Rich up from work then a bit more TV before bed. Not the most thrilling of days so here is a sign to rival Hollywood
Food wise I am on my third day on plan and feeling rather good about it.
Dorset simply fruity muesli (HEB) with fruit and yogurt and coffeeeeeh (HEA for the many cups)
I have no other ways of making grapes sound interesting so I added a calculator into it.....
Mitchystrone soup babybels (HEA) and fruit.
Snack as wasn't eating till late two hifi bars complete with a decent marshmallow quota (HEB) and my final coffee of the day.
Cheats curry a tin of chickpea dahl, tin of chopped tomatoes and 1tbsp of curry powder. I added mushrooms and courgettes too. Takes less than 10 minutes to cook the whole meal.
Pudding gingerbread men (6) and muller dessert (5) so 11 for the day.

And that's all from me bye bye for now


Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Facing the scales and moving on

Tuesday comes around far too fast sometimes especially when you have not quite been a SW angel and fell of the wagon. Two days of being back on plan was never going to erase the damage of the weekend excesses but I knew I had to face the scales so I could move on.

I took some moral support along with me...
He actually loves coming to group with me and seeing lots of people (the legs in the background are amazing and belong to my lovely friend Tracy). I stood on the scales and saw a 2.5lbs gain which was better than I expected. More importantly though now I have seen the gain I can move past it and focus on next week and starting my loser ways again (loser as in weight not being a loser because I am exceptionally awesome).

I did have a slight epiphany today....when I want junk food its not because I'm hungry well doh! It's because I have cravings which instead of waiting to either see if they dissapear or just ignore I feed them. This may sound obvious but as a food addict (the only real way I can describe myself) establishing true hunger from cravings is lesson one...every day is a school day. If I can master this one though it will make life much easier. I am all for the easy life.

One good thing is Rich is on a bit of a health kick at the moment so I don't want to sabotage his work so this is helping my focus. We may be trying different methods to improve our help but as a little team we can certainly achieve a lot. 

On to today, I was back to work today and managed to do my reports without asking a million questions yay me. This evening has been taken up watching Sherlock and falling more in love with Mr Cumberbatch. I am now watching Superstar dogs the road to crufts and trying not to laugh too much at the adorable dogs. 

Food wise the day has looked like this
Rice pudding with yogurt stirred in and fruit and the first of several coffees using my milk allowance (HEA)
Some of the components to make wine...i.e. grapes and water
Salad with quorn BBQ fillets and feta (HEB)
200g of gnocchi (4 syns) with the speedy tomato soup as a sauce and extra mushrooms, courgettes and onions. I topped it with feta (HEB) and grated cheese (HEA).
Chocolate covered dinosaurs (5) and a bubbly bite (3) taking the total too 12 for the day.

Thats all for me tonight as I am sleepy so will be heading to bed soon I think night night all xoxo

Monday, 24 February 2014

Doing my own head in

I am doing my own head in right now I cannot stick to plan for more than a few days before I start on sabotaging myself. I know it works, I know all the pros and cons yet my brain goes mad and decides that it wants food that ultimately just gets me fatter. 

I am beginning to wonder if the only way I will fully get to grips with staying on the wagon is to have a scare of some sort not a road I want to go down. So yet again after another few days of eating rubbish I have drawn the line and will try focusing on the mini goals like the 6 mile wag walk me Liz Doug and Dudley are signing up for at the end of April. The walk will be much easier with some weight off!

On to today, I had the day off work and managed to have a rare lie in. I dropped Rich off at work and then set about the busy task of doing very little...which didn't last long as I decided to first tidy up the freezer then stock it up with some more soup. I managed to make two batches and sort out tonight's dinner whilst entertaining Doug with my singing and dancing (or not as he growled at me then walked off). The rest of the afternoon was spent walking Doug, enjoying a nice bubble bath and watching The Good Wife. This evening we watched another episode of Sherlock.

Food wise I have enjoyed being on the wagon today
Rice pudding with yogurt stirred in and fruit.
Two quorn sticky fillets (free) two McCain smiles (1 syn) with a butter bud (0.5) hex of cheese and salad
Mid afternoon snack of a muller light with a nana and green tea
Moussaka with 2x hex of cheese and a huge salad too. It was a huge portion but was gorgeous.
Pudding muller pudding (5) plus two bubbly bites (6) taking my total too 12.5 for the day.

I don't expect a good result at weigh in tomorrow but at least I am back on the wagon. I will leave you with this picture of Doug from the weekend. He was really enjoying his beach walk.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

A special kind of day

Some days I am really special....I do things that are just a bit dumb. Now I know what your all thinking Karen your special all the time (and not in the dumb way) but today I was amazed by how silly I can be. The first example of my silliness was spending several hours doing a report to realise I had done it wrong...because I completely forgot to select the right data. I guess at least I got to practice formatting and v lookups....

The second example came at lunch when I sat down to enjoy my lunch and went to start eating without my spoon. I remember getting my spoon out of my locker yet I managed to leave this on my desk and attempted to eat like a cavegirl. Luckily I spared myself much embarrassment by wandering back to my desk to find it. 

Apart from my dimwittedness it's been a good day I managed to run three reports today and get them looking right which I am quite chuffed with as I do find excel mind boggling! Since we got home from work its been the usual walking Doug, sorting tomorrows food and dinner for tonight. The rest of the evening was taken watching Arsenal and swearing a lot.

Food wise it's be yummy on plan and well yummy
Go on guess the breakfast....yep dorset simply fruity muesli (HEB) with fruit and yogurt
Mid morning wine
Freezer fine leftover balsamic quorn lamb with pasta and topped with feta (HEA)
Diet Ginger beer quorn chicken (same as diet coke chicken but with ginger beer) noodles and stir fried veg
Yoomoo yogurt (8 syns) 2 tsp of chocolate sauce (2) and my final HEB

I am soon going to be heading to bed to sulk over the football...really hate losing :(

Night night all x0x0

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Searching for my mojo

My mojo has seemed well and truly broken since Friday. Usual combination of tiredness plus feeling low meant reaching for the rubbish instead of the stuff that I know will make me feel better inside. Yet my brain does not compute with this and instead I am like the human dustbin. If someone can explain why I have gone from being miss focus to miss shovelfooddownmygullet I will be happy to hear it. 

I had a chat with Mitchymoo last night and it was good to chat about struggling on the plan. The thing is I know slimming world is fab I know the food I make is gorgeous and the junk food won't make my mood better yet I still have it. I am just going to have to keep doing a stern face at my silly brain until it gets to grips with not sending me off the wagon. 

So today I got myself back on the sparkly purple bus full of unicorns (and unikitty's)
Today has been a good day busy but good...I had an induction thingum this morning which came with coffee...this always makes me happy! I also had bank duty today which meant a trek down and up a steepish hill (honestly it is). I didn't even die on the way back up the hill....though I know you think this is obvious as I am writing this blog but you never know ghosts can type! Well those that have hands can..

Once we got home it was the usual Doug walk prepping food for tomorrow then sitting down doing very little as Rich offered to cook. I am going to spend the evening watching Supersize vs Superskinny which always helps my brain focus....sometimes shock tactics work on me!

Food wise it looked a bit like this
Overnight oats (HEB) with berries and yogurt.
Broccoli spinach and laughing cow blue cheese triangles (3 syns) with fruit
Tagliatelle with veg and quorn sausages and a tub of low low (HEA and HEB) expertly cooked by Rich
Muller dessert (5) and special k biscuit moments (5) taking me total too 15 for the day as I used 2 syns on semi skimmed milk in my training coffees.

And on that note I am going to finish scarying myself over supersize vs superskinny and leave you with this message

Thursday, 13 February 2014

It's so close I can smell it

The weekend is nearly here once pesky Thursday is out of the way it's finally Friday and the weekend!!! But first I had to get through Thursday. The day went well I woke up in rather a lot of pain as we had a furry visitor in the bed  and he managed to take most of my room. Seriously how can someone so small take up so much room!!

Apart from that today has been a standard day, I learnt more stuff and resisted chocolate cake. I realised too that food is ever present at work when at lunchtime the local pub brought samples for us all too try...I was already sorting my soup out so resisted but it smelt very good! I was tempted by the ratatouille or mac and cheese. Tomorrow there is a buffet lunch thing which I may have to resist. I've prepped my lunch so I certainly won't go hungry. 

This evening has been very sedate, I've chatted to my beautiful Mitchy who is going through a rough time right now so just wanted to say hugs love you sweetie and watched a bit of TV. I plan to head to bed soon as I am really tired as normal and I really want to read my book.

Food wise I have used the max syns today but enjoyed every morsal
Porridge oats soaked in yogurt overnight (HEB) with fruit.
Usual morning grape snack
Curried  veg soup fruit and babybels
Chuck everything on the plate dinner HEB bread with flora lighter than light (1) quorn nuggets (4) quorn burgers (1) sw chips beans and shrooms.. It was gorgeous and I really enjoyed it.
The rest of my syns on a bubbly bite (3) and fish n chips (6)

Thats all for tonight two days on the trot I'm doing good here haha