Thursday, 31 January 2013

Torture and non scale victories

Today has been a day of extreme torture honestly it was as if someone wanted to challenge me today! First there was the cheese and then there was the doughnuts.... luscious chocolate doughnuts...shout out to miss Jennifer Newman who kept telling me NO. Also shout out to Richie for continually keeping on the straight and narrow yet again. 

Honestly try sitting by these all afternoon and smelling the chocolate wafting over your desk

I had a major non scale victory I had to get some new work trousers today and I have gone down 3 dress sizes since I started slimming world...and if I am honest the size 26 I was wearing were tight. It was a major non scale victory to walk into New Look and buy clothes in there! I had a lot of fun shopping today treating myself to a few bits including a gorgeous purple owl hat and this little cutie
I couldn't resist him cute little Pugsly! 

I also got these amazing cushions modelled by the lovely Doug.

Can you guess I love pugs haha .

On to the food of the day, I had some of my favourite Dorset fruit muesli this morning with some fruit I picked up from Tesco

The fruit pot had kiwi, pomegranate and grapes in, Ive not had pomegranate before and Im not sure I will rush out to try it again

I am definitely enjoying kiwi fruit though so I will be picking some more of the of them when we go shopping tomorrow.

Lunch involved a date with my lovely Jen which will also be known as cheesegate and pointy objects time. 

Our local pub with a nice roaring fire. I went for good old jacket potato, baked beans and cheese. I asked for the cheese on the side so I could monitor how much was on my potato

There was a huge amount of cheese left which I wanted but Jen told me NO and took it away from me...I adore cheese so it was hard to only have this small amount. It was during a telling me to be good session Jen found out I have a weird eye phobia where my eyes hurt if someone points anything at them. We spent lunch having a good chat and planning out night out next week. There will be a lot of dancing for us as we are going to a local club which plays some good rock/metal music!

Dinner was a simple but lazy affair due to getting home a bit later than normal but it was very satisfying.

Linda McCartney rosemary and red onion sausages, a fried egg done over easy by the lovely rich, mushrooms and hello kitty spaghetti with some spinach chucked  and sw chips. I have definitely got the sw chips down to a fine art now. I had the bread as my second B plus 1 syn. 

I had to follow this up with a sweet treat and we found Mikado daim tonight so I had some of those whilst enjoying The Big Reunion and remembering how much I loved Five. I am so glad tomorrow is Friday Ive got a fun weekend planned and have Monday off. 

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Pacman pizza eater

Have you ever noticed that Pacman looks really greedy his mouth his huge and usually open.

I do feel sorry for the Ghosts (who are called Blinky Pink Inky and Clyde) they look a bit scared. We have a stuffed Clyde upstairs in our bedroom along with other random toys. Now I could be all smart here and say that the ghosts are symbolic of something but today I am pacman my mouth is open and pizza went in it.

Before we look at the synful side lets look at the good! Weigh in and another 1.5lbs gone...I won't deny I wanted more but its a good loss. I want my next sticky next week so I am going to try a few success express days. Tomorrow is payday so the fridge, freezer and cupboards will be restocked with lots of good goodies!

On to the noms of the day

Another helping of carrot cake porridge and coffee modelled by squeeze dog.

Lunch was a bit different (and after reading Mitchy's blog it seems we were on a similar food wavelength just 24 hours apart).

I had three ryvita sweet onion flavours and three emmenthal laughing cow cheeses along with a pot of beetroot and my usual fruit and a yogurt too. It was very good and actually filled me up until a little while ago.

Now before I post the next pictures I will warn you look away if you are easily swayed into naughtiness. Now when I get back from group I am normally hungry and tired

Meet baby doug at around 3 weeks this is me after weigh in but less messy!


Pizza followed by carrot cake (well carrots are superfree...okay I can't get away with that one)

I enjoyed every bite at first but I do feel a bit sick now...joys of not eating junk food. Rich was happy though as this was his first proper meal in weeks as we normally eat rabbit food.

Now just to clarify I do not feed Rich rabbit food unless you count carrots just lots of veggies and generally healthy food but his innards are much healthier this way ;) Tomorrow I am off into town to buy trousers that don't fall down and pug cushions I am rather excited hehe.

I am going to finish on a quote (credit to the lovely jen newman for saying this)

Always reach for the moon cuz if u slip up u will still be a star

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Last Stand

A bit cheap stealing the name of the latest Arnie movie for the title of my blog but it is the last stand..i.e. the night before weigh in! We have just got back from a movie date to see this film and it was some good old cheesy action. I am now munching on some yummy slimming world chips whilst catching up on the Albert square peeps.

Today has been a rather productive and less moody day for me. I don't know if it will last but today I decided being down wasn't going to change matters. 

Food wise I went back to normality this morning with good old dorset fruit muesli mixed with some yogurt and kiwi. You won't be surprised to see the coffee in there too

I've missed dorset fruit its so yummy!

Lunch wise was a big bowl of homemade tomato soup which was really good

The soup was so easy to make just chopped tomatoes, celery, onion, carrots and garlic. I love ryvita minis and they hit the crisp spot for sure.

We didn't have much time when Rich got home from work so we decide to have something very quick and made an omelette. I chucked in broccoli, green beans, onions and a sausage into mine

It was tasty and I was impressed it came out of the pan so together! Once this was quickly eaten we headed out to the cinema and I took some movie treats with me

In the bag is two flumps cut up into smaller pieces (3 syns for the two) and it was a nice sweet treat.

Weigh in tomorrow and I want a sticky so fingers crossed for me. Short blog tonight but this girl is tired and I want to read some more of my book before I go to sleep.

Monday, 28 January 2013

The bean experiment

You will know from previous Monday blogs that I am not a fan of Mondays and today was quite a struggle. I woke up feeling a bit crap and a bit too tired...I really should not stay up reading on a school night ;) damn addictive books. Unfortunately my mood still isn't great at the moment but I've got the awesome Rich to keep me smiling and some great friends.

Did anyone watch the dispatches show on weight watchers? I have just switched it on will be interested to hear what is said on the show. For me slimming world works but I know a friend who is having great success on WW and she is not starving herself on it. 

Food wise I am hanging onto the wagon no matter how I am feeling. It's been a tough week but its going to be worth it on Wednesday if I have another loss.

Breakfast was not my usual dorset fruit as  I'm  bit low on fruit so I went for carrot cake porridge (Charlotte thank you 1million times for suggesting this).

The morning went by quite quickly as I focused on my work and drinking lots of coffee. Lunchtime was a bit disjointed as I was busy making a phonecall but I did manage to nuke my soup and settle down for some quality kindle time.

The orange is an aldi one and I have to agree with Mitchy they are delicious and easy to peel! I have changed to activia yogurts this week as they are cheaper than my usual mullers I do miss my banana and custard ones but going to try the more desserty ones next week. 

Now I may owe the people of Bristol an apology my mood has been so crap in places today I think I whipped up a storm...either that or mother nature is really annoyed at the moment. I felt a bit like Dorothy heading back to the car it was so windy. I got home and took sirdougle out for a walk which he seemed to enjoy except for the fact it was wet and doug does not do puddles. 

As I'm lovely I went and picked Rich up from work and came back to prepare dinner. Unfortunately the major lazy head was on today so it was very much a throw together meal which will be named the cheesymeatballbeanbake

I cooked off some quorn swedish meatballs and added them to a mix of garlic, baked beans, chopped tomatoes and mushrooms along with herbs. I then mixed in some pasta and topped it with cheese. It was very much a spare of the moment dish but worked really well and I will make again.

For 'pudding' I had a special k biscuit moments nommy chocolate fix!

I'm going to be heading to bed for a slightly earlier night armed with my book. One more full day till weigh in and two full days until payday yay. I have a plan to go shopping for pug cushions on Thursday and maybe a purple owl beanie.

p.s rich's conclusion was it was a bit sensationalist and to be honest whilst it was negative on ww it didn't really look into the other elements of the plan and focused just on propoints. 

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Lazy sunday

Okay so I didn't do much yesterday and today was almost as lazy but I did finish my book. It was productive at least even if I didn't move from the sofa much. This is what Sundays are for though and I did manage to catch up with some classic episodes of Friends and do some cooking. It's nasty weather outside too so it was the perfect rainy Sunday activities.

Doug woke me up early again today and whilst Rich did the toilet duty Doug decided it was important that I get up and play with him and his toys. Once Doug settled it was time for breakfast....this will the same as yesterday mainly because it was. 

I will definitely be stocking up on the sub rolls when we go to Aldi on Friday. This was washed down with my normal coffee in my awesome wonder woman mug (thanks terri xx)

I was semi productive after this and went to the shop to get some fruit and cauliflower as I wanted to make cauliflower pizza. When I got back from the shops I set to work on making some soup for me and Rich for the week. The Mitchy broccoli soup has gone down a storm in this house though I had a few technical difficulties with the soup maker mainly because I kept overfilling it but with the soup eventually made and Rich up I started prepping my lunch.....this led to another small technical issue. Now don't judge me here sometimes I can be a bit dim despite being an intelligent person but I was trying to clear the blade on the blender of the cauliflower i'd wizzed up and leant on the on switch....I got my wooden spoon trapped in it and kinda blended that too! Rich declared that one day he would have to take me to hospital as I would have severed my hands. This had me looking oddly at him as I was trying to work out why having seven arms would be a bad thing, oh the comedy of me mishearing him though seven arms may be handy. Needless to say I now need a new wooden spoon :( honestly sometimes I can be very clumsy.

Wooden spoon aside the cauliflower pizza turned out well though I do think i prefer it with broccoli maybe thats me being odd as I liked the idea of green pizza

I topped it with peppers, mushrooms and some quorn family roast. I love the family roast and will be stocking up soon.

The afternoon was spent tweeting and reading my book which I have now finished whilst endless Friends episodes played. Even now that show is still hilarious. I did get the munchies midway through the afternoon and decided to make some sw chips but I decided to be good and add some superfree so I actually had sw potato and carrot chips

They were tasty and worked really well so another thing to add to the menu. I think today was a hungry day as it was only a few hours before I wanted food again so I got working on dinner.

I cooked some quorn garlic, chilli and lime fillets and sliced them up. Underneath is mushroom rice (3 syns) and of course a lot of superfree too. The quorn fillets are really tasty and I like the mushroom rice. Its handy when Im feeling lazy.

Earlier in the day I'd made a half syn roulade (except I didn't bother with the baking powder and added cinnemon and chocolate sprinkles instead so it became a 2 syn roulade). I also didn't have any quark so instead used natural yogurt. I filled it with blaumange and it worked okay but wasn't perfect. 

It didn't satisfy my sweet tooth so I followed it up with some mikado
I had 15 syns today which is higher than normal for me but I tend to have less on weekdays so it all evens out.

Back to work tomorrow, I hope that tomorrow I am feeling more focused and less poopy. I am ending the evening with the beautiful Studio Ghibli film Ponyo

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Day of doing very little

As the title says I have spent today doing not very much and it was just what I needed. I didn't quite get the long lie in I wanted as Doug kept disturbing me so I got up and sorted him out. When we got some bits from aldi yesterday I treated myself to some of their sub rolls and had this monster sandwich for breakfast.

The sub roll worked out to be a heb plus 1.5 syns as I took some of the bread out and then I added mushrooms, three slices of low low cheese and a tesco meatfree lincolnshire sausage. It was blinking awesome and I will be having something very similar tomorrow. Infact it was so awesome I insisted on going and telling Rich about it...not sure if he appreciated that but hey it was his getup time!

Mid morning I was slightly peckish but didn't know what I wanted so I settled for this

Huge mug of coffee!!! Sneaking into the picture is Rich's foot and Doug who was busy watching Eastenders.

Lunch was a bit of a weekend normality pasta with veg and cheese

I added broccoli and mushrooms and it went down very well. After this I decided a bubble bath whilst listening to the football was in order.

Yesterday when Rich was going through the freezer he found some quorn chicken nuggets and decided he wanted to try them for dinner. They work out as 1/2 a syn per nugget and they were really tasty. I cooked up some of the best SW chips I have done in a while along with some mushrooms and onions. It felt like a really naughty dinner even though it wasn't

The only thing missing was some tomato sauce so think I will have to go and find my recipe for it.

I decided to watch the original swedish version of the girl with the dragon tattoo tonight so prepped some munchies taking my syn total to 11 for the day

Apple and kiwi chopped up, a strawberry greek muller and a flump and rocky road hifi chopped into little bits. I used the yogurt as a dip and it was very satisfying.

Its time for me to head to bed now, not the most exciting blog but I really havnt done anything today

Friday, 25 January 2013


I must admit I am more relieved that normal that its Friday. It's been a tough few days at work and my mood has crashed a bit more. Thankfully emails from Mitchy kept me entertained and smiling and Rich was just his usual awesome self big thanks to those two today x

It's now the weekend so my plan for the next two days is to relax with my lovely boys and try and cheer up....this will be much helped by the fact me and Rich have just had an extra level added to scribblenauts major squee!!!!

Food wise despite my best intentions to shove 12 krispy kreme's down my throat I didn't nor did I devour the chocolate cupcake that had been tempting me. Infact I donated it to Rich's stomach instead.

Breakfast was different today...and before you all pass out from the shock it was due to limited fruit supplies and a desire to have something that tasted cakey without being an actual cake.

Carrot cake porridge with my usual mug of coffee and a big bottle of squash. I had a proper thirst on today and got through two of these before the end of the day then had another litre of water when I got home!

Lunch was a bit samey in the sense that I had broccoli soup again but seriously it is so gorgeous! I am making up another batch over the weekend I think

I had three babybels and some fruit and yogurt too. It filled me up nicely whilst I was reading my book.

After work me and Rich poddled up to aldi with our limited budget this week (I swear I do earn money it just vanishes I blame the pixies) and brought a few bits to top up. On the way home we discussed the merits of cheese based dinner or tomato and cheese based dinner. Rich decided to try cheese based with some sausages that had been sitting in the freezer waiting for me to have the guts to use. It was the tesco meat free lincolnshire sausages and he said they were tasty so Ill be trying them over the weekend! Now I was a bit lame and was so busy shoving my dinner down my mouth that no picture was taken so instead I did you all a little collage of what went into my meal.

It tasted pretty good and was followed by a hot chocolate and some mikado (originally 10 but rich wanted one so I had 9...dont like odd numbers of mikado but was glued to my seat grr)

There is a bit of a lack of Doug in my pictures so here is Doug as a baby

Thursday, 24 January 2013

The good the bad and the darn right musical

So no blog yesterday we went out last night and then I was consumed with the football when I got back. The good news is that I went to an earlier group and weighed in. Another 2lbs gone never to be seen again! I have now made it 4 weeks on the trot without a gain which for me is a massive achievement as before Christmas I was a complete yoyo.

Breakfast yesterday was the norm

During the morning we had an email asking us all to a meeting at 2.30 it was ominous so we spent time considering what it could mean and thinking the worst. I kinda got distracted during lunch and only remembered my pictures halfway through

I had three babybel light grapes, an apple and a bowl of brocolli and blue cheese laughing cow cheese. 

Unfortunately the meeting brought the bad news we had guessed, about 75% of the section I work in will be made redundant. It's going to be a stressful time coming up so everyone keep your fingers crossed. 

I was fine yesterday and feeling all positive once I got back from group it was time for a quick dinner before we went out

Under the mound of cheese was some quorn chilli and some curly fries and a bit of a chocolatey treat afterwards

Last night we went to see the amazing Les Miserables

It was amazing, I will admit to having tears streaming down my face. It was a beautiful powerful movie and I'd recommend it.

So unfortunately today my mood dropped quite significantly and I spent most of the day fighting the urge to eat junk food but I stayed on plan with some propping up from rich, my lovely friend jen and mitchy x

Breakfast is the norm with the exception of having grapes instead of mixed berries.

Lunch was the rest of last nights quorn chilli with extra mushrooms along with some ryvita minis and an apple

Now as I wanted takeaway but also needed to stay on plan we went to asda after work where I brought the stuff to make cheeseburgers
Instead of bread I used large mushrooms for the burger bun and then layered up the laughing cow cheese slices with quorn beef and red onion style burgers. It's a huge portion of sw chips and a whole onion chopped up to get the sf in and it helped the takeaway urges a lot.

I followed it up with a sweet treat of some mikado

I am surprised I stuck on plan but I am pleased I did as I would have been really upset next week. I have to hope this mood doesn't keep dragging me down as I don't want it too so I am going to have a nice early night tonight with my book and dream of unicorn bouquets (seriously hague if you read this you need them in your life you just dont know it).